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The japanese should just stick with pokemon and nothing else 
mario has nowhere else to go except out of existence 
sports games should stop being made so people who like them can go out and actually play the sport

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I figure I'll just say "I'm here" and that should suffice plenty.

#203 Posted by Shinryu (245 posts) -

Fallout 3 is the most overated rpg of the 00's

#204 Posted by Ryax (4630 posts) -

red steel was an awesome release title

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@Doctorchimp said:
" GTA IV is way better than San Andreas. "
By what standard?  GTA IV is certainly more technologically modern and better looking.  It certainly has a more cohesive story.  Gameplay wise?  I think SA is far more expansive with more character creation control, better gun mechanics, a nicer RPG style levelling system and you have the ability to make the game 'yours' because there's so much more customisation available.  Also the missions have a lot more variety and the NPC gang warfare makes for a more dynamic game environment.
I own all the GTA games.  My personal favourite is Vice City because the look of the game and the property ownership aspect made it the most enjoyable for me.  Second comes GTA SA. Third is GTA III and last of all is GTA IV.
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- Shadowrun was good 
- Bioshock 2 is an improvement over the original in every way
- Bayonetta isn't sexualized enough, especially approaching the end of the game

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George W. Bush was not the worst U.S. President......... *flinches*

#208 Posted by arab_prince (2053 posts) -

Even the first gears of war game was bad, it was fun for a total of 10 minutes. 
Call of Duty 2 was the best in the series. 
Quick Looks are better than Reviews. 

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The plots in the MGS games are pretentious garbage.
Forza is he best racing series
The Mako was fun as hell
GTA IV is the best open-world game ever made
Assassin's Creed 1 was awesome
The Halo series is good *flinch*
Oblivion was an enjoyable game
Guitar Hero is better than Rock Band
Fallout 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fallout 3
Uncharted 2 was eh
Star Wars: Battlefront was the best game ever made.
@Whisperkill said:

" George W. Bush was not the worst U.S. President......... *flinches* "

You're actually right on that one
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@EpicReflex: Unpopular, not retarded.
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all lego games are absolutely terrible and are not fun in anyway

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@xyzygy said:

" Too Human is an awesome game with a wicked and constantly upgrading loot system.
 Lost Odyssey is the greatest JRPG since Final Fantasy
 Perfect Dark is the best FPS ever made, closely followed by Halo 1.  "

Preach on.

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@project343 said:
" - Shadowrun was good  "
I swear if I see one more person say this (I did as well) I'm about to go rebuy a copy for 5 bucks and coordinate some gamin'. I miss that game so much.
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@mano521: Whoa whoa, this is the unpopular opinions not a communist propaganda thread
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Hitler was not such a bad guy.

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Women are only good for 3 things,
Cooking, Cleaning & Vagina.
Condemned 2 sucks big sweaty donkey balls.

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COD is one of the most unblanced POS games ever made.
3 years later and halo 3 still has the best multiplayer, replays, map editor, good match making, tons of maps, costume game types

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I like some techno. Just putting that out there. 
 Letting you guys know a little more about me. 
And hopefully throughout these next few weeks. 
We can become friends. 
Homosexuality is acceptable. (Yeah, i'm not gay.)
Sports are useless. 

#219 Posted by Ukion (17 posts) -
@Dalai said:
" Hitler was not such a bad guy. "
No, he was indeed a genocidal fuck head. Although  he sure did wonders for a country , at least for a time , and he wasn't always bad.
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Rebel Assault 2 is the best Star Wars game ever made, followed by Jedi Academy. 
All alternate storylines that don't come from the creator of a universe (Fall of Reach, Young Jedi series) are stupid. 
The only place to enjoy a single player experience is on a PC. 
Command and Conquer: Generals is the best RTS of all time, followed closely by Age of Empires 2. 
Jimmy Fallon has the best late night show, followed by Jimmy Kimmel.

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Unreal Tournament 3 was great, and was way more fun than Call of Duty/Halo/Gears if you were able to find a match with more people than bots.
Majora's Mask is better than Ocarina of Time in several ways (although Ocarina still ultimately has my heart).
Super Mario Galaxy is better than Super Mario 64.
Halo 2 was awesome.
Sonic Rush is, in many ways, the best sidescrolling Sonic game.
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and Burst Limit are fun fighting games.
And, finally, in one only weird fans like me will understand, Mega Man 6 and 7 are good games, while 4, 5, and 8 are all mediocre at best.

