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He’s killed the most dudes, grown the most moustaches; he’s the manliest man of gaming. Who is he?

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Geralt hands down.

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Geralt of fucking Rivia.

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Duke but not duke 4 ever.

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You have Soap and not Captain Price? Broken poll. John Marston it is then.

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@CaLe: You're right, I knew there was somebody I would forget. My apologies.

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Captain Price. Your poll sucks.

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Poll also needs more Nathan "Rad" Spencer.

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Dovahkiin and Shepard don't count, they're both women.

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You forgot the manliest man of all men, he even has his own theme.

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@WinterSnowblind: They're advertised as men, I think that's fair enough.

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@mwng: Feathered hair is an automatic dis-qualifier.

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@adam1808 said:

@mwng: Feathered hair is an automatic dis-qualifier.

Crap! Geralt gets my vote then.
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Geralt, he kills monsters, arm wrestles, plays poker, gets drunk, gets a tattoo and bones down on some ladies multiple times in one game.

#19 Posted by Yummylee (22572 posts) -

Snake, though more specifically Naked Snake from MGS3.

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Tychus is hella manly. Chris Redfield in second place.

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I put Snake but I really should have put Big Bo.

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kazuma kiryu from Yakuza 3 would have been my vote. The dude just wrecks people in totally awesome ways!!

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Dudley from Street Fighter is a pretty manly dude. Given the options, however, I think Geralt and Ezio are both equally qualified as most manly. Geralt it is.

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Marco from Metal Slug. No bio-engineered super-body, no regenerating health, dies if shot with a single regular bullet, yet he defeats entire armies, blows up war machines the size of houses and fends off alien invasions, almost entirely without help.

Tank convoy? Give him a shotgun and he makes short work of it. Dozens of enemy submarines are attacking? He scuba dives and starts shooting them with his handgun. Zombies infect him? He keeps fighting, using his new zombie powers to puke lethal blood.

I think I've made my case.

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@falserelic said:

Duke but not duke 4 ever.

Yeah. I voted for the Dukester. However, as a (mostly) serious character, its Geralt of Rivia. You simply don't fuck with that dude (unless you are female, in which case you most certainly do).

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A Giant Bomb poll about manliness without Mike Haggar ?

For Shame!

Go and sit in the corner and think about what you did!

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Where is Gene.

I voted for Doomguy because he can reduce the spawn of hell itself to ground beef, with his bare fists, and that's the closest you can get to having the God Hand.

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Sam Serious Stone. Fought a dude as tall as a Pyramid while holding a cannon.

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Shadow Kanji.

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Kanji Tatsumi...

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Oh god testosterone overload. Meanwhile, Ryotaro Dojima is raising his little girl as a single father. He's my pick.

Also, Minsc, because duh.

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@Ninja_Welshman said:

kazuma kiryu from Yakuza 3 would have been my vote. The dude just wrecks people in totally awesome ways!!
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Mike Haggar, but out of that list I chose John Marston.

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Kazuma Kiryu by far. The dude punches tigers in the face.

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It's sad that BIG BO is losing.

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@MoleyUK said:

A Giant Bomb poll about manliness without Mike Haggar ?

For Shame!

Go and sit in the corner and think about what you did!

I know! How come a moderator hasn't responded to this with Mike Haggar and immediately closed the thread down?

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Geralt, he has boned and stabbed his way through video games and into our hearts.

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Geralt of Rivia, motherfuckers. That guy bones every lady he sees. Now that's manly!

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I voted for Nathan Drake, but I was really voting by proxy for Nolan North. *swoooooooooooooon*

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Geralt of Rivia. It takes balls to fight monsters while wearing leather pants.

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Cho Aniki. The MANLIEST.
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Manliest man? Come on guys, it's Duke Nukem.

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The fact that Kanji Tatsumi isn't on that list is a little sad. Solid Snake either way.

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Mufuggin' Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Dude's name alone is more awesome than half the guys on this list. 
John Marston and my one-eyed bald lycanthrope Nord Dovahkiin tie for second place. 
My Shepard would have been first if he hadn't decided to start having nightmares about dead little boys all of the sudden.

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Asura from Asura's Wrath? He's clearly Father of the Year, and nothing is manlier than being a good father.

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Get Bent.