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Endurance Run #3 - Chrono Trigger (SNES) by Ryan Davis & Patrick Klepek

  1. Part 01 - 28th November 2011
  2. Part 02 - 29th November 2011 (?)

I will keep this updated with links to each episode, and perhaps a link to download the episode too. :)


I will also be trying to make breakdowns of each episode so, if the game goes on long enough, people who want to see a specific part in the future, they can reference here, or most likely my blog.

Anyway, let's get hyped.

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Cool, I guess.

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Damn, you're fast.

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That sucks.

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Never played it, hear great things about it, pretty interested in it. This is going to be the first ER I'm interested in. Consider my interest caught.

@Baillie: They're going to be starting before the end of the year.

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My favorite JRPG of all time. Fucking classic.

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I'm thrilled because it's so awesome, I'm a bit sad it won't be some weird niche game.

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@Milkman: Haha, good timing really. I am kind of excited to see this, so much happier than I would have been if it was another game like Deadly Premonition, that was like watching paint dry.

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@DeeGee said:


This^^ Loved the previous ones, can't feel the excitement here, never played Chrono Trigger or even looked at it but it's soooo old

Also, I really like Patrick but I'm seriously dissapointed that it's him and Ryan, was really hoping for Ryan/Vinny since I know Jeff despises the idea of doing another ER. Well atleast I was prepared to be dissapointed

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I have no interest in watching such an old game. Nor am I particularly happy with the combination of Ryan/Pat. Not because I dislike either of them. I just want me some Jeff and/or Vinny. So disappointed and sad right now!

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I was expecting something more recent.

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Who's going to play it?

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Depressing, because it's an old game that isn't terribly long with Ryan and Patrick. Frustrated, because it'll take ages now to get an Endurance Run proper.

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@The_LMFAO_Guy said:

Who's going to play it?

Ryan and Patrick.

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At least i'll save a lot of bandwidth by watching this on the lowest quality and not missing anything from a low resolution!

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*Fart noise*

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OH FUCKING LOL, Brad posted this on twitter and I thought nothing of it at the time. Motherfucker was leaving clues.

bradshoemaker Brad Shoemaker

You wouldn't think a 20-year-old SNES controller could endure another press of the A button, but I guess they built those things to last.

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Dumb game. But I'll watch it I guess. But man I do not like Chrono Trigger at all.

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@Geo7877 said:

@The_LMFAO_Guy said:

Who's going to play it?

Ryan and Patrick.

No vinny and jeff? That really sucks.

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Super bummed out. But hey, other people will find it interesting, so that's good. Oh well.

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@Geo7877 said:

@The_LMFAO_Guy said:

Who's going to play it?

Ryan and Patrick.

Patrick. . . . .?
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Don't want to complain, but this is kind of disappointing. I'm sure it'll be really really great, but I think I over-hyped it for myself.


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Why are all the Chrono Trigger ER posts getting locked?

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This is gonna be awesome.

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I don't really like Chrono Trigger, but I'll watch it. 
Oh, and Patrick's already played through it... Hm.

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@The_LMFAO_Guy said:

Who's going to play it?

@Swoxx said:

the combination of Ryan/Pat.

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@RoujinX said:

Why are all the Chrono Trigger ER posts getting locked?


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Fuck yeah!

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It's cool with me. I just like watching Giant Bomb do their thing, even if it's a game I'm not terribly interested in.

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Also... Should've been Shenmue.

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i mean fucking cool, i loved Chrono trigger, even though i never completed it before. This gives me a chance to see the ending witthout actually playing it myelf.

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Chrono Trigger and one of them has already played through it?


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when will it start?

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If you thought the people complaining in the P4 endurance run were bad! Wait till you see people complaining about how they play Chrono Trigger wrong. That is unless they played this before. They wouldn't do an ER of this unless they haven't played it right?

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Chrono Trigger is short too.

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Ehhh... but sure, whatever. Any content is good content. I'm the 1% that didn't like Chrono Trigger very much, but I came in on it way late so that's not really fair.

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Was excited about Chrono Trigger, became unexcited that it's got Patrick. I can only take so much of that guy.

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During the SNES Party, I'd thought Chrono Trigger would be a good pick. I like both Patrick and Ryan, and I think they could be a great team. I'm excited!

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Im pretty disappointed with this announcement. Patrick is the worst of the core guys in video content so thats going to bring it down. I also kind of dont understand why they went with a classic game rather then a poor/cult game.

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Glad they're doing a new endurance run but pretty disappointed Vinny and Jeff will not be participating in it...

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Should have been Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Conquest with Patrick having to play as Dixie while having Kesslar sit on his face.

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@Cloudenvy said:

Chrono Trigger and one of them has already played through it?


What? One of this has played through it? God damn. I'd rather they just waited until they really want to do one, and do one proper. I don't care if it's three years from now. Playing a short, relatively unquirky, well known game that one of them has already played is just.....meh.

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I... don't feel anything for or against this. More GB videos is always good, though.

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Looking forward to this. I think the Ryan/Patrick combo will work well, and even though I've already played through CT plenty of times, I think it will still be interesting to watch someone else play through it.

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I am in the live chat for the Tested Podcast and people are losing their fucking minds. So much anger, it's stunning!

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I will watch it. That is all.

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Not to be that whiny internet guy or anything but, I am fine with whatever combo really, I don't really care what game it is either, but if someone has played through it once before then I can't help but feel that they are missing the point of the entire thing.