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Majin Badman Saga - 3 matches in one night! Best ending ever!

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@flstyle: Holy balls, I forgot just how epic that whole sequence was. It wound up transcending itself and becoming a proper good story, a tale of redemption and sacrifice. A Dragonball Z character fighting Dracula was something worth getting excited about.

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Match of the season right here:

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So much sync.

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VGCW returns! 30 minutes!

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My favourite part of Sonic being back is that he hasn't even wrestled yet. He just hangs out and bitches at Knuckles.

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It's time for the big one, VGCW: End Game 5!

Sonic VS Knuckles
Casual Championship: Segata Sanshiro (C) VS Barret Wallace
Iron Man Match: Red VS Scorpion
Hell In A Cell Match: Air Man VS Donkey Kong
Co-Op Championship: GameCenter FU (C) VS Team America
Ganondorf VS Zangief
VGCW Championship: Little Mac (C) VS Mike Haggar
Fight for the DragonBalls (Gabe Newell & Adam Jensen VS Nappa & Flint)

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The tension, the drama, this is electric!

(That opening man, so beautiful.)

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Oh man, that ending was really good.

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Holee shit.

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Words, I have them not.

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VGCW is live.

Jensen vs. Cpt. Falcon first match of the night.

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WWE 2K14 Brotherhood Ezio is so good!

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Jeff got to be in the first ever VGCW Presents: SNST Hardcore Championship match! and then...

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"Fuck videogames" - Jeff Gerstmann 2013

I guess he is going pro wrestling now! Is he defending it 24/7?

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Great work on Jeff's CAW, SNS, it was perfect.

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if anyone was wondering, here's all of Jeff's CAW costumes. the tracksuit one he takes off the jacket when the fight starts revealing the World Famous shirt underneath.

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Sweet, cant wait. Rooting for the King of Carlos all the way. He probably wont win though because that would be too awesome.

Also the heavyweights usually tend to dominate.

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Sorry, but you guys just aren't prepared enough.

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Here's the bracket!

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I'm ready to torch anyone and everyone that fucks with Carlos. That man is a Universal Treasure.

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And now i'm immediately excited.

As somebody who was watching VGCW back when it was a mangled mess of 4 hour Royal Rumble matches every night, I wish I knew the schedule for it now. For all I know there is one, but I usually forget to check Bazza's Twitter the nights that it ends up happening, and then proceed to be sad until the archive pops up lol.

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@loremiser: VGCW usually starts at around 6pm EST (5PM tomorrow) on Tuesdays and WVGCW is usually on Friday at the same time, but the schedule depends on how busy Bryn is. I recommend heading to the VGCW forums for all the information that you may need.

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Feed me all the salt

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Its that time again folks.


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Justice never dies!

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Always bet on McDuck.

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A rich old duck against some sort of demonic superbeing. Tough draw.

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Geese is doing really well, and to think that he had to win a qualifier against Master Onion and Raziel just to get into the tournament.

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Carlos will rise again.

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@flstyle said:

Feed me all the salt

Wish granted. The world (any by world, I mean chat) is drowning in salt.

(EDIT): I kinda want Travis to win, but some dark part of me wants to see Illidan win just so I can witness Saltaggeddon.

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Travis better win this. I don't have a lot of investment in Geese, and actively despise Illidan after what he did to Johnny and Scrooge.

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Save us Travis!

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The big ugly looking thing everyone predicted would win is going to win.

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Travis vs Illidan

Can Travis pull off another upset or shall we welcome our new heel overlord?

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He's essentially a more generic Ganon.

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Illidan Stormrage is your Star Road winner, he'll debut against a mystery opponent at End Game 6


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Oh, wow, the amount of salt generated by Illidan winning was greater than I could possibly imagine.

All hail Illidan, the Saltbringer.