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Posted by LiquidPrince (16252 posts) 1 year, 6 days ago

Poll: The one graphical problem you just can't stand to see? (423 votes)

Aliasing 7%
LOD / Draw Distance Pop in 20%
Screen Tearing 34%
Low Resolution Textures 10%
Low Resolution Shadows 2%
Bad Enviromental / Character Modeling 9%
Clipping 10%
Other 8%

So my friend and I always talk about certain things we can't stand to see in video games. My friend really dislikes aliasing with a passion and makes a big deal whenever he see's even the smallest jagged edges (which is almost always). I myself can live with some aliasing, but I cannot stand screen tearing. I remember not really noticing it that much when I was younger, but now I see it instantly and it bugs the crap out of me. I'd rather the game drop some frames and stutter a bit rather then having to see massive tears. That's just me though.

So what graphical niggle bugs you guys the most?

#1 Posted by probablytuna (3902 posts) -

Having played console games and games running on low settings on PC, I'm generally fine with aliasing or low res textures/shadows but yeah screen tearing would probably be the biggest thing that I would notice and be somewhat bothered by.

#2 Posted by BigJeffrey (5164 posts) -

30 fps

#3 Posted by MadMagyar92 (67 posts) -

Tearing for sure. Usually it's pretty easy for me to overlook low-res textures/shadows and pop-in when I'm playing a fast-moving action game, and sometimes aliasing can be hidden when there's a ton of grit/detail on screen (see Uncharted and The Last of Us). Screen tearing, though... It stands out like a sore thumb and is usually pretty persistent throughout.

#4 Edited by Hunter5024 (6077 posts) -

When you put the sword on your back and it just hovers about a foot away from you.

#5 Edited by Zella (863 posts) -

Bad character modelling, or well more inconsistent character modelling. I understand that main characters will be modeled with much more detail but in games like the Yakuza series where the main character's look like real people then the NPCs just look like low res mannequins it is really jarring. I don't really mind most technical graphical issues, I barely even notice aliasing unless it is really bad. Screen tearing can be annoying at times but I usually don't notice it to bad.

#6 Posted by PimblyCharles (1696 posts) -

This is a good question. I think a lack of anisotropic filtering would be by biggest peeve. That is strictly console games as it can be forced on a PC. After that comes poor parallax mapping and then low resolution textures. I can handle a lack of vsync and aa over all that.

Also, lack of ambient occlusion has lately been driving me a little mad in older games. Fortunately a lot can be forced through NVidia Inspector (If Geforce owner obv).

#7 Edited by Pr1mus (3977 posts) -

Of those, screen tearing.

Other: Narrow FOV in shooters.

If it's a shooter on PC and does not have an FOV slider and uses something ridiculous like 60 or 70 degrees it's not a design or a feature, it's a problem.

#8 Posted by Video_Game_King (36271 posts) -

Pixelated shadows. It's particularly bad in LA Noire, where most of the game is spent looking at objects really closely.

#9 Posted by Ezekiel (586 posts) -

Probably screen tearing.

When you put the sword on your back and it just hovers about a foot away from you.

Hate this. There are so many combinations I can't use in Dark Souls because the weapons are several inches from my characters' hips or backs. And why do most character models still not have belts/straps for their weapons and holders? I haven't seen a single rifle with a strap in a game, but tons in movies.

#10 Posted by senrat (333 posts) -

Im tired of hitting invisible shit in GTA V, so im going to say pop in. I find that pop in can affect gameplay more than most other graphical problems.

#11 Edited by aceofspudz (935 posts) -

Screen tearing, low texture res, narrow FOV, 30 fps cap.

If your game has all of these... that's a paddlin'.

Low texture res is only bad when they back up against high res textures. If your entire game looks like muddy shit then I'll just assume you ported it from the N64. If 2 out of every 5 textures looks like shit, you don't know what you're doing.

#12 Posted by Steadying (1528 posts) -

Probably when characters in cutscenes look like a bunch of emotionless mannequins. I'm playing FFXIII-2 right now and this game has a lot of this. Bad draw distance is also annoying.

