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So, I'm shilling for this post. Blatantly, because I really love the idea behind this game and am even more in love with the setting. It's Tsarist Russian Space Empire. It's a seeming mix between 4x strategy, space sim, base building and x-com style boarding missing ship to ship, with some RPG dialogue trees and Elite-style freedom, or at least so it seems. They have been doing a 60 day kickstarter and only have about three weeks left at only half their goal.

I put in what I can, but honestly, I don't think they will make it unless there is a word of mouth push, and I am so intrigued by the concept of Russian space combat that I want to spread things. I dunno if that counts as advertising and I'll get forum locked or whatever, but I want this to happen. I already saw another space project shot down (Jupiter Incident sequel, the original had an awesome setting and weird but enjoyable indirect ship combat) and I don't want this original IP to die in the womb.

I want to make a Russian Captain Drew, commander of a space sub.

Edit: oh, and their text adventure is pretty great too: http://www.mandategame.com/scourge/

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I don't want to be a space Russian. Check with the boys over at gamebomb.ru.

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@aelric: I like what I see, I will throw them a few bucks.

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i heard about this from angry joe, did my own research on the game and backed it. awesome how they got the guy from harry potter/game of thrones to be a voice actor