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@marekkpie: I guess we'll never get to find out?

Come on Bazza! I got cash on this one!

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Wait I dont get it. Why did they show Charles Barkley getting the championship belt but now Jensen and Gaben are fighting for the championship?

#155 Posted by MarekkPie (85 posts) -

Wait I dont get it. Why did they show Charles Barkley getting the championship belt but now Jensen and Gaben are fighting for the championship?

This is for GM of VGCW, not VGCW Champion.

#156 Posted by Mirado (1097 posts) -

@flacracker: That was the Fatal Four Way for the VGCW championship, this is for the position of General Manager.

Also, fuck you Dan!

#157 Posted by flasaltine (1816 posts) -

Oh ok

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Oh man Dracula takeover of VGCW

#159 Posted by flasaltine (1816 posts) -

So are Jeff and Ryan or any of them going to get on the VGCW?

#160 Posted by MarekkPie (85 posts) -

@flacracker: Not officially, but the referee is sometimes Ref Gerstmann.

#161 Posted by ArtisanBreads (4505 posts) -

Patriots shit right now combined with Unsolved Mysteries music hahaha got me good.

#162 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

I stood up and started clapping at my PC because that was fucking brilliant.

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Bazza is pretty brilliant at weird and fun storytelling.

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I can't wait to see who ends up stopping Dracula's reign of terror. Also, Wrestlevania.

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VGCW, continuing to offer better storylines then both the WWE and TNA combined.

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awesome, can't wait for the next season

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God, I hope the twists never end. This one of the things I feel actual pro wrestling does incorrectly; they let their plot angles run too long. Just never stop piling on new bullshit, multiple times per show.

Also, fix your matches to be more like a broken-ass video game.

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So much Giant Bomb in the chat right now.

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When does the next season start? I guess this was the finale.

#170 Posted by Excast (1147 posts) -

Great show...looking forward to seeing who the new faces are.

#171 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11933 posts) -

So many twists and turns! It was great.

And that Dracula! So nefarious!

#172 Posted by RetroVirus (1535 posts) -

Great twist ending. Can't wait for the next season!

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Calling it: VGCW is the best drama on (or off) TV.

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Disgusting actions by Twitch to knowingly restart one of their systems when several Twitch staff where watching VGCW and knew that it was nearing the end of the Season Finale's main event.

I just told the Twitch support that if I was Baz I'd quit Twitch for such a lack of respect. I know they wouldn't have done that if they didn't have such a monopoly on streaming. If YouTube streaming was up to scratch and they knew that doing that could've meant losing Baz to YouTube they would've never done it.

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-Kefka model is perfect, really want to see him fight

-Can't wait for the female league to start in full force, Grunty's day is coming!


-Red vs Wario match was the greatest match of the night

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Okay, that was a lot of fun.

- The comeback in the Casual Championship Match was straight up ridiculous!

- The Vegeta/Nappa stuff was amazing. I thought Nappa might pull off the miracle win, but alas...

- I wish the Jensen vs. Gaben match would have gone on longer before it got interrupted by the Drac Pack, but hopefully well get to finish seeing Jensen destroy Gabe the match at some later date.

- The stream crash mid-match was almost made worth it by the chat's reaction. Almost.

- Not really the ending I wanted, but a good cliffhanger. Hype for Season 4 to start.

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Which company's character stable gets the most play? I've noticed a metric ass ton of Capcom characters and quite a few Nintendo dudes.

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Bazza has done a better job creating a heel faction than professional wrestling has managed in the past decade or so. Dracula's gang interrupted the most anticipated match VCGW has ever had and declared it's their rule now. This created a ton of heat for them and legitimises their power.

Bazza also did a magical job of turning the community against Dan and (especially Badman) who up until last night was still a crowd favourite.

As a huge wrestling fan, it's a delight to see stories play out in such a logical and well thought out way, even when the matche's outcomes are (mostly) unpredictable.

I will also say that even though Bazza had no control over this, Kefka not stepping into the ring before Dan turned couldn't have been any better. It's the perfect tease of a character and makes his proper in ring debut that more exciting.

-Red vs Wario match was the greatest match of the night

Best comeback ever. Long live Red.

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Great episode last night! I also like that the load times are so long that Baz can run full 30 second ads after matches with plenty of time to spare before PLOT. I also sort of don't like that, as I had to endure a commercial with an M&M singing Meat Loaf about 10 times last night, but hey, if it pays the bills for him and is only taking away from a loading screen for me, more power to ya!

Is there typically time off between seasons? This was the first season I've watched.

#180 Posted by FLStyle (5417 posts) -

https://twitter.com/BRYN4444 for all the info on the soon to launch WVGCW, which BRYN announced on the regular show last night in the form of Shane O'Mac.

#181 Posted by EvoHero (20 posts) -

Good stuff this week.

I concur with more or less everything that has been said in this thread so far, but wanted to add that it didn't register to me until the conclusion of the stream that this week's matches were strictly between video game characters with the exception of Gabe, who has probably gotten over so much because of the goofy entrance and/or endless Steam/Valve jokes.

Adds a little bit of fuel to Jeff's argument that the real-life characters should probably hit the road, or at least be reduced to bit roles/undercard spots such as the GameCenter FU appearance in the first Nappa segment.

I actually like it when PLOT shows up quite a bit in these shows, even if it's somewhat bland at times--WWE '13 getting to call the shots is nice, but when Bazza is proactive and sets things in motion, it makes the randomness of it all that much sweeter. For example, I can't wait for Kefka to be jobbed out to M. Bison or someone similar.

