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Ah, the new site is up and running! Thanks guys, loving just about every bit of it, except for one thing: the contrast of the black font used on this site. I didn't spend that much time on the seaserpent site before, but now I'm noticing that the black font should be just a pinch darker/bolder against white backgrounds. I know everyone has different tastes, and not everyone owns a super vibrant monitor like an Apple Cinema display (I don't), but just putting my two Georgies out there. Also, the login screen is jacked up. What do y'all think?

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Yeah. The first thing I notice is how dark the logo looks.

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You can switch it tho...

And the white text on the black background is definitely not easy on my eyes. White for me.

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To swich it, just click the icon next to the number of messages you have.

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Derp, I forgot about that switch at the top! Still, that is a blinding white against black font that (maybe) should be a tad bit darker.