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I'm half expecting Barkley to be in the Battle Royale just as a way for Bazza to troll the chat.


While the augmented bike is great, Dr. Wily has THE best intro in VGCW.


...These last few episodes have been dark, dark times for me as a Groose hater.


On the other hand, seeing how popular Groose is, Groose as new Drac Pack member would be amazing.

#352 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -

Awesome episode, hope Kazuya gets another shot at that ring breaking, small packaging coward Haggar.

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Baz Requested a new Wario with Wario Ware costume from me, and he is now confirmed to appear. I hope you guys like his crazy face.

#354 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1242 posts) -

Mayor of Earth! Haggar was dominating the early part of the match, Kazuya did get a bit of a comeback, but when you don't respect the pipe, you get bodied.

Teamcast vs Wario Ware was nuts, Ryo blew it! Nice to see Waluigi get another win under his name at least.

Barret vs Geno - Barret destroyed Geno, but forgot he was in a Cage match and almost lost, but soon remembered and climbed out. #IBELIEVEINBARRET

Poor Scorpion, stuck in midcard hell. Now lets come up with a name for Captain Falcon's Badge: Falcon Badge? Mute City Badge? Moves Badge?

6 Way for #1 Contender Spot was cool, great fakeout entrance by Kefka. Was hoping Kefka would take it, but lets see if the 3rd times a charm with Groose.

1000 Years of Skies Protected. Who can beat these 2? Ganon?

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Baz Requested a new Wario with Wario Ware costume from me, and he is now confirmed to appear. I hope you guys like his crazy face.


#356 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1242 posts) -

Baz Requested a new Wario with Wario Ware costume from me, and he is now confirmed to appear. I hope you guys like his crazy face.

I caught your test match, looked solid.

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Barkley dropping some TRUTH tonight. Great show!

Baz Requested a new Wario with Wario Ware costume from me, and he is now confirmed to appear. I hope you guys like his crazy face.

Looks great!

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@supernormalstep: Had no idea you are a duder. Great job on the new Wario and all the other CAW's you've contributed.

#361 Edited by Freezer_Burn (213 posts) -

I missed it live because of work, but FUCK YEAH MAC! I'm glad he's back. He was my favourite wrestler back in Season 1, and I've been waiting for him to return.

#362 Edited by Sidoran (82 posts) -

I wanted Kefka to win that battle royale so damn bad. He even did all the work!

Really glad Barret stepped it up and won that cage match though, he has the most hype entrance in my book. Wily and Badman come pretty close though.

#363 Posted by ZombiePie (6196 posts) -
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The VGCW community is simply getting to stupid for my tastes.

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@zombiepie said:
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The VGCW community is simply getting to stupid for my tastes.

that's not VGCW, just me on my own. And it was posted before.

#365 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -

@zombiepie said:
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The VGCW community is simply getting to stupid for my tastes.

that's not VGCW, just me on my own. And it was posted before.

It's making the rounds again because Jared Rea tweeted it.

#366 Edited by C2C (889 posts) -

The VGCW community is simply getting to stupid for my tastes.

I'm sorry, the irony is too sweet not to point out.

All kidding aside, I do agree that if Jeff were to make it to the VGCW, it would be a little on the nose.

#367 Edited by SupernormalStep (216 posts) -

I guess I need to put a disclaimer on those videos that they have absolutely nothing to do with VGCW aside from using the same game. The blame should be put on the Giant Bomb community's stupidity, which I'm also a part of. :P

In fact, both Jeff and Kanji were REJECTED from being in VGCW, as the creator is not familiar with either of them.

#368 Posted by BRYN (124 posts) -

Hey guys. Totally didn't know there was a VGCW thread thriving here. Cool.

I know it's been said when the Giant Bump first happened, but on behalf of me an Bazza, we thank you all for enjoying the shows and spreading the love.

If you have any questions for me regarding WVGCW or anything I can attempt to enlighten you about regular VGCW, feel free to ask and I'll try and reply when I get the time.

