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What can you say. Just unbelievable. Bazza is a genius.

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Amazing show. The Vamphound taking down the DracPack leading into the Jensen vs Gabe match for GM was extremely well done. Only could have been better if Jensen would have won, but I guess everything couldn't go the way I wanted.

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Well I got 1 out of 3 right, but Im perfectly fine with that.

Waluigi getting the pin was great, wouldve been better if it was on Ganon, but Gief will do just fine. Finally a new co-op champ.

Red wasn't fucking around this time, he want into serious blood rage mode and rocked Falcon hard. Good handshake at the end, though. Falcon Badge earned, 1 more badge to go!

MAYOR OF EARTH! Id like to say it was close, but Haggar was on FIRE that whole match, Groose got a bit of a second wind, but Haggar just kept on coming! Also got the best bit of THQuality ever!


The return of Bowser was fantastic, but I've learned to never underestimate the Kacho Comebacks. Amazing.

Vamphound vs Drac Pack had some great THQuality moments, Kefka trying to leave, Vamphound constantly attack each other, but still total domination by Snake in this one. Earned some respect. Also Dark Phoenix looks great!

Mac is Back! I wonder what would've happened if Drac won? Oh well, adios blood sucker!

FINALLY! A season in the making! Was it worth the weight?! Oh yes! Was pretty even fight early on, but Gabe was clearly trying to put Adam through a corner for a good part of the latter of half of that fight, and finally got his wish. HATS FOR ALL!

The Nappa stuff is hilarious just the ending we needed for the season, it will be a long month while we wait, but I know it will be worth the weight.

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I am super disappointed that I missed watching this live. Sounds like it was an awesome show.

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No question, that was the best episode yet. So glad the GM issue was settled quickly once Drac was dispatched, and Gabe is a perfect fit for the job.

Also got the best bit of THQuality ever!


Hey, we've all been there, right? Two guys find themselves on top of the same girl at the same time, awkwardly trying to figure out which position each of them is going to take, trying their best not to engage each other directly...

I've said too much.

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Well, after a short Q&A session, Bazza has signed out for at least a month.

Now I got to find something else to look forward to on a weekly basis.

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Mac is back

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Needless to say, I'm floored. I'll put up VGCW Observer Magazine tomorrow when I have time to think on everything. Until then I'm uploading the majority of the show to my Youtube, up until after the 6 man tag when my internet went spotty.

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VGCW Observer Magazine!

What a night! It seemed like it would be difficult to top the third season finale and yet here we are. The early matches were some of the most competitive and exciting in VGCW history, and the later plot during the stable matches propped up some matches that maybe didn't compare. Let's run down the supercard.

Preshow and Intro

Just before getting into the matches themselves, we're greeted with a beautiful font treatment for the PPV with the perfect song behind it. Somehow combining "Tonight is the night", "Return of the Mac" and even a play on Phoenix with "This is the moment", I've rarely seen the crowd as hype. Started the PPV on the right foot.

Donkey Kong vs Dr. Eggman

From the beginning it was clear this was going to be a huge night, skipping low carders and rookies and going straight to veteran workers DK and Eggman. Eggman's pop on his entrance has to be seen to be believed. Match is notable for being one of the rarely well worked matches, with boring tie-ups and rest holds kept to a minimum. Also hinting at the night's significance was a rare successful tree of woe attack. Eggman took an early lead, sneaking a couple Death Egg Drops on DK, drawing blood on the big monkey. After further back and forth, and an armbar in which King exclaims "Hay nao!", DK comes out of nowhere with a 'cross eggbreaker' and scores the surprise 3. A big pop from the crowd and DK celebrates outside the ring with his crimson mask. Of worth noting is how up the usually silent in-game crowd was for this match, showering Robert Nick in heel heat every time he got offense in on Donkey Kong.

Following was plot centred around the Drac Pack. Bazza does an excellent job of getting specific wrestler feuds over, reminiscent of the best Survivor Series promos where various feuds get collapsed into a single match. Phoenix gets over his rage at Snake, though he still needs to do something actually dastardly, as Snake's actions have been more decidedly heelish. Kefka is eager to "dance on their stupid stupid faces" and Dan threatens to punch Satan in his jaw to massive crowd heat. At the end of the promo, Dracula sends Phoenix to 'take care' of Mac, which the crowd immediately connects to Go Hit Him With A Car. This subplot leads to possibly the best payoff of the night.

