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PSN ID:  LoZone

I accept all friend requests,  currentyl playing COD4,  MGO,  MGS Essentials, Motorstorm,  MLB 08,  Rock Band\

soon to get,  Madden 09,  Resistance 2,  Killzone 2,  LBP,  MS pacific rift.

add me!

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I'm the Void Presence (aka Morgan).  I'm 34 and I reside in Albuquerque, NM, and I'm currently a student at ITT-Tech in Computer Drafting and Design.

I'm a 'fan' of none, but I own (and operate :) ) a PC, XBox360, a DS (lite), and a PS2.

I'm more of a casual gamer (aka i generally am pretty horrible as far as skill goes), my attitude towards gaming is they are for fun, and I enjoy my favorites thoroughly, despite being not especially adept at playing them.
favorites are Rock Band (Xbox360), Civilization IV:BTS, several of the XBoxLive arcade puzzle games (Carcassonne for one).  I would play Halo3 and some others more if I actually knew someone who played them (locally).
I do NOT have XBoxLive Gold (anymore).. for reasons outside the scope of this post.

My profile as far as 'favorites' go is far from done, btw.

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Im marcus from the uk

feel free to add sizu sizu xbx live and sizu-sizu psn:)

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Hey all. My names Jacob and I have an x360. I'm BaconHorde on XBL, so if you wanna play some games, just say. :)

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MasterSplinter said:
"Hey guys, I'm Chris Cruz. I was a frequent poster on the blog site (C. Cruz). I hope to see some familiar faces in this thread. Friend request me if you like!
First familiar face I've seen from the blog! Hello C. Cruz!

Anyways, I'm BoG. I can't wait to start bombing!
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Do you guys come here often? ;)

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Hey everybody.  I roamed around the GS forums back before all my favorite editors left, but was never much of a presence there.  Hopefully I'll be more active around these parts, I'm extra stoked that the bomb is up and running.

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Hey everyone.

The name's Aaron (obviously), and I'm also on GS as well should anyone recognize the name. I'm partial to the Xbox 360 from its awesome games and online service (Gamertag = CyborgXbox), but love all systems for their unique contribution to the industry. Pretty laid back guy, but also love to excel in everything I do.

Lovin' the site so far!

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Oh, snap, dude! I LOVE GAMES! I'm a fan of Gears, Halo, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, CoD, Half life, And a few other 3rd/1st person shooters. My favourite console is the Xbox 360, and I'm also partial to a little PC action. I'm a HUGE fan of Garry's mod. Now, HELOO GIANT BOMB!

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Hello All!

My names Andrew, I live in Australia and own a 360,wii and PC.

Have followed the giant bomb crew pretty much since gerstmann gate, from the points show, to arrow pointing down and now giant bomb. Loved Jeff and Ryan back in the On the spot days and followed them to their new project! Just wanna support their new site and maybe join a cool new community whilst im at it.

Currently playing - Trackmania united forever, Bad company, Puzzle quest and Lost planet colonies. Also have WoW toons on Darkspear Alliance 70 lock and Barthilas Horde 66 priest.

Xfire,Steam ID and Gamertag = Kwicksandz

Would love to game with some Giantbombers sometime, but please if you add me leave a message that your from the site!

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Hi, Resident Evil fan here.  I'm currently drifting alone in space.  In the future.  Check out me blog... Oh, and I love Giant Bomb's new site.

"Why so serious?"

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Hello I am Pwilletts from Gamespot and I love the PC.

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My name is Vince, I put about 86 written reviews on GS and am constantly trying to learn and get better at journalism in the game industry. If you want a friend (whether on GiantBomb or Xbox Live (Gamertag: TheVinster)) then feel free to add me and look out for my reviews. I'm really excited about GB starting up and am surprised at just how many people are already right at home.