(By the way, Ladies' Night is tomorrow/Sunday at the usual time.)

#369 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1242 posts) -

Great show tonight.

Bayo can't catch a break, that finisher is busted.

Nice win for Roll, even though she is now a Murderer. (RIP Chang Lee)

Mortal Kombat confirmed for Midcard.

Videl ate a Jill Sandwich.

The Terror from Baltimore cannot be stopped.

Hi Im Daisy! Hi Im Daisy! Hi Im Daisy! Hi Im Daisy! Hi Im Daisy! Hi Im Daisy! Hi Im Daisy! Hi Im Daisy! Hi Im Daisy!

The Mavis stuff was hilarious and the Shaundi plot interesting. Also, we really need an overhaul to Samus, she is losing matches so damn fast. She really needs to learn how to crawl.

#370 Edited by Mirado (1126 posts) -

@bryn: Bryn! First off, you've made some great strides over the past few shows, with the last being the best (#STEPITUP). Especially in the plot department; Mavis' scene was especially hilarious.

I assume that you have control over which CAWs get in (and that Bazza does the same for regular VGCW), so I was wondering if there's any that you'd like to see but are specifically missing? Also, the process you go through deciding who gets in, is it based more on popular opinion or personal selection? I know that the wiki has a big page for suggestions, but in the case of Bazza, he seems to need a personal connection with a character before considering them, regardless of their quality or popularity. Is it the same for you?

#371 Edited by C2C (889 posts) -

I had to confirm with BRYN over twitter that Chang is not actually dead after that :P

I feel sorry for whoever eventually beats Terra. That is essentially going to make them a heel given how much support she currently gets.

#372 Edited by BRYN (124 posts) -

@mirado: I don't really ask for CAWs exactly, I'd just let you know if I'm interested in them or not. I put some personal preference into adding them, but most of the suggestions I get are characters from game's I'm not too familiar with. I just check to see if they look good in game and are close to their real appearance.

#373 Posted by Brodehouse (10520 posts) -

Haven't seen the latest WVGCW, was waiting for zylche or Clem to have it on their YouTube channels. Participating in the chat is fun but I'm not always available on the random times VGCW is on.

The Barkley pipe bomb thing is alright, I feel like maybe Bazza is taking the boos too personally; heat is a good thing, people hating Barkley and wanting Groose to win is exactly what you want, and it helps Groose get over. This isn't a Kratos situation where no one actually wants to see him, they just want him to lose which is exactly what you want. Don't bury him like Ganon got buried, run with this. Overall I think VGCW needs more heels, there's just Dan, Drac and the Elite Two, and getting rid of any of them would be a bad idea. Dan especially, he is so over as a heel, any midcarder that goes up against him automatically gets a push, win or lose. He's the Ted Dibiase of VGCW.

Speaking of wrestler references, Red sure looks like early 90s Bret with the IC belt. When he drops that thing, push him to the main event. He's an interesting worker, he's over despite having no mic time, keep feeding him, let the legend grow.

Tag division looks great; The Practice is over, Gamecenter is over. People hate The Elite Two, but that's a good thing; wins make them appear strong, losses get their opponents over. Gerudo Skies looks strong and is over. Basic wrestling psychology will keep the midcard strong.

It's actually a great thing the stable wars between Drac Pack and Vamphound is working so well, because it lets the VGCW championship act as its own storyline while Vamphound carries on. You can have double main events with Vamphound and Drac Pack with a Barkley-Groose or Barkley-Barrett match for the title. Wily has also been an excellent jobber for the upper card.

Gaben and Jensen has to go one way; when Vamphound takes down Dracula and the GM position is vacant, Jensen turns heel on Gaben: MASSIVE heat.

I hope Bazza isn't going to postpone or delay Season 5 because of some salty stream monsters. I'll donate to incentivize him to keep going, because VGCW is the better part of my week.