WarioWare vs Gerudo Skies (Co-op Champions)

Contender for match of the night (and Bazza's personal pick), this match featured the rising WarioWare squad against the most dominating co-op team in VGCW history. Smaller storylines in this match were the newly embiggened Wario, who this reviewer suspects of injecting either steroids or pure coins into his body, the persistent feeling of the Red Cyclone being carried by the Dark Lord, and the widely carried idea that for WarioWare to be successful, Wario would have to keep Ganon from getting at Waluigi, easily the smallest wrestler in the match, and an infamous jobber. Two of these storylines would factor in, though one was a complete surprise. This match was made a Tornado Tag match, in hopes of reducing the amount of THQuality that hampered both WarioWare and Gerudo's matches last week. From the bell, WarioWare was in control, with the most shocking revelation being the People's Jobber getting the better of the legend Ganondorf. Around the middle of the match the tide changes, with Ganon laying a series of knees, and a hilariously stiff top rope axe handle. At one point, Gief gets stuck in a loop of THQuality cyclone chops. Things go back and forth some more, with Waluigi hitting a second rope arm drag and Wario proving effective against the Dark Lord. Zangief makes Wah bleed with a big headbutt, but soon after Waluigi reverses a grapple into a victory roll, while Wario ties up Ganon. Lakitu flips out finding multiple angles on Ganon as George Refstanza counts 1-2-3 and Waluigi becomes the unlikeliest of heroes, making VGCW history on its grandest stage. With the pin being scored on Gief, long discussed as the load on Gerudo Skies, what will be the long term ramifications of this match? Will the Gerudo Skies be protected much longer? And can the new champs be as dominant as their predecessors?

After WarioWare celebrates their new belts, we see a Vamphound promo. This promo is completely carried by Mr. Satan, who exudes charisma and also happens to be the man who defeated Cell. Snake barely manages to set up Mac's motivation and Geno almost appears to be hiding from the camera. G O's failure to develop mic skills or become anything more than an adversary for the charismatic Dracula make his long term prospects dire. This reviewer would not be surprised to see him jobbing to Scorpion within three shows. The meeting in the car park between Mac and a vehicle is further pushed, but otherwise a rather dreary baby face promo that only succeeds in displaying how superior the Drac Pack members are on mic.

Chief Arino vs Bowser

I love Bowser's booking as a PPV only 'Legends' character. The King of Awesome comes out to a massive crowd pop. Arino received a respectable pop himself, but from the bell the psychology of this match is clear; can the small scrappy striker overcome the massive Disaster? Cole reminds us early on that in an extreme rules match, 'these men can do anything they want to each other'. The subtext is pretty clear to me. Bowser gets several stomps in on the Kacho before things go outside. Several THQuality instances of vidyas reaching for weapons and then immediately dropping them, and a preponderance of wristlock reversal spots. The vidyas work their way over to Table-san, and Disaster hits a rarely successful top rope spot, complete with AAAAAA! Bowser making sure the people who paid for this PPV get their money's worth. Eventually the Kacho gets his hands on Big Gold and immediately begins turning the tide on Bowser. Bowser gains a strange fixation with setting up Ladder-kun, possibly under the belief that there's an invisible MITB briefcase. On the far side of the ring, we move into the finish, as Kacho counters several Bowser kicks until finally deciding to turn one counter into the Last Continue. This puts Arino over huge, looking so strong against such a powerful foe. Bowser looks at the lights as the Chief gets the 3, whilst never losing his smile. With this upset and his amazing comeback finish against Kazuya, Arino seems poised to make a singles run at the Casual belt. Bowser himself doesn't do too badly, proving he can still wow the crowd even on such a light work schedule.

Another Drac Pack promo follows as Phoenix attempts to cement himself as a heel. The crowd remains relatively behind him, so now he decides he's going to actually attempt to hit Mac this time. Somewhat unnecessary setup, but it's worth it to establish Dark Phoenix.

Captain Falcon vs Red (Casual Champion)

Red Falcon III. Hell in a Cell. Absolutely perfect booking here by Bazza. The entire feud has been handled perfectly since the surprise ending by count out in the first match. The two losses by Red somehow gives The Very Best an underdog story, an underdog in his own title defense. The cage match is brilliant booking, classic escalation of a top feud. Would Red have the answer to the Thesz Press, did he have any other moves that Falcon hadn't been shown yet? The match was fiercely competitive, with Falcon dizzying Red early with repeated paunches and uppercuts and Red landing a variety of offense centred around weakening Falcon's arms, perhaps cutting off his paunching ability. Red lands a nice top rope hurricanrana, and suplexes Big Blue through the cage wall. A couple staredowns occur, one which Red baits into a neckbreaker and another that Falcon lands a massive Falcon Kick on. Falcon performs an eye rake that bloodies the trainer, and then the Blood Red Champion takes hold. Another neckbreaker and a DDT draws blood on Falcon, and after waiting for George Refstanza to haul his ass out of the ring, Red gets the delayed 3 count and retains the title. Worth noting on the finish is the sudden rise of boos for the Blood Red Champ, almost eerily proving CM Dunk right during his infamous Pipedunk promo. With the win, Red collects his seventh badge, and establishes himself as the longest running belt holder in VGCW history, as the upcoming break will have him surpass Gerudo Skies. After the match, Falcon and Red shake hands, a respectful blow off to one of VGCW's best feuds. This match would be 5 stars if only for its lack of length or move variety, as it was mostly dominated by paunches and arm drags.

