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Vita quicklooks...


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I hope y'all like Dota

I don't like Dota 2 the game, but I love Dota 2 the content (aka The Daily Dota). I've been missing it so fucking much this past week. I'm so glad it's coming back in a few minutes! :D

Same. Played once when I was drunk, got my ass reamed, and haven't played since lol. Can't wait for some black hole :p

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Sit Vinny in front of a camera, a microphone, and an open world game. Let the magic commence.

Oh good lord. "Vinny Plays Morrowind With No Walkthroughs." "Vinny Plays All the PS2-Era GTA Games." "Vinny Dicks Around With Skyrim Mods: Smooth Faces Edition." "Vinny Fucks Around in Just Cause 2 for 2 Hours A Day, 5 Days A Week." I would pay a significant amount of money to watch any of those.

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Well, it'll give me a chance to finally work my way through all the Endurance Runs. Been here coming on 4 years and have only gotten about halfway through the Persona 4 one.


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I mean, the job of a website like this is to produce content so I would hope it wouldn't be

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I thought you meant a wasteland of game content in general to which my response is, "Play old games you haven't gotten around to."

The wasteland of GB content is much more difficult to bear. Hopefully they'll figure something out. Make some QL:Throwbacks!

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Honestly I think now more than ever you'll see some incredibly goofy, out of left field content. And I think that's when GB is at its best, just looking at weird goofy shit that nobody else cares about.