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Hi there people of GiantBomb Forums! I am Karlobster, an aspiring filmmaker, well more of a hobby filmmaker and a huge fan of The Last of Us by Naughty Dog! First of all, I hope this isn't against the rules as this is still gaming related? Because me and my friends are such big fans of the game, we decided to make a short film based around its universe! Though its loosely based, we have some ideas regarding clickers etc. But not in the first ep. First, here's the trailer

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Not sure why the thumbnail looks so screwy D:

Anyway, we hope to release this short film by the end of May. This is nothing like What Remains which we all know about. That is a relatively big budget film made by professionals. This is zero budget filmmaking in its purest form! Save for food haha. Anyway, I hope to hear some feedback from the gaming community. Though I'm not an active part of the forums, I always visit this site along with IGN, Gametrailers, Kotaku etc. Some comments and suggestions are welcome!

Also if this develops into a small web series, we've got the clicker prosthetics down also since we got advice from the Special FX artist of the What Remains film herself, and she's awesome. So yeah, thank you for your time!