Mike Haggar vs Groose (VGCW Champion)

Two huge faces go at it, crowd seems almost behind both men, until the action starts and Haggar begins wrecking house. Against Barkley Groose was the heavyweight, but Haggar is simply massive, and the two trade huge slams and power man moves. In the most talked about spot of THQuality of the night, the Mayor and the Groosenator team up to teleport on and off and on to Table-san before Haggar puts the Groosome One through her. Haggar shows his background in wrestling with a number of pretty slams, including a pair of nice bridging German suplexes which Groose sells perfectly. The match somewhat lacks psychology, it's just Haggar whipping the champ for fifteen minutes with the only fight back an intermittent Groosehandle or two. Haggar lands a big lariat and jobs out Groose, taking the belt and looking pretty unbeatable in the process. The belt has changed hands multiple times now since being vacated by Majin Vegeta, leading to some speculation as to whether it's fallen under a Badman Curse. Regardless, Haggar seems utterly dominant in no-gimmick singles matches, and all signs point towards a thousand years of Mayor. What's next for Groose is unclear. Will the God Rooster be forced to the low card like his predecessor Charles Barkley? Is Groosemania destroyed forever

There is plot that happens after this match, and this reviewer would go into it, but not today.

Vamphound vs The Drac Pack

During this match, Barret was off-camera spreading rumors that the PS3's dyin'. He didn't understand how suspenseful the slow motion made everything play out. Actually, most of the in ring action was decidedly pedestrian, aside from Raw Power flashing (with Satan the easier victor), and a short cape duel between Geno and Kefka Palazzo. The real high points took place outside, with several gang-up scenarios, with oddly most of them going to the faces. Top moment of this match was a bit of friendly fire, as Snake tries to outdo Jensen by bulldogging Mr. Satan onto the steel steps. Despite this errant move, Vamphound spent the majority of the match squashing the Pack, culminating in Snake landing a series of Codecbreakers to job out Kefka and Dark Phoenix. From there Vamphound appeared to be in co-op practice mode, trying out their best tandem moves on a hapless Dan before closing up shop. Worth noting in this match is Kefka refusing to join a number of outside the ring melees, possibly foreshadowing his turn after the match. Also refusing to help his fellow vidyas more often than not was Mr. Satan, though he insists it was because he had to deal with something very important by the turnbuckle. If it comes loose, someone could get hurt! Good thing he was there.

After the match, Kefka turns on Dan in a move that surprised no one other than Nappa. I suppose Kefka is ready to be the main event heel for next season, but who is going to trus- oh, Nappa. Duh.

Little Mac vs Dracula

The main event! Will Wrestlevania continue, or will Little Mac restore order and his good name? Appropriately booked as a Last Man Standing match, this match has special written all over it. A GM on one side, a big name returning, excellent music selection and fought in the stillness of blue LEDs. Unfortunately for the crowd, this match was not the most competitive. Aside from a few interesting moves from Drac, like the Octupus submission, this match is a squash for the boxer. After laying some viscious hits into Dracula, Mac saves up a star and draws vampire blood, immediately taking the victory and re-establishing himself as a main eventer. With Vamphound and Mac victorious, the Drac Pack is thoroughly destroyed.

After the match, Vamphound gathers in the ring. I'm now wondering if it wasn't intentional to make Geno extremely wooden on the mic. Mr. Satan comes out and rescues the spot by announcing he's now in the race for the VGCW Championship. Snake can't wait to get the mic away, and immediately passes it to Little Mac. Mac cuts a redemptive promo and completes the heel face turn. Mac then makes the appropriate face move, and instead of taking power, announces a rematch of the Great Tournament finale; the new GM will be a member of Safety Valve. And then the Safety Dance hits.

