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So, I got curios... I think I have a fairly good grip on the general quality of the gaming press in the US and UK, as well as in my home country of Sweden. But I don't really know anything about the rest of the world, especially the non-English speaking parts.

So I want you to inform me.

We have all heard the stories about the European gaming press asking about "ze multipleyer" and so on, but how is the overall quality? Is it good, crap och just nonexistent? How's the critical discourse? Can the national gaming press compete with the big international sites or are they slowly dying? Are games getting covered in mainstream media (and if it is, how is it viewed upon)?

Whatever the case, I want to know.

And if you're wondering, I think that the Swedish gaming press is donig fine most of the time (from a quality standpoint at least) and games are slowly getting more and more mainstream attention as well. There is however a rather big divide between the "games are just games, and I just wanna have fun"-crowd and the "games are a form of cultural expression in many ways equal to film och literature, and therefore should be analyzed in a similar way"-crowd.

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I think Canada's gaming press is one guy by the name of Victor Lucas. I grew up watching/loving him and Tommy Tallarico on Electric Playground back when that and my issue of EGM/PC Gamer that I would get every few months when I begged my mom to let me buy a magazine when we went grocery shopping were my only source for gaming news. Victor was on a podcast on this site one time if I recall correctly.

So much terrible 3D and bad green screen it puts Vinny to shame.

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Australian gaming press is kindof at a stage where they end up just doing the same reporting and going to many of the same events the US guys do.

The only thing really different you get from them is the distillation of facts to what is actually relevant to Australia - eg. when Netflix became a thing on all the consoles this generation, the AUS media would just shrug since we don't have that service over here anywho. In fact, the "deprivation" of such services over here has essentially meant that AUS gaming media is pretty much "about the games".

Aside from that, everything else is just a reflection of the region - we like racing games almost as much as the UK guys, but soccer/football far less, etc. Things tend to be far more balanced here when it comes to xbox vs PS3 as the latter has the larger market share from memory, but the former still has its advantages.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the AUS games coverage, but the sad thing is I just don't really follow much of it since I get most of what I need from Giant Bomb.

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I'm not sure there is such a thing as a Canadian or Quebec gaming press. There's M.Net if that still exist. That guy was alright but i haven't watched in 10 years.

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I used to read Indonesian gaming magazines years ago, when internet connection is 56k and gaming websites aren't a thing. I think one of the magazines I read is still around, the others are gone now. The coolest thing I remember about them was getting really dumb locally-made edutainment games on their giveaway CDs. There's not much to highlight in the local game dev scene back then so it was something special.

I don't know much about the current Indonesian gaming press though, sorry.