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Copying from site for speed:

Keeping in line with every major E3 announcement usually leaking before E3, here’s probably your first taste of the PSP Go; via the GamingConsoleNetwork who’ve acquired this image through the June edition of Sony’s monthly digital magazine: Qore.

Treat as rumour for now, we’re still waiting for some kind of confirmation - but that right there looks like your new PSP, with the new PSP LittleBigPlanet game running on it.


Can a Qore subscriber confirm? Do you have access to your June episode yet?

EDIT @ 17:33 -

Here's your confirmation:


Smaller, lighter, going on the market alongside PSP-3000, bluetooth support, new Metal Gear & Gran Turismo on the way, 16GB flash memory.

UPDATE @ 18:13 -

Hi-res photo:

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If that's true, it looks incredibly ugly. Usually Sony has some very slick designs, and this doesn't seem to fit in.

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That's ugly man...

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I must admit, I have to agree. It looks a lot tackier compared to the original design. But it also looks legit too!

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That looks real, including the single nub that 1UP said Sony was going with, and also looks easy to break.  I'd have to hold one in my hands before I even considered picking one up.  I'm only even considering buying one these days because of the Persona PSP game.  Damn you Atlus!!

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Al3xand3r said:
PSP Go! is just a UK-based bundle with a video on demand service subscription included. Now, I suppose it's possible ... [more]
I agree. But it also looks really legit, which is why I'm saying like - anyone with a Qore subscription, try and download the June episode now because apparently that's where these pictures are coming from.

Another shot:

Surely they wouldn't position the "Start" and "Select" buttons like that. It looks like it's been built with LEGO....
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Do not want, that doesn't look very slick to me.

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I think the analog nub is in a really awkward position there too.

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YoConraaa said:
That's ugly man...

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Al3xand3r said:
PSP Go! is just a UK-based bundle with a video on demand service subscription included. This has been said way ... [more]
Well, we're British you see. Britain doesn't have Qore. But nice try.
#12 Posted by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -

Just an observation, not a "try" to do anything.

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No dual-analog? If that is real I'm going to be very disappointed.

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How in the hell did they actually make something more poorly designed then the original phat psp? And still no second analog stick? I have a feeling this hand held isn't going to do very well.

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Depending on price and the services that go with it, might be a purchase for me.

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@Al3xand3r: Not wanting to create a sub-drama, but your posting attitude gives me the impression you have a really high opinion of yourself.

Anyway - again, SEEING AS I'M BRITISH, is anyone AMERICAN able to download the June Qore yet. Any confirmation, etc.?
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When did I speak so highly of myself? It's not like I have a subscription... or want one... And why are you creating sub-drama if you don't want to?

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@Al3xand3r: Haha. *shakes head*.

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So, it's legit. Damn, they outdid themselves in ugly system design... And stupid name when they already have a Go! bundle.

But nice to see Little Big Planet PSP. Right?

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I don't understand why the screen slides down, if you need you slide it up to use the controls.

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The UK thing was called Go!View not

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It does look legit, it also looks a little tacky, as some others have already said. I will though wait to actually get a feel of it, before passing full judgment, especially after my experience with the DSi.

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I really like how it looks when it's closed. But when open, the button layout, and those dodgy rings around the buttons, and the placement of Start and Select... that puts me off.

Closed it looks fine. Open it looks terrible.

EDIT: Plenty of people over at NeoGaf are currently downloading Qore so we should have confirmation pretty soon. Whoever works at Sony that made this available is about to get the sack.

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NeoGAF dudes say tis legit so... I guess not 100% yet but it's likely. And yeah, it looks uncomfortable, but maybe it's not.

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I have a feeling that they're going a different direction in terms of software for the new PSP. Leaving out the second analog nub and (supposedly) switching to download-only; I figure that we'll see many more smaller, bite-sized games compared to the typical "let's make a PS2 game and cram it on a hand held" that the current iteration of the PSP goes for. If that's the case, I think this new PSP (if priced right, of course) could actually be a better success than the original PSP.

Oh, and I like the design. Kind of reminds me of a sidekick.

#26 Posted by Godlovesugly (281 posts) -

I guess even though it's leaked now it doesn't really matter seeing as it's so close to E3
Not great that it was leaked really, but who didn't know this was coming? Basically this is just putting a face to what people have been saying for months.

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Has 16GB built-in memory and bluetooth.

New Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops coming. Maybe that's what the teaser site is for?

Gran Turismo Mobile re-re-re-re-re-confirmed.

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It just doesn't look like a Sony product. Compare to the new Aino they announced this week:

Ahhh well. I guess Sony's press conference just got totally underwhelmed.

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new portable ops and GT coming too
from Qore

That leak is probably more damaging to the E3 conference I suppose.

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Gran Turismo & a new Metal Gear: Portable Ops?!? Oh my God! Someone just TOTALLY got fired.

