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So, speaking as someone who hasn't watched every episode of WVGCW, I just got one question:

What in the world did Lightning do to piss of the chat so bad? I hadn't seen that much vitriol thrown at a fictional character since Dan turned heel.

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Also, for those of you who didn't know: tonight is the night!


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Starting to run out of good songs that feature "tonight's the night" as a lyric.

Anyway, get hype! I hope Red isn't out of commission after that fucking beatdown he took. Unless Baz writes him out, he seems to be one of the most terrifying wrestlers on hand.

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So, speaking as someone who hasn't watched every episode of WVGCW, I just got one question:

What in the world did Lightning do to piss of the chat so bad? I hadn't seen that much vitriol thrown at a fictional character since Dan turned heel.

I'm pretty sure it's just hate for FFXIII.

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Welcome to




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And here we go! 11 languages, 110 countries!

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Earth is saved!

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fuuuuuuuuuuck yeah Mr. Satan

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Ok this is fucking bullshit. First Wednesday and now Tuesday. I don't want to refresh a twitter feed every few hours to see if a show is going to be on. Fuck. I missed the show.

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@flacracker: It's almost always Tuesday, and almost always at 11PM GMT. Baz usually posts both a few days beforehand and on the day itself to remind people. He posted twice today, seven hours ago and right before the match started.

Even though you missed it, the whole thing including the chat will be up in segments on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/VGCWclem

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Kind of a sad night.

Waluigi lost.

Barret lost.

Everybody but Charles lost.

Groose lost.

Only good thing out of tonight's show was Mr. Satan destroying Dan.


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Groose put up one hell of a fight. If all that didn't put Majin Badman down, I don't know what will.

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Tonight is the night, twice in one week!

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I guess #TITN? I didn't expect Bazza to do two in one week (since he seems to pack in as much production value as a broken ass game like this will allow), but that only makes me extra hyped.

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Vamphound too funny.

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Barret finally getting his chance, just a bit further to go.

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Just checked out the archive, good stuff.

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Wow, totally missed that second broadcast. Guess I need to go hunt down the archive.

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New episode of WVGCW is tonight

I hope the person who made The Boss added some more submission moves to her, the fact that a CQC expert had so few ways to pick up a win in a Iron Man Submission match was a travesty.

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2 new wrestlers tonight and from the sound of things I expect a trip to the meat dimension.

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Tonight is the night.

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Is it normal that the chat goes on much faster than the stream? It wasn't the case with the female division and it really screws my enjoyment of the broadcast.

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Chat is usually a bit faster than me with VGCW. I've only ever made it to one WVGCW, and I can't recall off the top of my head how much the chat lag was.

I believe Bazza broadcasts out of the UK, and BRYN is out of Canada, so I suppose that could have something to do with it. Though I'm really talking out of my butt on that one because I don't know anything about long distance networking.

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Bayonetta vs. Tina Armstrong

Zelda vs. Lara Croft vs. Jill Valentine

Chun-Li vs. Kitana (Gurl Gamer Championship Tournament Match)

Rydia vs. <Here comes a New Challenger!> (Gurl Gamer Championship Tournament Match)

Morrigan vs. <Here comes a New Challenger!> (Gurl Gamer Championship Tournament Match)

Terra vs. Grunty (Gurl Gamer Championship Tournament Match)

A fight broke out backstage between Lightning and 18 to end the show

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Oh Chie, you got those kicks, but need to work on everything else.

and Terra is still a beast.

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Tonight is the night!

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"You are now tuned in!"

Get hype, duders. Just about to kick off.

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Hurray it's Scorpion!

But he's up against the mighty Segata...

I can't bear to look!

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That ref totally rigged the match with the long count on Scorpion until Segata was knocked down!

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Scorpion. Never. Ever. Loses singles matches.

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Fucking hell, Scorpion. 9 count, get's hit with the Rings of Saturn as soon as he stands, 9 count, and then he floors Segata.

Holy shit, that match was amazing.

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Red is overpowered.

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Two title defences in one night!

Majin Vegeta defends the VGCW Championship against Dr. Wily!

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C'mon where was Barkley after that?

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RIP Badman

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We got alternate endings?!

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I preferred the original ending, glad it worked out like that.

Another amazing episode of VGCW!

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Great episdoe!

Poor Table-san got wrecked so many times tonight, too!

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That was probably the best VGCW episode I've seen so far. My bet is the badman comes back towards the end of the storyline/season and fuses with Nappa. At least if Bazza continues down this DBZ road.

Would also be OK if Vegeta was just done from now on.

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@boboblaw: Bazza has expressed a desire to keep things more video game centric (i.e. less real people unless they have associated video game characters, like Barkley) and if you want to take that to it's logical extension, he could be looking to cut more anime characters out as well.

Hard to tell, though, as Badman is such a jobber popular jobber that I'm not sure if it'd be worth it to toss him out. My hope is that the kaboom just depowers him to pink shirt status after a hiatus.

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Red is still a Beast, 2 more badges to go. He still needs to fight Scorpion, thats where this all leads to. Speaking of which, TWO 9 COUNTS?!

The Gamecenter vs Elite Two fight was amazing, AVGN was on fire.

Poor Wily, If it was a cage match the belt wouldve been yours.

RIP Badman

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@icicle7x3: Even Bazza wasn't sure what was up with Wily getting squashed after one finisher, especially when he was hammering 'Geta before that. He mentioned later on in the chat that he'd give Wily another shot in the future.

Red is some sort of nightmare engine, although he hasn't faced a real heavy hitter like Jensen or Gaben and won't get the chance until, like you said, he takes out Yellow Sub Zero who hasn't lost a singles match since he fought Gonzalez back in Feb.

And the AVGN was practically 2v1ing that match. Arino might be a fan favorite, but The Nerd is the real powerhouse on that team.