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There's a point in Metal Gear Rising where I did a double take. As Raiden is running along the underground Mexican child soldier/AI Brain facility, his action is cut down to have a dialog sequence with the Doktor. There's he's informed that this is the Artificial blood, which was an important plot point for Metal Gear Solid 4 right after the fancy fight between Raiden and Vamp.

So then I started to wonder why exactly is the blood all red if there was such a sudden stop to inform me this? Well it was to mask in a loading sequence, but it ended just realizing there wasn't any need for red blood if the while blood is still represented in this game.

Now this didn't necessarily ruin everything about Rising, in fact I enjoyed it greatly. It's just a point where I'm noticing that video game plots are getting closer to dumb action films that I enjoy that are horribly flawed. Like the film Point Break or Johnny Mnemonic.

The DMC reboot came along with a similar problem, the more I started to think about it the more I was starting to see the flaws in the overall film. Limbo is happening and that's why Dante is considered a bad guy, but then he's not there, but he's filmed there, but he can only shoot at Kat, and Kat is a medium so she sees him no one else does.

DMC and Rising set up an interesting parallels of current social and political events to set up an interesting satire. At times it's compelling and then other times it's ridiculous Rising goes far and beyond DMC to the point it's so silly I salute it's sense of ambition. To be honest all of this is just nothing more then a set up for action to take place around. Both games just crank up the melodrama in odd times where it doesn't come off well. But that's why I bring up Point Break and Johnny Mnemonic, somewhat competent films with thick layer of cheese. A tremendous amount of time is spent on character growth but then remain unlikable even by the end of the film.

It's one of those things that really pull me away from ever considering games are art. Point Break is a film I'd never consider art, but I'll quote it any chance I get. "You gonna jump or jerk off?" It's fun, no shame in that.

As I play Rising, I do want there to be white blood, but then that's myself being an adult trying to not enjoy the visceral image the red blood is displayed on the screen. Red is striking color, can't blame them for using it, and I wouldn't want them to not use it.

I just need to turn off my brain more often.

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Where those major DmC spoilers you just posted. It seemed like that's where it was going and I jumped past it. If so, you need to block that shit.

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The only good part of Point Break was the bank robbing and Gary Busey. Keanu Reeves can't act for shit.

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Keanu Reeves can't act for shit.

That's part of the charm.