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Good picks guys! There was a remix album for Final Fantasy 6 released very recently I'm listening to it right now and it's quite good. It's free too.

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Some of those remixes take me back, like back when I had one of those huge, chunky iPods. Anyway, thought I would add to this list with some newer/older/WTF tracks from my own collection:

*Seriously though, the whole soundtrack is really awesome, probably my all-time favorite. Play the theme track on some bigass speakers and be blown away.

As an aside, I played that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (whew) over the weekend and dang that soundtrack is pretty good. Vyse's theme and track stand out as the best parts of that game.

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@hunter5024: Thanks for the contribution! The Final Fantasy series has a rather large selection of good music!

@atomictonic: Thank you for your contribution! Also, Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed is a great game with a great soundtrack! Makes me want to see how Mario Kart 8 can top this.

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UPDATE: DeF, SexyToad and I have each picked a song in honor of Ryan Davis. =-)

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@agentj: This is a remixed and remastered jukebox... BUT MAN ARE THOSE GOOD SONGS!! Thank you very much for the Contribution!