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Hey! You may remember that MattyFTM was hosting a thread similar to this, but sadly he has decided it would be best if someone else did it. So, that' someone else is me. I'm not one hundred percent sure if snide wants this feature still going as I'm waiting for a PM reply, but since I'm impatient I'm setting up this thread anyway. Without further ado, let's get down to shinbiz. I mean business.

What is the Sunday Bomb Drop?

The Sunday Bomb Drop is an outline of community events and happenings over the last week that is posted on the GB news section on a - surprise, surprise - Sunday. It consists of a bullet pointed list of interesting links as well as the summary of GB news. It used to be written up by the staff, but it became time consuming for them and so it was handed over to members to write. This is where you come in.

What is in a Bomb Drop?

Here is an example of a bomb drop, here is another, and here is a final one for good luck. The layout should become apparent, but I feel that format has now become redundant. The news and review sections have their own pages, and including them in a news post just seems pointless. I am going to discuss with snide if he will be okay with some of the changes I have in mind, and if they get the green light then I shall update this section with an in-depth guide on how to 'write' a bomb drop. Hold tight until then.

I want to 'write' a Bomb Drop!

Awesome, you've come to the right place. Please bear in mind that I use the term 'write' loosely. There is very little actually writing that you need to do, and it instead consists of rounding up top community content. So, please do not sign up if you've no desire to seek out interesting content, but on the other hand you do need to be able to construct grammatically correct English sentences. Please reply to this thread if you will be interested in 'writing' a bomb drop. There will be a different person writing the bomb drop each week.

Final words...

  • It is not final if the bomb drop will definitely return (it probably will, folks) or in what format.
  • Just because you reply to this post does not mean you will be picked straight away.
  • Make sure your reply to this thread is decent and not "yh i wan 2 do this". First impressions and all that.


Coming soon.

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So it's a general Newsletter type deal with Links of the week etc...?

And your bringing it back...nice.

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I'd love to help, but I'm not on the site enough to know everything that's going on.  If you don't have any decent candidates by the end of the week, then I'll see if I can free up time on Saturdays for catching up.

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I'd like to see a few other peoples first to see what the general idea is, but after that i'd be happy to give it a shot.

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Haha, I was just asking about this in the Community Spotlight thread. I'd like to help, if possible.

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I'll be happy to help with the bomb drop if I can!

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Good job taking over this moose. Sorry I'm not still doing it, I explained my reasoning in the Community Spotlight thread. Since I can't be bothered to type the same thing twice, I'll just paste it here "The last two that people actually wrote and sent to snide never went up on the site. I meant to check with snide to see what was up, but I never got around to it. To be honest, I can't be bothered with it anymore. I was fine with scheduling it, but when I've got to chase up snide for reasons why they didn't go up, I end up forgetting and before you know it it's 3 weeks ago so there's not much point anymore. And people put a lot of effort into writing them, I feel guilty when they don't go up and I forget to chase it up."

Anyway, I'll happily do a bomb drop, but since I've already done one, it'll be a loooooooooong time before it's my turn again, but if/when that time eventually comes, just shout and I'll write one.

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I'd be happy to contribute in any way.

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Do you really need to have a schedule section? I think the title of the feature tells us what to expect and when to expect it, kind of like the King of Fighters series for quite some time.

And for clarification purposes, I'm not sure if I want to join. I'll wait to see a few of them, get a feel, and then see if it interests me.

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I'd love to do one

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SuperMooseman said:
"Video_Game_King said:
"Do you really need to have a schedule section? I think the title of the feature tells us what to expect and when to expect it, kind of like the King of Fighters series for quite some time.
It's a schedule outlining who is doing a bomb drop on what Sunday. :)"
Ah, that makes more sense. Then add "Writer's" before that part.
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I'll sign up to write one. It'll be fun, and I write a lot anyway.

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I'll do one, for sure.

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Miniman said:
"Does it pay good?"
Does it pay WELL.
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id sign up but like outside the irc i have litte expertise or interest im afraid :(