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Hi everyone.  Call me Ghost, or Ghost_of_Perdition if you'd like. :) If I'm not posting stuff here, or playing games, or at work...or at school, then I'm probably drawing something [there's a million things that I could be doing but, come on, I'm not gonna post them all].

I posted on the not-so-old Giantbomb blog fairly frequently [I notice there's some familiar names here and there].  Feel free to Friend Request me if you like.

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My real name is Thomas Egebaek, im 19, i live in Denmark and last summer i became addicted to gamespot due to its (back then) awesome E3 coverage. I was really happy to find a game website with so many great editors who made the site special. Then one morning i read the news about Jeff and quickly realized that that site was going to hell, with cool people leaving every week.
I was disappointed  when Jeff wrote on his personal blog that there was "absolutely no secret leauge of gamespot editors forming to start a new website" or something like that.
But then Giant Bomb showed up and was fucking awesome! Even better for me since i had got myself a ps3 and become a pretty hardcore gamer in betwheen.

anyway my psn id is also hyperslug, and feel free to ad me too your friends network :) on GB and PS3

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Hi im TheGoldFarmer.
I farm gold... its what i do..

check my blogs out

bbl farming

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Hi all. I'm from Australia and own a PC, PS3 and Wii, with most of my time spent on the PC and PS3. Been following this since the blog started and it's great to see the site finally launch. Looks good.

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I lurked at GS for awhile. I hope to be more of an active member here. The name is Brandon. Most of my gaming is done on the 360. Gamertag is the same as my profile name here. I'm a corporate slave in Colorado. Three cheers for Giant Bomb!

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Hey Everyone. I'm Tony from Gamespot. My username there was Juradai. I have been over at Gamespot for a little over 5 years. I'm hoping this community over here will be just as good as the community was over at Gamespot.

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Hey guys,

I'm Ian. Used to be on GS and if there are any fellow GS users from the old PS3 union let me know.  Once the whole thing happened with Jeff I officially made Neogaf my new home and have been posting there regularly. I'm a big Playstation fan but I'm not completely blinded by my loyalty to the brand since I also own a 360 and I just got a Wii yesterday.  In the real world I work at a PR monitoring company and someday hope to make the transition to the game industry.

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Hi, my name is ZenGaijin and I am a Gamer *deep exhale* feels good to get that off my chest. I been gaming since I was two when my parents secured my first hit Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt. Oh man I can still remember the intense colors and the sound of the gameover screen.....almost makes me long for those days...NO I'm trying to get better.

It's hard you know the nightly Gears of War sessions don't help but I only need a taste to shave off the shakes. I wanna stop but good games just keep flowing.......OH GOD I NEED HELP!!! *cries*

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Well, I'm one of the few people on the internet who isn't a paedophile, I like games, I like posting on forums and I'm wondering what the difference is between general discussion and off-topic.

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I am Homo Pocket. I was AnimeJoe on the ole Giant Bomb blog site.

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Hi. My name is Zell. My goals in life are:

  • Raise an army of penguins.
  • Steal the Roman Colosseum.
  • Take over the world.

I like video games and long walks on the beach too.
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Helllo cutties :D

#126 Posted by Tman (6 posts) -

Im from Gamespot, tman93 was my name if anyone knows me.

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Hello everyone. I hope to beat all of you in an argument at some point! :P

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hey there, wfsp here, I came from GS.
Hope to make some new friends here.
See you all around.

Anyone help me out with this, I'm trying to upload a icon and add as my avatar, but it keeps saying it's the small,
how big does it have to be? thanks.

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I'm Rual, student, game/movie/comic fanatic.

P.S. I plan to change my avatar as soon as I get home.

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Howdy everyone :)

I am just your everyday Student / Gamer / Web Developer .

#131 Posted by Hulk (448 posts) -
Rually said:


I'm Rual, student, game/movie/comic fanatic.