Gaben vs Jensen (GM Match)

Secret main event! Gaben comes out to a huge pop, and then the crowd loses its mind as the match begins with an 8 bit remix of Tonight is the Night. It says a lot about how over Jensen's tsundere character is that the crowd actually turns to his side throughout this match. The match had some good back and forth, with Gabe taking an early lead before Cyborg turned it around for a few minutes of offense. About five minutes in, Gabe lands a huge power slam and from there he takes control. By the time Bazza plays "Why Can't We Be Friends" the match is thoroughly Gabe's. Savoir applies the Wallet Squeeze to Jensen outside the ring, and Jensen taps to no finish. Gabe appears to spend the majority of this period of the match trying to avoid hurting Jensen, simply Irish whipping him to one end or the other, or running away. Eventually the tsundere gets tired of it, grabs Gabe and gives him an Augmented Piledriver onto the floor, drawing blood, which Gaben immediately no sells. From this point it becomes a squash, as Gabe eventually spears Jensen through the barricade and leaves him to lose by countout. The score finally settled, Gaben becomes GM of VGCW.

We cut to credits until suddenly, the Bald Man appears. Nappa's got several Dragon Radars, which he has stashed in his locker, hoping no one finds them. That he announces this to the camera pretty much fits Nappa's characterization. Nappa intends to resurrect Vegeta with the Dragon Balls. We then see the Practice, WarioWare, and Safety Valve announce intentions to acquire the Dragonballs for their various plots. Next season's non-title plot will revolve around teams, and this seems to be the appropriate setup. You could expect to see teams putting Dragon Balls on the line against one another, backstage thefts and assaults, and huge repercussions for the entire VGCW Universe depending on who gets to make the ultimate wish. WarioWare is hot, and the tsuntsun-deredere dynamic with Safety Valve simply works. Crowd responds well, a perfect hook for next season, and a great close to the best episode of VGCW yet.

Bazza is taking a break for about a month, possibly more, to recharge his batteries and prevent burn out. In that time, WVGCW will continue running, with the finale of the tournament coming to a close, and the mystery of the artifact moving onto the next stage with the re-emergence of Carmen Sandiego. If nothing else, one should tune in to see TERROR BALTIMORE, possibly the most over vidya in both companies. Until then, see you next time!

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@brodehouse: Great write-up, I'll follow up with info Bazza let out at the Q&A.

The Fate of Gerudo Skies

Bazza has essentially confirmed that Gerudo Skies has run its course as a tag team. He will give Ganon and 'Gief more singles matches as a result. Bazza has stated in the Q&A that 'Gief's performance has been disappointing, as he has not been able to secure a non co-op belt despite having several title matches. Both have proven themselves as heavy hitters in singles matches, so the transition should not be too difficult.

What's Next for Falcon?

Bazza expressed reluctance in turning Red's sportsmanship into a full-fledged tag team with the Captain. While Bazza did not go into the reason why, viewers with a good memory will remember the white hot rage that chat created with the Pawnch-Counter (TM). We can only speculate as to whether or not Falcon will return given his controversial wrestling move.

Speaking of Drivers

Going back an episode, Bazza had considered different characters when thinking about who would hit Mac. The most obvious choice was McMahn himself. However other candidates included Snake and even Chief Arino as being the potential driver. When asked if Bazz McMahn would ever return, Bazza said it was unlikely. He said that he really does not like self-insertion within a story. When asked why it is ok for BRYN to do so in WVGCW, Bazza said that WVGCW is really BRYN's own thing now and he does not feel the need to be breathing down BRYN's neck regarding how that is handled. Bazza also stated that his favorite wrestler in WVGCW is Cammy.

About Geno...

Bazza has been surprised at how little hype Geno gets. When he initially added him to the roster, Bazza expected a humongous response given the how the internet in general gushes about him in forum threads like "Who should be added to Smash Bros.?" Bazza's initial plan was to make END GAME 4 to be Geno's last appearance. Bazza considered possibly animating a scene for once for Geno's exit. It was going to be a reference to the Simpsons where Geno would say something like, "I must go, my planet needs me." Geno was spared this fate (for now) due to END GAME 4 already being somewhat massive and Bazza's laziness. Given Bazza's comments and Geno's lack of hype (notwithstanding the chat's reactions about Geno's lack of clothing), we will likely not be seeing much of him anymore.

Other Questions Answered

Concerning the return of fan favorite Sabin, Bazza has stated that his return would be unlikely. Piccollo has been confirmed to be benched due to his CAW being essentially just a green dude. Bazza expressed reservations on unbenching Piccollo even with a really good CAW considering there are three DBZ characters on the roster already. When asked if Waluigi will get a face transplant similar to Wario, Bazza said that he actually likes Waluigi in his current form and is not looking to change him.