#182 Posted by Kevin_Cogneto (1318 posts) -

Personally I love the mix of real dudes and video game characters. The very idea that Charles Barkley is the current champion of video game wrestling tickles me to no end. Because, you know, naturally...

@excast said:

Great show...looking forward to seeing who the new faces are.

The new heels, too. Wrestling jokes!

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I'm fine with Barkley at the top, too, but I think it's interesting to note that viewers seem to only acknowledge the side of Barkley that is either written by Bazza or tied into what they know about Shut Up and Jam Gaiden. The dominant thread of thought doesn't seem to be making a lot of "TURRIBLE" memes or anything that is related to Barkley's real-life persona. It's easier to justify Barkley as a bonafide gaming persona thanks to these Barkley games over folks like the Game Grumps, who I had never heard of before VGCW.

#184 Posted by Brodehouse (10478 posts) -


Dan is ultimate video game Chris Jericho.

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The best thing about that finale was the chat speculating about Jey Uso being the new GM instead of Dracula.

And you know what? That would have been way better and way worse all at the same time!

#186 Posted by Mirado (1097 posts) -

@evohero: A well written (or at least, sufficiently hilarious) storyline from Bazza is all you need to integrate real life and video game characters, because even the real life characters are caricatures of themselves. Jon and Arin's portrayal (the Game Grumps) are no more like their actual personalities than James Rolf's is as the AVGN, and he fits very well. To give you an example to match with your experience: I didn't know who Chief Arino was before VGCW, but now I'm yelling "Kacho ON!" like the rest of them. Even Gabe's portrayal is suitably over the top; his in-ring name is Savior, the way his face flashes every time he goes into a Wallet Squeeze, and so on. Those endless Steam and Half-Life jokes become part of the actual narrative of the character, rather than just outside references, and operate in the same way that Barkley takes on his Gaiden persona while discarding anything that isn't over-the-top enough for the show (since, in the end, Bazza's writing is the only characterization anyone will get).

Hell, when Jey Uso was accidentally added into one of the tournaments, he was immediately accepted by the fans as just being part of it all, despite being an actual professional wrestler.

Just embrace the silliness of the whole package. Watching Tingle get suplex'd by Barkley or something similar only reinforces just how insane it all is, and I wouldn't bemoan a Giant Bomb tag-team of Ryan and Jeff (preferably as Ulysses S. Pipe) just because they're real people; when it comes down to it, the more free-form and less restrictive Bazza is with determining who or what should show up, the longer it'll remain interesting to me.

#187 Posted by TrafalgarLaw (1715 posts) -

I like how segata sanshiro busted up wario's ass for not knowing what the dreamcast was. Jey Uso was a malfunction of a custom skin iirc and they went with it anyway?

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Rough start, already technical difficulties...

Damn you Dracula!

#190 Posted by FLStyle (5417 posts) -

I'll have to check out the archive, I'm watching this hype AE tourney on Spooky's channel.

#191 Posted by MarekkPie (85 posts) -

@flstyle said:

I'll have to check out the archive, I'm watching this hype AE tourney on Spooky's channel.

Don't know if there was an archive. Bryn was asking around on Twitter before the stream for people, and again afterwords if anyone happened to do so.

It was fine; the viewer count got all the way up to 1,500, way better than I would have expected. However, as expected, the chat went all Internet anytime there was a Hurricarana or something, because, you know, FEMALES. The actual in-game commentary didn't help much, either.

Besides Grunty, there wasn't much personality building for the actual wrestlers. It was mainly just match after match. Princess Peach got a heel's reaction after beating Bayonetta. That's about all I remember.

#192 Posted by EnduranceFun (1116 posts) -

WVGCW was decent enough considering it's Bryn's first stream, it was a hell of a lot better than Baz's first. The highlight was Security Guard B, though Bayonetta would be a close second. It was really short and at times it showed that it lacked polish, such as how despite there only being about five matches, two wrestlers had the exact same Gaben entrance. The Boss model is a horror. It was very jarring how the night ended on plot where Bryn McMahon simply gets into a car that drives away... on the bright side, it's easy to see how this could all be improved given time.

#193 Edited by Fattony12000 (7917 posts) -

Watching the very first, five hour long, episode now. Wow.

What is the track that keeps playing when he goes back to the menu between matches?

VGCW vs AVGN 1998 Classic

#194 Edited by C2C (889 posts) -

It was fine for a first stream. Bryn seemed pretty receptive to the constructive criticism on his twitter account, so the next episode will likely be an improvement. The thing that was starting to grate on me hard though was the in-game commentary. It was simply gross at parts.

#195 Edited by MarekkPie (85 posts) -

VGCW represented well at Wrestlemania this year:

#196 Posted by MarekkPie (85 posts) -

Does Season 4 start tonight? Or are we getting a small break?

#197 Posted by Mirado (1097 posts) -

@marekkpie: I belive Baz is on vacation and, as such, no show tonight.


#198 Posted by Brodehouse (10478 posts) -

No VGCW tonight?


#199 Posted by TyCobb (2000 posts) -

No VGCW tonight?



Sorry, that was dumb. Please just beat me with a stick. I am okay with Baz having a week off. This will give him plenty of time to tweak any ideas and hopefully get some sweet plot scenes in the season 4 opener.

#200 Posted by EnduranceFun (1116 posts) -

Baz usually takes a week break after the end of a season. Happened at the end of Season 3. In the least, we got BRYN doing the WVGCW in that time, so it shouldn't be too painful. He's seeming to take the feedback in hand, a very positive sign for the future.