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is there anyone out there who enjoyed the ending as much as i did??. ok yeh it maybe had some holes. but that aside, are people complaining about the ending becuase its suppose to make you think? are they complaining because they would have rather been told what happend as opposed to the ending making you think?

i dont know but its pissing me off and its making me not going to enjoy my second play through as much :(


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I'm not.

While I don't think the ending was as terrible as some would have it to be, I would certainly have appreciated a bit more closure and explanation.

This is a series who serious fans have invested many hundred hours in, and have spent nearly five years getting emotionally attached to its characters. Of course they would want to know what happened.

If this had been the mid-point of the story, the ending would have been ok. But you cannot end a trilogy wit so many questions left unanswered.

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It makes me "think" about how terrible it is. It really isn't as deep as people are hoping it is, and is just another example of a rushed product due to their evil overlords.

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I'm with you. Blowing up the relays was a ballsy move. I liked it.