Questions Left Unanswered

Bazza did not divulge what would have happened if either the Drac pack or Dracula himself would have won their matches. Bazza may upload the what has now been termed the "Bad Ending" to END GAME 4 to youtube after his vacation from VGCW is over. Bazza also did not reveal Dracula's ultimate fate when asked about it. Given this, we may not have seen the last of VGCW's resident vampire. Bazza also kept pretty tight lipped about the identity of Mr. Voice, and simply stated to stay tuned to the next season.

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You guys write good.

#462 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1242 posts) -

Great job Brodehouse, I also liked your upload of the stream and the fact that you got the whole pre-show rather than just a part of it like on the doc.

Anyway, Ladies Night this Thursday!

Sadly Ill miss the start of it, but it will probably just be Chie or Samus losing so no big loss, Ill still be back in time for the Terror.

#463 Posted by Brodehouse (10514 posts) -

@icicle7x3: thanks, I need to call my ISP and tell them to stop fucking around and turn on my Internet hose all the way. I pay for 20 down and I maybe get 10. Basically the stream got out of sync in the 6 man tag and then refused to work at all during the main event. Frustrating.

@jintor: Thanks for the promotion on Gaf, I check that thread often. I hope Bryn makes some progress with his plan for a VGCW forum, it's kind of rough having the community spread across Gaf, Giant Bomb and Something Awful. Though I suppose at some level it helps with widening the community, seeing these three threads popping up all the time probably promotes it better than a dedicated forum. Still, a single place full of people marking out over Terror or Red, the arguments whether he's Cena Barkley or CM Dunk, polls for the Hall of Fame (which obviously the dork lard should be the first entrant).... Awesome.

Thursday is the night!

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Tonight is the night Mister Falcons!

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We are live with this week's episode WVGCW!

With Baz gone for a month, it's up to @bryn to step it up!

#466 Edited by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

Awesome episode, Bryn's storylines' are, episode by episode, getting closer to the level of production he's setting, which is important as Baz's episodes are out of this world at this point.

#467 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1242 posts) -

I missed tonight, only caught the tail end of the last fight, so I know that Terror lost.

Ill catch the recording later.

#468 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1242 posts) -

Caught up, it was a pretty short night with some quick fights. None of the fights really stuck out with me. The Terror/Day Z fight was over way too quick for such a hyped up fight, not Bryn's fault that's just what happens.

But something that is Bryn's fault is his continued attack on Chie, all she wants to do is eat meat and kick dudes and you have to drag her through the mud like that...for shame.

Poison staying champion is kinda neat when thinking of it as a Metro City Domination with her and Haggar as champions, but we will see what Carmen and/or Lightning has to say about that.

#469 Posted by MikeLemmer (773 posts) -

Is it just me, or does it seem like Bryn is trying to get rid of his self-insertion like Baz did?

If so, I'm all for it; I like having one of the characters call the shots in the VGCW.

#470 Posted by Brodehouse (10514 posts) -

My salt over Terror losing to DayCena knows no bounds!

But i'll put up a more even handed VGCW Observer later today.

#471 Posted by jeffrud (472 posts) -

I'm going to run a pirate VG wrestling company while Bazza takes a break. Ring of Might (RoM) debuts in thirty minutes at twitch.tv/electricviking and will feature the first of two tournaments. The winners will fight to become the inaugural RoM Solo Champion! You might even learn the fates of a few former VGCW "stars" by tuning in. And though the game is WWF No Mercy, there's still plenty of #THQuality to go around.

#472 Posted by C2C (889 posts) -

It was a short episode with some controversial matches and reactions. Personally, I felt that this episode was really hit-or-miss.

The Tables match was great because of the jobber timer and the THQuality ending. The MitB match was also great and the fact that Lightning is starting to win over some fans because of the story is an interesting development. Chell's introduction was also pretty solid.

But I think that the resolution of the tournament story arc had some big issues. I was kinda taken aback when the Terra vs. Daisy fight started as it was the middle of the show. That fight really should have been the last fight of the show and the title match the final one of the next show, given the potential upset that could have and did happen. It didn't allow the crowd to process what happened. I would have also given Poison a non-title match to get the crowd a little bit more warmed up to her wrestling again, given she was out of commission for almost two months. The matches were also really one sided, but that is outside BRYN's control.

#473 Posted by Brodehouse (10514 posts) -

Sorry this is almost a week late. Life and E3. But here's a new VGCW Observer Newsletter!

Wvgcw 06-06-13

Coming into this week's show, the attention of the VGCW Universe was focused on a single match; Terror Baltimore versus Day Z. Would it be another Daisy surprise comeback or would the Reign of Terror continue? Adding to the complications, what does the return of Carmen Sandiego mean for the Gurl Gamer belt? What would Bryn O Mac and Security Guards B and L do to stop her?