#222 Posted by Veektarius (4741 posts) -

Summoner was a good game with a standout story.  2 wasn't terrible either, though its color palette left something to be desired 
We need a better way to implement cover than a third person shooter.   
The fighting styles in Tekken make so little sense that they make the game unplayable (though that yodeling track kicked ass) 
Uncanny valley realism is preferable to the current WoW style of cartoon proportions

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@Doctorchimp said:
"GTA IV is way better than San Andreas. "

#224 Posted by AestheticSynthesis (414 posts) -

I find MW2 to be far more enjoyable than COD4 and WAW 
Star Wars Battlefront was a major disappointment.
Halo 2's multiplayer was/is better than Halo 3's.

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@Andorski said:
  • 720p graphics on large HDTVs are more impressive than 1920 x1200 resolution graphics on a 24" monitor.
  • The PSN community is more mature than the XBL community (and not just because PS3 players regularly do not have a headset).

And HOW exactly is that? How would you know when most people on PSN don't have mics?
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Dont really know what to put but Jak & Daxter is much better then Ratchet and Clank.   Kingdom Hearts 2 is a turd.

#227 Posted by MAN_FLANNEL (2462 posts) -

Halo 1, 2, and 3 are the greatest multiplayer games of all time. 

#228 Posted by ez123 (1955 posts) -
  •  All of the other 3D GTAs were "killing simulators", IV is actually an awesome game 
  • Saints Row sucks
  • Jimmy Fallon - Best Late Night Show
  • 3D Mario games, meh
  • Dark Knight wasn't all that
  • Fuck you if you watch CBS
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@Andorski said:
" Radiohead sucks. "
Better than half the auto-tune music out there.
iPod Touch/ iPhone is a better gaming platform than the PSP.
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JRPGs > Western RPGs (you would be surprised with how many people I've argued with)
Halo is not that great or original. 
Most sports games are exactly the same.  (within their respected genre)
Anime > most American television (personal)

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@Ukion: lol which one of my gripes was that against? 
donnie darko is the greatest movie ever made
#232 Posted by Yelix (333 posts) -

Jack Nicholson was a WAY better Joker than Heath Ledger.
While Pee-Wee's Big Adventure is my favorite Tim Burton movie, Ed Wood is definitely the best.
Terminator 3 is awesome, however unnecessary its existence may be.
Braid was boring, pretentious, and vastly overrated.
Linkin Park is pretty good, though formulaic.
Jurassic Park is still a good movie.
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull may be preposterous, but it certainly is better than Temple of Doom.
Wanted is like The Matrix, but with assassins instead of computers, and way better.
2008's Turok was a solid shooter.
Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland show are all written by idiots and for idiots, and pale in comparison to King of the Hill.
Magic tricks are dumb and don't make you cool.
Lil' Wayne is a horribly untalented rapper.
Sonic Adventure 2 is, by virtue of being the best 3D Sonic game, a decent game.
Every rhythm game past Guitar Hero 2 (sans DJ Hero) has been awful.
Base-building in RTS games is not fun. That's like saying the part where the party buffs up before a boss fight in an MMO is fun.
Prototype wasn't a good game in any way.
Resident Evil 5 was crap. Really, the whole series kind of is.
David Lynch movies are dumb.
The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity are garbage.
The Transformers movies are alright.
Dragon Ball Z is pretty awesome, but I will openly acknowledge that it is horribly flawed.
Prince of Persia '08 is way more interesting than any game actually featuring princes in Persia.
Finally, games with magical time rewinding potions are pretty dumb.

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I don't believe in marriage. I think it's unnatural.

#234 Posted by inkeiren (989 posts) -
@EpicReflex said:
" @Scarlet_Rogue said:
"Final Fantasy X is the worst in the franchise."
Oh no you didn't. "
I've played many in the series, and I got to the middle or near the end in many of them. But to this day, FFX was the only Final Fantasy I have ever completed.
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@Shini4444 said:
" @amarriner: I played Ocarina of Time first and I played it a lot. I love the game, but there's just something about Wind Waker...I'm always a sucker for art styles like that and, at the time, I really enjoyed the sailing and sea exploration. Plus, you stab Ganon through the head, the head. "
What year did you play Ocarina Of Time?
#236 Posted by K0rN (683 posts) -

Sony should discontinue the PS2.
#237 Posted by Bellum (2944 posts) -

Wind Waker is far superior to OoT.
Morrowind is better than Oblivion.
The games in the halo series have average multiplayer and from my experience extremely dull single player.
GTA IV is far better than SA.
Mount&Blade is one of the best games of all time.
Bioshock sucked. 
Steam is far from the ideal digital distribution platform. If you want what we should all strive for, check out GoG.  
Warcraft II is cooler than Starcraft (AKA, I don't suck at it as much).
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a great game.

