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I had to work, so I caught the archive. Unfortunately, checking twitter to see if Tonight Was The Night spoiled some of the more dramatic beats for me.

I thought that the Red/Barrett was by far the best fight of the night. At any rate, Barrett put up enough of a fight that he got a good chunk of the chat behind him. It was the first time in a while that I've seen Red get booed.

Literally laughed out loud when Nappa came out with his super sayian beard. I was wondering how Bazza was going to do that, but I was honestly expecting a Goku-style hair pasted onto Nappa. The beard was so much better.

After watching both endings, I'm glad it went down the way it did. I'm glad that Vegeta had a good solid run as the champion since he was the only one in the Drac Pack pulling his weight (Dan keeps losing, Kefka's only real match so far was against Dan), so he pretty much single-handedly made them look like a real threat. With Vegeta gone (whether truly dead or just back to Badman) and Dracula down (?), things are looking bad for the heel stable.

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There's a tournament going on right now to determine the new champ. Arino vs. Eggman now.

EDIT: Edited out bracket for spoiler purposes.

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Yes, didn't realize that it had pasted that until now.

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Flint and Groose are the best new characters VGCW has seen in a while. Flint is a solid fighter, and Groose is just... Groose. Awesome.

It was pretty hilarious to see Kazuya get destroyed by Haggar, as well.

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@gelatinabomination: I didn't think Groose would win that last match, that was a great comeback!

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1000 Years of Slams and Jams

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Looks like the Twitch chat got under Baz's skin tonight, he almost quit VGCW for a minute there.

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Let's Go Barkley! Barkley Sucks!

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Serious drama after the tournament, one hell of an intense night.

Fucking Barkley.

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Shout-out to the New Challenger

Kazuya Mishima

who had a solid opening match with Mike Haggar, ending with the ring imploding.

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Ladies Night


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Alright Chie, win this!

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That's what happens when you cast Bufu Chie, you become a jobber.

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2 New Challengers confirmed as part of the Gurl Gamer Championship opening round matches.

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LOL at "Princess P C H."

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Making her WVGCW debut, from Saint's Row... Shaundi!

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I was probably too excited when the SRIII theme started playing. And of course she's the one to get killed.

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I don't know what happening in this match anymore.

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I want to get off of Rinoa's Wild Ride.

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ooooo 18 vs. 18, Hell in a Cell, this should be good.

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"The Future, from behind!" Thank you Cole, you wonderful idiot.

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"The Future saw that coming." Michael Cole, master of puns!

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That whole thing with the 18s was golden.

New challenger taking on Sindel! Roll!

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Great episode tonight. Cole and Lawler were at their pervy "best."

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Hmmm, the only person left in the tourney I want to win is Terra.


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My personal favourite episode of WVGCW so far.

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I'll say straight up that I didn't really care for BRYN's plot abilities out the gate, but they've gotten a lot better. He's also got lots of nice small touches, like his title cards and the threat of Lightning's presence as a trolling device. I'm now equally excited to see what both sides of the VGCW have in store. Good stuff.

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Jeff Gerstmann vs. Kanji Tatsumi

Loading Video...

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Jeff is 100% HYPE, I want him in VGCW now!

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Jeff Gerstmann vs. Kanji Tatsumi

Loading Video...

That's my video, I posted it in the Giant Bomb CAW thread too, didn't think it would be good to double post here.

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I think it's relevant, it is superb.

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@thetheroo said:

Jeff Gerstmann vs. Kanji Tatsumi

Loading Video...

That's my video, I posted it in the Giant Bomb CAW thread too, didn't think it would be good to double post here.

That is fucking awesome!



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Live in 60 mins!

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Great! This has been a stressful week and some HYPE will take my mind of things for a bit.

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I only noticed now tonight was the night, did I miss the first match? (segata-san/wei shen vs wario/waluigi as of writing)

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The first match was Bison vs Guile, with Bison winning.

And WOW, that tag team match was insane! How long did it last?!

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@optix12: Yeah, first was Bison vs Guile.

As Scorp is going to fucking brutalize Falcon, we'll finally get to see him against Red. If Red can beat him, it's one more before he should start taking on the top contenders.

And if Falcon somehow does win, Red gets off easy.

EDIT: Welp, there goes my Bison dollars!

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Nooooooo Scorpion!

Captain Falcon wins the No.1 Contender's match for Red's Casual Championship.

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CM Dunk with a pipebomb!

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Haggar is a monster. #Respectthepipe

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BOOOOOOO Haggar stole it with a small package, Kazuya was dominating!

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Kazuya got robbed >:(

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Augmented bike!