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Almost time to party! And to revisit the bladerunner 'project' Dave.

#152 Posted by geirr (2922 posts) -

I'm glad you guys are changing the video hosting service. I've been using Youtube whenever the option is available for far too long.

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#154 Posted by YoThatLimp (2067 posts) -

I hope they are changing the video player as well, GB has THE worst video player on the internet right now.

#155 Posted by NumptyX (10 posts) -

Think I'm going to miss the old site layout as the new site seems to take a few seconds more to load in firefox, but that could just be due to the site still being at beta.

#156 Posted by King9999 (663 posts) -

Thanks for offering a white background!

#157 Posted by Majkiboy (1036 posts) -

I nead beats!

#158 Posted by TruthTellah (9654 posts) -

Excited for this! Though, the one thing that keeps souring my impressions of the new site is the subscriber medals. They have shifted from directly below a user image to slightly over them, and that just takes away from user images and over-emphasizes the medal. Something more akin to what we have now only slightly covers over the bottom edges of a user image, which are usually unnecessary anyway, but when you start cutting into 1/5 of an image with a medal, it actually makes user images look better for non-subscribers than subscribers.

Regardless, I'll be glad when this finally gets done and the real process of adjustment can begin.

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Black background 4 life.

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#161 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

I'm liking the look of the new site so can't wait for this to go live

#162 Posted by kmg90 (467 posts) -

I've had no issues with video download speed... I'm totally stoaked for the site redesign to go live!

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The Giant Bomb is about to be dropped.

#166 Posted by Obinice (299 posts) -

@snide Brilliant news! You guys are awesome. I have just one question. I (and by proxy my family!) watch everything Giant Bomb produces on our XBMC media center. Will the Giant Bomb plugin be affected by any of this?

P.S As a side note, since the plugin redesign last year, the ability to list more than 100 videos in any particular section has disappeared. Basically, it makes it impossible to go back and watch stuff from even a few months ago, unless you know exactly what to search for! Major bummer :(

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AWSM. The Real Giantbomb starts here.

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@Zero_ said:

Hey dave what's going to happen to YouTube videos on the new site, still available for us?

Yep. Still available to subs through the site as usual.

#169 Posted by Alphazero (1640 posts) -

@villainy said:

@Ravelle: As I understand it's not that the APIs are wonky, it's that they don't exist. Achievement tracking currently is the programmatic equivalent of hitting view source in your browser and picking out the relevant text. Scraping pages like that is the worst possible way of collecting data. The most innocuous looking change on the source site can completely break scraping scripts.

With a complete site rewrite I'm sure the engineering time is better spent squashing real bugs instead of maintaining achievement tracking. Hopefully the manufacturers will make actual achievement APIs to go along with their new consoles but I'm not holding my breath.

Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Apple and anyone else possibly reading this:

I play many games, mostly on 360. Giant Bomb's cross platform Achievement tracking system got me to play more games on other platforms because I suddenly had a way (that I cared out) that surfaced those achievements. I'm sure I'm not alone. Provide an API and you will have more of my money.

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Membership goes up for renewal tomorrow, woo! I was going to ask what happens to those whose memberships come up on the 10th/11th, although it sounds like they'd just get processed the next day.

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So excited oh my gosh keep makin all the ladies drop GB

#172 Posted by CJFoster (11 posts) -

Can't Wait

#173 Posted by Th3_James (2593 posts) -

I want the blackest background possible

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#176 Posted by blacklab (1724 posts) -

Not a huge fan of the serif, but looks pretty good.

#177 Posted by fenixrisingxl21 (14 posts) -

When the new podcast RSS feed goes up on the new site, will it continue to link to all Bombcasts released thus far (including the old Arrow Pointing Downs)?

Also, is there any chance you can increase the episode count in each of the subscriber-only feeds? They're currently locked at fifteen episodes. Any way to bump that up to thirty episodes, or are they hard-locked specifically to fifteen for a reason?

Any assistance or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

#178 Posted by Obinice (299 posts) -

Kind of surprised they're taking it live this soon. Streaming videos don't work, looks like they just straight up removed the option (kind of a big deal on site where video content is the point and their progressive player doesn't allow skipping), and as of last Unprofessional Friday, the live chat still crashed if you breathed on it the wrong way.

I like the new site though, only thing I don't like design-wise is that reviews are now constrained to a fixed width column like news posts and can no longer resize take up the full width of the screen. IMO they're not as nice to read as a result.

I could be wrong, but I thought one of the basic differences between progressive and streaming video transfer was that, while progressive can't skip ahead like streaming can, progressive will allow the whole media file to load up front, whereas streaming will stop at the end of a limited buffer, and only begin downloading again once you move forward through the video.

Which I guess would be useful for someone with less bandwidth that still wants to watch HD video :)
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okay....hmmm i just barely started visiting this site again lol

#180 Posted by morrelloman (635 posts) -

What does this mean for the mobile site?

#181 Posted by MarvinPontiac (131 posts) -

Excited for this in terms of responsiveness, functionality, content structure and the accessibility of that content. In terms of visual design, not looking forward to it that much. The new design has a lot of superfluous, overly-tweaked elements which work against the readability (for example "dig deeper" photos have a 1px border, a light border, darker outer border, then a drop shadow). Then there are some unnessesarily-skeuomorphed elements like the podcast controller which ruin the consistency. Why doesn't the video player look like a tv? Not that I'm complaining. As a designer and lover of restraint, this bums me out a bit. Just my two pennies – I'm not trying to derail or be negative for negativity's sake. I wish you guys the best of luck with the launch and I'm looking forward to its evolution.

#182 Posted by clapperdude (179 posts) -

Haven't had a chance to look too much, but I just want to say thanks for keeping pagination! So many sites are using never-ending scroll these days....its the absolute worst.

#183 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

@morrelloman said:

What does this mean for the mobile site?

The mobile site as it exists now is a thing of the past. The site now uses responsive design. The same pages are served to desktop and mobile users, and which layout you see depends on the size of your display.

You can try it out right now, even if you're not using a mobile browser. Go to the beta and resize your browser window. When it gets small enough, the "mobile" version of the page will appear.

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Along with everything else, we are changing our video hosting provider. This should fix a lot of the slowness people have witnessed with our videos in the past six months. We'll be testing this on the beta site in a couple days.

HOLY SHIT YES! There are so many old videos I can't watch right now, so my random QL button is kinda broken.

#185 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1870 posts) -

I like what I've seen of the beta, excited to see it go live!

#186 Posted by fleshribbon (91 posts) -

I guess I'm the only one around here (at least on the top of the comments) that isn't crazy about the new site layout. Reminds me too much of every other gaming news/review site.

#187 Posted by sfighter21 (837 posts) -

@fleshribbon said:

I guess I'm the only one around here (at least on the top of the comments) that isn't crazy about the new site layout. Reminds me too much of every other gaming news/review site.

Yeah, I don't really like it either...

#188 Posted by KittyVonDoom (447 posts) -

Is there an option to turn off comments on the new site? Or could somebody maybe make an extension for Chrome like the wonderful YouTube Options one (seriously the best extension next to AdBlock).

#189 Posted by Dimi3je (432 posts) -

@blacklab said:

Not a huge fan of the serif, but looks pretty good.

This. Also the design generally feels cluttered. The new video player seems nice though.

#190 Posted by Freki (134 posts) -

Looks awesome guys! :)