Hulk curious as to what comics Rual is fanatic about.
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My name is Michael, I am a college student in the US (Oklahoma to be more precise) going into my final internship to be a math teacher. I generally only play on my 360, but my girlfriend has a PS2 that I play on sometimes, and we both have DSs. So, yeah, I like games. They're cool.

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Sups. I'm a post-grad animator looking to break into the cartooning industry. Working in games would be nice too but whatever. Anyways I love games, specifically my Xbawks and DS, but I also love the odd grindem/mmo on the PC too, though I guess I find it hard to dedicate the time. Also, Dreamcast 4 life.

I'm also the jerk who made that Sonic The Hedgehog movie poster (see my gallery) a while back that you may have seen dancing around the intertubes. Sorry about that.

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Hey I'm Tom, University student from the UK and a video game fanatic. I'm not particularly bound to a specific console or company. a generally friendly guy who will hopefully provide interesting contributions to forum discussions.

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Greetings and salutations citizens. I enjoy giant lasers, pie, candy and tasty animal products, attractive women, stealing wifi, playing with my iphone, drawing swirly patterns and calling in sick.

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I used to be Koroshiya-San over on Gamespot. I've been using AkageNoKeri on the giantbomb blog, GoNintendo,Kotaku and other places. Sweden is me homeland.
I wanted a new nickname on GiantBomb. This is my videogame home now, the only place I want to contribute to something bigger than me, and I guess the only place that I'm actually capable of doing so.

I mostly game on DS and Wii.

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anymore introductions?
this is really starting to become a real introduction thread.
: )
need moar intro's so everyone can start knowing everyone.

#138 Posted by mybigpose (178 posts) -

honestly, how many of you guys were banned from GS and are finally able to re-connect themselves with old GS users?

#139 Posted by RVonE (4795 posts) -

So are we really making friends in this thread?

#140 Posted by stAtic (1636 posts) -

I'm FrozeN__54 from Gamespot. I'm 16, live in Sweden and my interests are gaming, forums, anime and music.

Feel free to add me as a friend. Or die.

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I'm Lone_Wolf - a college student who loves games! I play Wii, PS2, DS, and PSP. At GS I would lurk in the forums, but never post. Hoping to change that here!

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Hey..I'm Dave, been on the site since the Blog but only signed up today..hope to be using this site a lot, I really like the Wiki concept.

Visit my profile for more info and leave a comment while you are there !! ^_^

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I like the friendly thread title!


My name is Stew.  I'm a copy editor from Vancouver, BC.  I used to post at GameSpot during the last generation of consoles, but since then I've stayed away from messageboards.  I think this site looks totally awesome, but also overwhelming--I want to start adding to pages, but there are just so many, and so many things to add. . . .

Ah well, I'll get on it soon enough.  I hope this place builds a great community!

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Well.... I'm Link2312 and you will find me on such websites as... my360.com.au, myps3.com.au, mywii.com.au and all the mymedia websites.... ive followed giant bomb since i think... the second how to build a bomb video was released or it could have been the first but yeah ive been following this site for a while now

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UK, somewhere.

Early Twenties.

Software Dev; Making fancy databases for Logistical Companies worldwide.

That's all you get. x

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I'm Bryan (aka) NoNeedForAName on the Playstation 3.  I've been playing videogames as long as I can remember and I enjoy most genres.  Socrack is my drug of choice but lately I've been playing up Tiger Woods PGA 08...oh and I just bought Elefunk last night...it actually gets relatively challenging for only a 5 dollar game.  I generally meander around the Playstation forums (CrANkShAfT963) every now and then and say small, irrelevant things to amuse myself.  WHoo!!!

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Names Jason, hows everyone. Accepting all friends request so go ahead peeps.

#148 Posted by AimingWandersly (180 posts) -

i'm JD. been on gamefaqs and a commenter on kotaku (PGGB) for a while now but this seems like a more complete expereience. feel free to add me.

oh, and does anyone know if we'll eventually have the option to add psn id's and gamertags to our profile page?