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Animated giant bomb is already really great. What do you think will happen when we can start making giantbomb staff puppets? Then uploading those videos through the share button? Someone will make amazing looking puppets of jeff and ryan and all the others like week one of that thing being out. Think about sculpting the entire TNT set and remaking couch segments with the puppets. Luchadeer puppet adventures!! If that thing works a quarter as well I hope, it will still be the funniest era of giant bomb ever.

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Well LittleBigPlanet already has that potential, and I haven't really seen anything executed on it to that kind of level. I wouldn't mind seeing a little Ryan sackboy, beard and red shirt and everything. It will all depend I think on the success and popularity of that Media Molecule thing. Or maybe someone will just say fuck it and do it. I hope so, it does sound awesome.

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Little big planet did not have an 8th of this thing's potential. You had to make levels and sack people. This is a clay sculpting puppet makeing sandbox.

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A Ryan-Puppet would look like a gnome. ~ I love it!

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Why aren't there Ryan, Jeff, Hardcore Dave and Luchadeer plush toys in the store?

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@funkydupe: luchadeer plush would be awesome. One of the guys would be kinda weird.

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Or just make giant wangs

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Animated bombcasts now feature creepy puppets.


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Oh man. How about a premium video of the podcast with puppets?

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