#13 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4571 posts) -

Screen tearing and low res textures are neck and neck for me

#14 Posted by Christoffer (1955 posts) -

I really can't stand bad aliasing. I want my polygonal edges to be straight lines and not a crawling stair of pixels. But since that problem isn't huge these days my vote's on Screen Tearing. Nothing takes me out of the immersion as forcefully as when the image split in half during movement. I hope they somehow get rid of that problem soon.

#15 Posted by jArmAhead (341 posts) -

A lot of games do some really fuckin' awful things to pull off "Depth of Field." Great examples of how NOT to do DoF effects are Mirror's Edge (Just weird bloomy garbage effect) and ArmA (basically splits stuff into 4 points, looks really weird and not at all DoF but more like the dumb filter that GTA IV had).

@senrat said:

Im tired of hitting invisible shit in GTA V, so im going to say pop in. I find that pop in can affect gameplay more than most other graphical problems.

Yeah draw distance is a big one as well. It's why ArmA can be so damned impressive when you're looking out across a couple dozen kilometers and you can see buildings and trees out there, or looking over Fallujah and every building is rendered. It's pretty intense.

#16 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (1302 posts) -

Anything under 60 FPS and narrow FoV.

Screen tearing is pretty rotten though.

#17 Posted by BeachThunder (12596 posts) -

Good idea for a topic.

For me, it's inconsistency. Games that have inconsistent-looking art assets, especially inconsistent resolution/quality - such as high resolution foreground objects, but low resolution background objects.

#18 Posted by Andorski (5393 posts) -

The game might as well crash if it has screen tearing.

#19 Edited by MC_Hify (354 posts) -

Tearing for sure. Why is it that I can put vsync on in a game and still get tearing but if I force it in the nvidia control panel it stops? Also, what that "dithering" thing around characters in console games? Is that aliasing?

#20 Edited by GnomeonFire (809 posts) -

Anything under 60 FPS and narrow FoV.

Screen tearing is pretty rotten though.

Oh god, narrow FoV is terrible. It physically makes me feel ill.

#21 Posted by kid_gloves (145 posts) -

Definitely LOD/pop in. The rest are all annoying in their own right but pop in drives me absolutely crazy especially on PC games where I have it in my head I can somehow fix it with settings, ini edits, or what have you. With consoles games it annoys me less because I can't do anything about it myself, but if I even think I can make it better I'll waste hours trying to do so.

#22 Posted by Cramsy (1178 posts) -

Frame rate drops kill me every time

#23 Edited by ajamafalous (12233 posts) -

Where is framerate?

#24 Posted by SgtSphynx (1627 posts) -

I don't actually mind most graphical issues and even a game being 30 fps doesn't bother me much, but fuck I hate it when framerates drop to sub 30

#25 Edited by Vuud (2035 posts) -

Everything about the Unreal engine.

#26 Edited by Canteu (2821 posts) -

Shit textures. Or low FoV that you can't change.

lol at screen tearing. I've never cared about that, because when it happens it's never noticeable.

#27 Posted by crithon (3462 posts) -

@vuud said:

Everything about the Unreal engine.

amen, it's that Blurriness, and how everything has that greesy look to it.

#28 Edited by Yummylee (22671 posts) -

Screen-tearing, while can still be noticeable, doesn't really bother me as much as the norm it seems. I voted draw distance/pop-in anywhoo. It was especially egregious in Tales of Xillia, where you could literally see the towns pop-in before your very eyes as you were walking around. Pretty damn annoying when you collide with something that hadn't loaded in yet while you're driving fast in an open-world game, too. I remember that happening pretty often in GTAIV.

Though if framerate was applicable, that'd take my vote every time. It's pretty much the only reason I'd want a gaming PC; graphically I'm fine with what consoles can usually dish out, but when it's also running that sub-30fps (which a lot of PS3 ports suffer from), then there's a problem.

#29 Edited by LiquidPrince (16252 posts) -

@ajamafalous said:

Where is framerate?

I don't really consider framerate in the visual field. That's more performance. It affects visuals sure, but it wasn't exactly what I was talking about. But hey, that's where the other field comes in.

#30 Edited by SaturdayNightSpecials (2460 posts) -

Flickering textures or shadows.

Screen tearing is insufferable, but you can at least mitigate it on the PC. Triple buffering is great.