Lara Croft vs Gruntilda Winkybunion

Breaking from the best-of-3-falls matches used to start the last two shows, this opener is a tables match. THQuality is ensured. The tables get introduced quickly, though the combatants seem more interested in wristlocks and front face headlocks, until the Tomb Jobber begins to take control. Several missed table spots as Grunty teleports through an airborne Lara going for a splash. After another whiff, Grunty nearly suplexes Lara through a table but only catches the edge of it, sending it to two legs. Some more THQuality as both vidyas get locked in a 'walking opponent to table' pathing that never reaches the table. Through sheer determination, Lara shimmies to the right until there's room, gets the Witch on a table and heads to the top rope. Gruntilda tries her teleportation magic but accidentally casts Float, as Lara crashes through her and the table, while an unconscious Gruntilda floats four feet high in the center of the ring. After the match, Lara celebrates while Gruntilda unconsciously casts her Noclip spell.

We get a bit of plot, with Bryn O Mac using Lightning as bait to lure out Carmen Sandiego. Generally Security Guard L is treated by the crowd as the biggest heel in WVGCW, but with this storyline and her reaction to Bryn O Mac, she's developing something of an underdog face reaction.

Tifa Lockhart vs NEW CHALLENGER Chell

With her silhouette immediately recognizable due to the Portal Gun, Chell arrives to a big pop. Chell has a nice CAW, and even strips the top half of the jumpsuit down when it comes to in ring action. Tifa leads the offense early, with a series of turnbuckle shoulder thrusts, and an impressive gorilla press slam. However, as the Chocobo theme plays, Chell pulls ahead. At one point Chell hits a very THQuality suplex where she places the headlock arm behind her back. Kayfabe totally broken. After doing a bodyscissor into an arm lock, Chell then hits a bodyscissor into a swinging neckbreaker, a Shake, Portal n Roll if you will, and scores the clean 3 on the erstwhile Tifa. A big opening for the newcomer, expect to see more of her.

After the match there's a backstage promo with Poison and a mysterious interviewer lady, wherein Poison gets over the ability of both Terra Branford and Daisy, but establishes that she's not concerned. The promo features the wrestling promo music from Rhythm Heaven, so this is clearly the best of the show.

Princess Daisy vs Terra Branford

A main event caliber match in the mid card? Is this just merely Randy Savage booking, or is there more at work here? This match has been built up larger than any other in WVGCW history, it does seem odd to have it less than an hour into the show. At the end of the long tournament to find a suitable challenger to Poison's belt, we find both Day Z and Terror Balitmore on long winning streaks. Day Z is coming off a major upset win in which she was brutalized all match by Morrigan before hitting a surprise Daisy Cutter and coming out the victor. The Terror has gone down a somewhat more straightforward road of squashes, looking unstoppable during them. The match itself attracted almost 100 viewers alone. Both wrestlers perform their intros with the crowd going ballistic. The match proceeds with both wrestlers getting spots of offense in, several hurricanranas from Terra and various chops and smashes from Daisy. Daisy does look more focused in this match, with plenty of reversals of Terra's offense. Terra often looks a little lost or confused, often allowing Daisy to get a chop in with no recourse. Terra begins to gain a lead outside the ring, setting Princess Daisy up on Table-san, but rather than capitalize with a DDT or slam, foolishly heads to the top rope and whiffs on the splash, Daisy harmlessly bouncing away. After returning to the ring, Daisy catches an errant kick by Terror, and then promptly cashes in with the Daisy Cutter. The fans react huge and Daisy scores a pinfall on Terror Baltimore. The crowd reacts with massive heartbreak and boos for Day Z. It will be interesting to see the long term ramifications of this match for both Terror and Daisy. Does Daisy take the heat and turn heel, can Terror maintain her aura of invincibility despite taking the clean loss? Easily the biggest match in WVGCW history.