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@brodehouse: Bazza says that the Barkley thing has nothing to do with his personal opinions, just trying to copy the pipe bomb thing, since Barkley is booed so much when he wins, he wanted to have Barkley respond to it. Taking in crowd reaction is a good way to mess with plot. He'll be taking a break after this season, but only because he's going to be in another country on vacation. Bryn says that WVGCW will continue in his absence though.

#375 Posted by Brodehouse (10520 posts) -

@supernormalstep: Oh okay, sweet. The TVTropes (and the chat that night) seemed to think it was more negative than that. And yeah, I would've gone full heel with Barkley, but he's a real interesting tweener right now, kind of like Jensen. Eventually the shoe will have to drop, it's just a matter of which way it breaks and who he feuds with. His main rival is gone for the time being.

I just got home, I'm going to get my supper, ingest some chemicals and relax with WVGCW. I'm totally marking out for Terror Baltimore right now. Bummer that Chie is such a lousy jobber. Kind of hope the Android 18 thing is blown off, but that might just be me biased because I'm not a Dragonball guy. Also because the heel 18 had the way better CAW.

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Just watched the WVGCW archive, the tournament seems to be moving along nicely.

#377 Posted by Phatmac (5919 posts) -

I really need to catch up and watch more WVGCW. Seems awesome.

#378 Posted by Brodehouse (10520 posts) -

Just got done with the latest WVGCW, looks good so far. Terror Baltimore! Shaundi could build herself into a good low-card heel to get low-card faces over. Hell of an opener with Sheik and Bayo, and the next one with Grunty and Roll and Dead Chunners. Roll should get a big push, she's got star written all over her. Great CAW, good move set, TONS OF HEART!

#379 Posted by Brodehouse (10520 posts) -

Tonight is the night?

#380 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -
#381 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -

Tonight is indeed the night! Baz is putting the episode together for tonight.

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I just want to see Red eat Falcon and someone beat the shit out of Mac. I don't care if he turned face, F that guy. Maybe they'll pull the nWo trick of 'I'm joining you to fight the nWo OH NO I was nWo all along!"

#383 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -

VGCW starts in 20 minutes!

#384 Posted by Kevin_Cogneto (1339 posts) -

Hype! I'm home to watch it live, for once!

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#386 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -

YES! Go Kazuya! Roll revenge!

#387 Posted by Kevin_Cogneto (1339 posts) -

Controversial finish aside, Kazuya fucking destroyed Barrett. Might have a new title contender before long.

#388 Posted by Kevin_Cogneto (1339 posts) -

No barricade is safe!

#389 Posted by TrafalgarLaw (1715 posts) -

who the fuck are gamegrumps? They look like internet chumps.

#390 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -

Domination by Mario and Luigi, hope to see them in a tag title match

#391 Posted by Kevin_Cogneto (1339 posts) -

Oh shit! The meteoric rise of Groose!

#392 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -

Holy shit new champions!

Holy shit time time travel!

#393 Edited by Kevin_Cogneto (1339 posts) -
@flstyle said:

Holy shit new champions!

Holy shit time time travel!

New champion, singular. Red is still Casual Champ since the title can't change hands on a disqualification. Captain Falcon, too stupid to be champion.

Also, here's the all powerful emerald that Sonic just left in his locker months ago, and has made no effort to get back.

#394 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1242 posts) -


Kazuya learned from the Mayor.

Nintendo > Lets Players

Justice Wins

Falcon destroyed Red, but still didnt get the belt. Red also did not get his 7th badge. Better luck next time, you caught a lucky break here kid.



Great show overall, I always feel sad when Barret doesnt win, but other then that it was fantastic.

#395 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -
#396 Posted by KentonClay (270 posts) -

Groose needs a flying headbutt from the top rope, if only because it could be called the "Spruce Groose."

#397 Posted by Brodehouse (10520 posts) -

What? This is time travel! Here we goooooo!

#398 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -

WVGCW is tonight, see you back here in 9 hours!

#399 Posted by FLStyle (5564 posts) -

45 minutes! Hype! Let's go!

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Goddammit Chie!