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Ugghh jeese, it's so ugly! WTF!

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I don't think it will be that detrimental to the conference. It's been rumored for a long time so it's not that big of a surprise, really.

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I guess it also confirms PS3 slim because the box design is very similar...

Huhu, and I thought both are fake x)
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I've got a bad feeling this is going to be...more expensive that the current PSP, which I thought they'd be moving away from to make a cheaper psp.

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I think they mention it won't replace standard psp 3000, it will be sold alongside it. So, I guess it's not gonna be cheaper.

3.8" screen (smaller than current)
43% lighter than previous version

K, that's it from me, done caring. Guess this is Sony's 2 biggest E3 stuff (other than GoW3 gameplay etc) out the bag. PSP Go and PS3 slim.

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No UMD? Whats the fucking point?! Unless they have an officially supported method of ripping your discs onto that things HDD then, as a consumer, I politely tell them to go fuck themselves. I'm not 'upgrading' to something that can't even play it's own games.
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If this is the new design, it's going to be even MORE impossible to move and turn the camera in Monster Hunter now...

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Ok last thing from me :P

PS: got everything here from NeoGAF.

Feel free to paste all this in the 1st post for people who can't bother reading through the whole thread.

I'm semi-glad about this. It's ugly so I'd never buy it, but on the other hand since it's no-UMD it means they'll HAVE to get their butt to work on the European PSN and release some damn games for me to download. Definitelly gonna get the next MGS: Portable Ops among others.
#39 Posted by Jotun (601 posts) -
The_A_Drain said:
No UMD? Whats the fucking point?! Unless they have an officially supported method of ripping your discs onto that things ... [more]
They're obviously not treating this as an upgrade to the existing PSP hardware. It's just a new iteration of the same technology.

I'm actually excited about this. If the price is right, consider this purchased by me.
#40 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

Well yeah that was my point. It's not an upgrade at all, so the fact it can't even play your existing library of non downloaded games is going to be the final nail in the coffin in regards to my desire to purchase, and I would expect a lot of other peoples as well.

People are into downloadable game culture, but not that into it, not yet anyway.
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The_A_Drain said:
@Jotun: Well yeah that was my point. It's not an upgrade at all, so the fact it can't even play ... [more]
To be honest, I am. I think I'd buy it.

I don't like the button layout, but no date confirmation probably means a few tweaks to the buttons could be made.

If you can play this thing in the sunlight, I'll buy it.
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Oh man... I wish that I'd never clicked on this thread. Now I can't Un-see it...

#43 Posted by Jotun (601 posts) -
The_A_Drain said:
@Jotun: Well yeah that was my point. It's not an upgrade at all, so the fact it can't even play ... [more]
I understand where you're coming from, but I don't think they're counting on current PSP owners to purchase these (at least not most of them) unless they announce some method of transferring your games onto the systems memory (which they should DEFINITELY do).

I think there are still a lot of details that need to have light shed on them. Here's hoping they clear the air at the conference.
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Jotun said:
The_A_Drain said: @Jotun: Well yeah that was my point. It's not an upgrade at all, so the fact it can't ... [more]
Well yeah I think that's the main thing. They've obviously done a MAJOR cock-up letting this slip out so early, but there is STILL lots left unsaid, so yeah, hopefully the conference clears things up a bit.
#45 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

I'm into downloadable games too, but I mean, if it were a new console and the entire catalogue was downloadable? Sure.

But what about those who have a pre-existing collection of PSP games, besides, how many PSP games are even available as downloads? I guarantee you it's not all of them (yet, obviously I assume they intend to up that catalogue substantially if they actually plan on releasing this) I can't see any of those people buying it, and new consumers who dont yet have a PSP are unlikely to be download junkies.
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@The_A_Drain: Yeah I see where you're coming from. From what we're hearing it's hard to see how it'll slot into the market. It's clearly not for those who already have a PSP, but it also doesn't sound like it's particularly aimed at those who don't have a PSP either.

BUT... GRAN TURISMO!!!!!!!!?
#47 Posted by Jotun (601 posts) -

I'll re-iterate in saying that they'd be really stupid to not have some method of transferring your existing game collection onto the new systems memory. It pretty much has to happen if they want to sell any of the damn things.

#48 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

I guess they must have something up there sleeves huh? Or this could be the worst disaster since the.. well... pick your poison, theres certainly been enough disasters in videogaming history.

We'll find out over the course of E3 I suspect.

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Al3xand3r said:
I guess it also confirms PS3 slim because the box design is very similar...Huhu, and I thought both are fake ... [more]
The more I look at it, the more they look exactly the same. The bars behind the picture. The placement of the hard-drive size and the Playstation Network logo.

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Holy shit that's disgusting, do not want. I don't actually think I'll buy this, and I'm a huge PSP fan. How does that look playable at ALL? And people complained about hand cramps before!?