Ms. Money In The Bank Ladder Match - Lightning, Ivy Valentine, Roll, Videl, Princess Zelda, and Chie Satonaka WAIT BAW GAWD IT'S CARMEN SANDIEGO

Bryn O Mac's plan worked, and the inaugural Ms. Money In The Bank match lured out the elusive Queen in Red. Could she capture the briefcase, another artifact to add to her collection? Would Roll Caskett continue her rise to power? Videl and Zelda have appeared strong, overall it's a match loaded with top talent and Security Guard L. As to be expected the match immediately devolved into nonsense and whiffs from the bell. Early on, Carmen steals a ladder from outside and throws it into the ring, clocking Lightning with it. Ivy leaves the ladder in the center of the ring, and Zelda immediately bulldogs Lightning onto it in a great spot. Videl is the first to get the ladder set up, and it's immediately toppled over as Lightning is thrown to the outside of the ring. Perhaps you're noticing a pattern here. Lightning attempts to escape persecution outside the ring, but she's immediately stalked down by Zelda. IV is the first to get up the ladder, but she's powerbombed to the floor by L. A minute later, Zelda makes her way up the ladder unmolested, but realizes too late she set the ladder up too far away. As she stretches to reach the briefcase she spills off the ladder in one of the most comical spots of the night. Ivy and Carmen get on opposite sides of the ladder, with Ivy punching Carmen off and Lightning throwing the entire ladder over soon after. Ladder madness continues as Zelda and Carmen climb up a set up ladder while Roll carries one herself. In one of the most dangerous spots of the night, Zelda and Carmen take a giant bump as they topple off the ladder onto another, which then kicks up and elevates all the way out of the ring. It's like a bomb went off. Immediately after Lightning takes an extreme bump as a ladder is thrown into the ladder she's climbing. From here the work rate becomes incredible. Carmen pilfered a sledgehammer from beneath the stage, L acquires it and smashes Zelda with it several times. Videl and Roll climb opposite sides of a ladder as Lightning DDTs Zelda onto the head of the sledgehammer. Videl superplexes Roll off the top of the ladder and Lightning sees her opportunity. As Videl and Roll try to gather their senses, Lightning sprints to the ladder, climbs it quick as a cat, and brings down the briefcase as Videl feebly kicks the ladder. From a lowly security guard to Ms. Money in the Bank, in one night. This is an incredible match and maybe the best ladder match in VGCW history. This is four and a half stars, only thing keeping it is a lack of storyline and being somewhat short after the long intro section (though in its defense, the work rate was extremely high).

After the match, Bryn O Mac appears to negotiate with Carmen. He suggests she come to his office to hash a deal out to return the old belt in exchange for a shot at the new one, setting up a unification angle.

Android 18 vs Lita

A female inclusion in the VGCW vs WWE series shows the triumphant third costume 18.... against Lita. For vidya-only fans, Lita's claims to fame include A) having red hair, B) in shoot, dating one wrestler for five years, cheating on him with another wrestler, and immediately making the whole thing a work, C) as part of that angle, having 'live sex' with Wrestler #2 on national television, and D) kind of being able to work a bit in the ring unlike every other diva in the company at the time. Proving that she's on the same creativity level as the VGCW Crowd, her signature moves were common wrestling spots with her name placed in front of them; Litasault, Litacanrana. The actual match between 18 and Lita is long, dreary and only worth noting that King has several new lines of dialogue to describe Lita's history in the WWE, and that 18 no sells Lita's finisher before stealing the victory from her. The count now stands at 5-2 in favor of the VGCW.

In Bryn O Mac's office, he sets up the unification deal... But Carmen counters with her own mysterious contract, which Bryn enthusiastically accepts. Business and law.

Princess Daisy vs Poison (Gurl Gamer Championship)

The #1 contender will contend tonight! Mysteriously, Daisy will wrestle two in one night, after her minor upset of Terror Baltimore. Day Z enters with a new rash of boos from salty Terror marks, and Poison received the commensurate bump. The combination of the previous loss by Terra, the circumstances behind it, the slow WWE crossover match, and stale Poison trans humor causes a very salty crowd. Speaking of stale, Poison hopes you like hurricanranas, because that's all she does for pretty much this entire match. The offense is slow and one-sided as Poison successfully defends in rather specious fashion, defeating the hottest wrestler in the WVGCW. What's next for the champ? A rematch against Daisy? A shot of Terror? Perhaps Lightning goes full baby face and cashes the briefcase in for a full, fair match? Or perhaps...

Carmen Sandiego's contract changes the shape of the WVGCW? It's details are WE'RE OUT OF TIME SEE YOU ON THUNDER!

#474 Posted by Mento (3175 posts) -

Tonight is once again the night according to BRYN's Twitter. Seems like this is the first season finale for WVGCW though, meaning we'll be bereft of any more VGCW of either gender for quite some time.

Might take this opportunity to catch up on some of those archives. Still so much PLOT out there of which I'm incognizant.

#475 Posted by FLStyle (5555 posts) -
#476 Posted by MikeLemmer (773 posts) -

Haha! What a show...