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@n00d13z said:

" Also. Homosexuality is acceptable"

QFT. Homosexuals should be able to marry.
#239 Posted by SpecialBuddy (1110 posts) -
  • Street Fighter 4 was the best game of 2009.
  • All Apple products (except the Iphone) are overpriced and crap.
  • I cant make myself play Mass Effect 1 or 2. They bore me to death.
  • Im not saying Anime / Manga is bad. Just the people who consume their lives with it are.
  • Driving games stopped being fun past Burnout Revenge.
  •  Even though I dont play it anymore, World of Warcraft is a great game. People need to stop bashing it.
  • The Beatles are one of the worst bands ever.
  • Superman is stupid.
  • I actually rejoice when the waiter says "Is Pepsi ok?."
  • Both Family Guy and South Park are stupid. Shin Chan all the way!
  • Watching sports is really boring no matter what it is. Same with video games except for fighting games.
  • That last one being said.....Take the spelling bee of ESPN and put some fighting games on.
#240 Posted by inkeiren (989 posts) -
@ProfessorEss said:
"  4. Metal Gear Solid was a revolutionary masterpiece - 2, 3 and 4 were merely over-rated, over written sequels.
Did you finish Metal Gear Solid 3? I say this with no hostility, I mean it honestly.
Or, did you have the ending spoiled for you before you finished it?
#241 Posted by Bones8677 (3224 posts) -

" @baelrrogg: moreover: Hockey >>>> soccer. "

What the? That's not an unpopular opinion. It's an undeniable fact that hockey is better than Soccer, hell the only thing worse than Soccer is Cricket!
#242 Posted by mano521 (1222 posts) -

anime is for jerks

#243 Posted by Ryax (4630 posts) -

there is no acceptable anime 

#244 Posted by Yelix (333 posts) -

Western animation is far superior to Japanese animation. Characters with clear differences > crazy hair and realistic(ish) proportions.
Dances With Wolves and Slumdog Millionaire didn't deserve Best Picture, but Forrest Gump totally did.
Back to the Future III is better than II.
I don't know if this is unpopular, but I personally hate holidays that aren't assigned to certain dates. I don't want to figure out what the first Saturday in a particular month will be. Just tell me.

#245 Posted by Zaapp1 (657 posts) -

Dane Cook is annoying...

#246 Posted by project343 (2816 posts) -

Oh, why not add more?
- Rock Band is horribly repetitive and has forced me into hating every song on the base soundtrack
- Following that, Nirvana should never have existed
- Majora's Mask is the best Zelda title ever released
- Mario 64 is a horrible Mario title; Banjo Kazooie was superior from day 1
- Star Wars Galaxies was GREAT (pre-CU)
- Mario Kart is casual garbage
- Spirited Away is Miyazaki's best film, bar none
- Michael Jackson's best single is Smooth Criminal

#247 Posted by Sil3n7 (1178 posts) -
@mano521 said:
" anime is for jerks "
I hear this is very common actually
#248 Posted by CornontheCobbe (2645 posts) -

Jesus is a raisin. 
Command & Conquer (The very first one) has the sexiest music in a game.
Mass Effect is overrated.

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Bioshock sucked.
Elder Scrolls IV sucked.
GTA:SA was the best GTA game (okay, maybe not so unpopular).
Modern Warfare 2 sucks.
Twilight Princess was better than Ocarina of Time .
Karl Marx was a hero.
Catgirls = furry.
I don't liek mudkipz.
Slipknot is a good band.
Slipknot is nu metal.
Slipknot is DEATH METAL.
Also, My Chemical Romance is good listening.

#250 Posted by fishmicmuffin (1041 posts) -
@Zaapp1 said:
" Dane Cook is annoying... "
And extremely unfunny.