#31 Edited by Enns (376 posts) -

Clipping is pretty annoying for me. I can ignore most of it just fine, it's mostly the clipping on a character model that sucks. Clipping will dictate what hair I pick in character creators and make all dope capes and cloaks lame in most 3rd person games. I ignored a class I actually liked playing in Dragon's Dogma because the run animation had your arms and legs clipping through a large shield.

#32 Posted by JCHenderson (129 posts) -

I find I will deal with any kind of graphical issue as long as it does not draw me out of the world. Dark Souls is great example.

#33 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (481 posts) -

Lack of anisotropic filtering(it has such a negligible performance impact, there's no reason to not have it) and ridiculous depth of field. Some minor blurring of the background is fine, but if I can't tell what the hell I'm looking at, that's a problem.

#34 Posted by believer258 (12317 posts) -

If your game has a lot of screen tearing and Vsync doesn't work well, then I'm not playing it.

#35 Edited by Creamypies (4095 posts) -

@bigjeffrey: I don't think that a solid 30 fps counts as a graphical issue. An inconsistent frame rate would count though.

#36 Posted by Humanity (10474 posts) -

Unreal Engine texture pop-in for me. Usually when it happens at the beginning of a level you know whatever. In Borderlands 2 though that shit was constant, on every loot box. Don't even get me started on how ridiculous RAGE was with that stuff.

#37 Edited by SharkEthic (1071 posts) -

@humanity: To be fair, RAGE only had texture pop-in when you moved or looked around. When standing perfectly still the game was absolutely pop-in free like 75% of the time. So lay off!

#38 Posted by WickedFather (1733 posts) -

Are those the leaked design specs for the XBone?

#39 Posted by Humanity (10474 posts) -

@humanity: To be fair, RAGE only had texture pop-in when you moved or looked around. When standing perfectly still the game was absolutely pop-in free like 75% of the time. So lay off!

I agree it's an amazing engine for games where one keeps their head perfectly still!

#40 Posted by TobbRobb (4881 posts) -

I can deal with bad graphics generally, but if it's because of a bug I'd be mad. Screen Tearing though, sears my eyes. Can't deal with it, no framerate gain is worth playing with tearing.

#41 Edited by SomeJerk (3452 posts) -

A framerate so low or unstable that it gets in the way of the game.

My PS3 Slim went through Grand Theft Auto V without it, but it did happen a few weird times in Online when explosions stacked. At all times in singleplayer I never experienced that the framerate could be blamed for a death or a vehicular crash. It never put me off or made me enjoy the game less, it worked and was a strong 4/5 game despite the online being like six months after in development but I won't say no to playing it again in 1080p60, be it on the PlayStation 4 or the PC.

Dark Souls console framerates can suck it though.

(My GTAV experience got poppier and choppier towards mid-November when I finally gave up and sold it because hey, PS4.)

#42 Posted by Counterclockwork87 (758 posts) -

Screen tearing doesn't bother me at all. It really doesn't. I hate bad aliasing though, it makes me think of PS1 games.

#43 Posted by crusader8463 (14433 posts) -

Low res textures can always take me out of a game real quick if the rest of it looks really pretty.

#44 Posted by Brendan (8288 posts) -

Pop-in for me. It was one of the most frustrating aspects of Xenoblade Chronicles. I dont even care if it doesn't look any nicer, just put it on WiiU with a framerate that can't be measured in fractions and half the pop-in and I'll be happy.

#45 Posted by MarkM (298 posts) -

the draw distance in Minecraft PS3 version is horrendous.

#46 Posted by AMyggen (3888 posts) -

Screen tearing for sure. I can deal with most issues, but bad tearing is a deal breaker for me.

#47 Posted by ThunderSlash (2032 posts) -

Overuse of Depth of Field is probably the biggest problems I have with some games. Borderlands was particularly heavy with it. There were points where 80% of the screen was out of focus, and the only thing that you can see clearly was the gun. Thank goodness most games allow you to turn it off.

#48 Edited by Sanj (2575 posts) -

Any time textures are used in lieu of detailed modelling, like for grass. Even worse when those textures are shitty. E.g:

I know it can be necessary because the tech isn't there to render environments in crazy detail, but sometimes devs can also be lazy.

#49 Posted by Vextroid (1445 posts) -

LOD Pop In and Very Low Quality textures.

#50 Edited by leftie68 (215 posts) -

I don't mind screening tearing. I much rather prefer screen tearing to a low framerate.