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Here are the episode lists for each collection:

Collection III

1Treehouse of Horror III
2Treehouse of Horror VI
3Treehouse of Horror IX
4Treehouse of Horror XII
5Treehouse of Horror XV
6Treehouse of Horror XVIII

Collection II

1Treehouse of Horror II
2Treehouse of Horror V
3Treehouse of Horror VIII
4Treehouse of Horror XI
5Treehouse of Horror XIV
6Treehouse of Horror XVII

Collection I

1Treehouse of Horror
2Treehouse of Horror IV
3Treehouse of Horror VII
4Treehouse of Horror X
5Treehouse of Horror XIII
6Treehouse of Horror XVI

The episodes in the collections aren't in chronological order, as you can tell. Given this, I'm wondering which collection seems most appealing? Or are they all appealing? I used to really look forward to the Treehouse of Horror episodes but I stopped watching The Simpsons a long time ago. Do the newer instalments match the quality of the earlier ones (i.e., the The Shining parody)?

Are any of these collections worth it?

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iTunes. Worth it?

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Since you didn't include a price, I'm going to assume the collection costs $2.4 billion. So, no, I wouldn't pay billions of dollars for Simpsons episodes.

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i would say no. itunes isn't worth it. i don't like apple, apple products.

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It is a sham that they are not in order. Then you could only buy the good ones.

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fuck yes

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Whichever collection has the one where Homer enters the Third Dimension.

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buy seasons 3-9 on dvd cheap used. fin.

edit: 1 and 2 as well if you're feeling really nostalgic.

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Not for me. I already have the first dozen seasons on DVD and that's two seasons more than I need. I remember was a rumor going around that FOX was floating an All-Simpsons channel for cable/satellite. I think it was supposed to go up when the series was finally over. Anyway, Treehouse of Horror is good, but there are better episodes out. Now if this is just a Halloween thing, then catch Treehouse II with the Monkey's Paw segment. That one is classic.

These shows usually run 2 dollars each online. You can buy a whole season on DVD for under $20 which evens out to less than a buck an episode.

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I own all the dvds up to season 13. I'd recommend doing that.

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I'm only interested in the Treehouse of Horror episodes.

The collections are 12.99 each.

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I'm assuming 12.99 for each collection. At that price I would say yes if you want to have the treehouse of horror episodes. I don't remember which is which though so I can't give you advice on which to get.

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Definitely worth it.

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12.99 each fuuuck that shiiittt

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Not worth it. for $39 you could probably get the first ten complete seasons on DVD now, with their great insider commentary from the creators.

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No because the only good treehouse episodes are 1 through 6

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$12.99 for each collection. The individual episodes are $2.49 each.

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Now that I've clarified the particulars, any other responses?

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If you want it then get it. I enjoyed 90% of the Tree house of Horror.

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Even when some of that later seasons were meh, the Treehouse Episodes were still good.

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I just watched those, it was fun.

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This seems like some elaborate bot that is tell us to go buy these episodes. I dunno.

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I'm just worried about one of these collections turning out to be not that great...

Given the way they organized it, I guess there's a guarantee that there will be at least a couple good ones.

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@Phatmac said:

This seems like some elaborate bot that is tell us to go buy these episodes. I dunno.


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@Loop_ said:

@Phatmac said:

This seems like some elaborate bot that is tell us to go buy these episodes. I dunno.


Did your sister just buy provocative swimwear?

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Any other thoughts on the OP?

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I'd say your best bet is to look at tv.com and see which set has the best episodes based on ratings.

The first one has The Shining episode. So I'd be really tempted to grab it based on that.

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I could look this up but uck it I'm drunk. How many seasons are they at now?

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if you are a big simpsons fan i guess it is. i would rather buy it on blu ray tho.

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torrents FTW

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@fuzzybunny566 said:

torrents FTW

Some of us like to pay for our stuff.

Also, some of us make our living off of the services that sell digital content, so think about the hard-working people trying to make a living that you're ripping off when you download stuff for free.

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Maybe if those who made their living on such services saw fit to make said services better than the free services, some of us would pay for more stuff.

If iTunes is literally the only place I'm able to legitimately purchase a piece of media, I'll find a different way to acquire said media. I have no problem purchasing stuff from Amazon or directly from an artist's website, but fuck iTunes.

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@OllyOxenFree said:
Whichever collection has the one where Homer enters the Third Dimension.
Mmmmm... Erotic cakes...
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@Keavy_Rain: i was merely suggesting another method of obtaining said episodes, since there was such split over the monetary value versus quality of the halloween eps. i did not mean to offend, and i apologize if my statement was in bad taste.

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I'm gonna say no?

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@fuzzybunny566: I wasn't offended, just thought it woud be funny to play the role of "Internet asshole who makes you feel bad for torrenting." Personally, I don't care where you get your stuff. I'd like you to obtain it legally, but I do know that not everyone can spare $10 for a CD when gas prices are creeping up on $5 a gallon and no one's seen a pay raise that matches cost of living and/or inflation in four years.

@Ravenlight: I recently got fucked when the iTunes Season 4 Season Pass of Regular Show closed early and the remaining epsiodes were moved to the Volume 5 season pass.

Also, if I want to buy Game of Thrones or Homeland off of iTunes I have to wait until they are out on DVD and Blu-ray. I don't get to buy the episodes as they air. Who's to blame? The content providers.

If your issue lies with the walled garden, blame Steve Jobs. I'm VERY unhappy with the changes made with iOS 6 and I hope the anger over it leads to the walls coming down, but I doubt it.

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12.99 for 6 episodes? Hell no.

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@Keavy_Rain: aha! you got me, then. nice one, hehe.