Carmen does a hostile takeover of the VGCW, but unlike Dracula she also manages to win the championship fight against Poison for both belts! Some people are worried this is just going to turn into Wrestlevania 2.0, but I hope Carmen is revealed to be a good (albeit morally dubious) manager so there's some quandary over whether the wrestlers want her ousted or not. Alliances are made, backstabs revealed, and plots concocted. Oh, and apparently Daisy is out for blood...

#477 Posted by BBAlpert (1811 posts) -

Not sure if this is the right place to discuss or whether it merits its own thread, but who here watched last night's VGCW @ Home (aka The Young and the Wrestless)? I missed the last bit, but the first 3 hours(!) that I saw were great.

#478 Edited by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

VGCW Season 5 Episode 1!

Tune in tomorrow!

#479 Posted by Toastburner_B (212 posts) -

Blast it, I have to work tomorrow evening! D:

#480 Posted by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

Tonight is the night! 4 hours and 30 mins!

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#482 Edited by DrDarkStryfe (1282 posts) -

That intro man, that intro.

#483 Posted by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

Skies protected!

#484 Edited by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

Awesome 1st episode of Season 5, love it!

#485 Edited by Freezer_Burn (213 posts) -

Fuck me, that triple drop onto the table may have been my favourite thing ever to come out of WWE 13. It was a great night all around, and Airman is terrifying.

#486 Edited by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

Fuck me, that triple drop onto the table may have been my favourite thing ever to come out of WWE 13. It was a great night all around, and Airman is terrifying.

That was the best triple threat I've seen!

#487 Posted by Fallen189 (5318 posts) -

I missed it bc I was watching Dota 2. Can someone @ quote me and fill me in with what I missed?

#488 Posted by Mento (3175 posts) -

WVGCW starts in an hour. Just a heads up.

Even though it's VGCW's little sister, I feel it's just as good as the main event. Plus I hear they're forming tag teams this season.

#489 Posted by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

I completely missed @mento's post and just got @bryn's tweet, phew!

WVGCW is live!

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#491 Posted by Mento (3175 posts) -

No discussion, huh? I thought that WVGCW season premiere was kind of amazing. Especially with Chie's bout, the newcomer match (a great CAW), the FF6/7 grudge match, the introduction of Jesse's partner/manager James, Bayonetta's "witchtalk" and the enticing prospect of a tag team tournament starting next week. I'd tell @BRYN he did a good job, but that phrase has a different connotation in the world of wrestling.

Anyway, the next episode of core VGCW airs tomorrow. Hopefully that's a bit more warning than "starts in an hour".

#492 Edited by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

Bryn certainly stepped it up!

I am excite for VGCW tomorrow!

#493 Posted by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

Tonight is the night! VGCW begins now!

#494 Posted by Flappy (2404 posts) -

After tonight's results, I'm -really- hoping that Blue shows up at some point. I mean, why wouldn't he? He's primed and ready to win that Casual Championship.

#495 Posted by FLStyle (5555 posts) -
#496 Posted by CptButtNuggets (2 posts) -

Jeff Gerstmann is currently fighting Wario in the training stream

#497 Posted by Mento (3175 posts) -

This might sound weird, but for my (non-existent) money it's SNST > WVGCW > VGCW right now. All those insane CAWs made for a really awesome show. WVGCW is currently a lot more fun than VGCW partly because the latter is unfortunately getting the brunt of Twitch's inability to stay stable in streams with a high population of chatting users, and that I don't particularly care for the heavy DBZ influence either.

But whatever, this only becomes a concern if SNST becomes a regular thing and I have to decide which of these shows to excise from my viewing habits. Six hours a week of THQuality seems a bit much.

Just so this post isn't all opinionated musings of no use to anyone, someone uploaded the SNST show on YouTube w/ chat. There's an archive on Supernormalstep's Twitch too, but it's more fun watching all those reactions.

#498 Posted by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

Out of all the CAWs that debuted in SNST, I'd love to see the following join VGCW/WVGCW:

  • Scrooge
  • Naoto
  • Kanji
  • James
  • Jeff Gerstmann
  • Sagat
  • Raziel

#499 Posted by SupernormalStep (216 posts) -

technically James IS in... WVGCW at least.

#500 Posted by FLStyle (5555 posts) -

technically James IS in... WVGCW at least.

That's true!

PS. You can totally make Sagat's Tiger Destruction as a custom finisher. You can do three grab and knee to the heads like his throw, one big punch, a forward roundhouse just like his juggle and there's a big knee finish. There isn't an uppercut finish, I checked (I rented the game a few months back)!

Other people I think would be pretty easy to make CAWs out of are Scott Pilgrim

Loading Video...

and Professor Farnsworth.

Good luck with future episodes!