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Hi all, I've recently got a macbook as a birthday present and until I get a new xbox I guess I'm condemned to gaming on this platform. My dilema is for The Real Texas, a fresh new indie game with what appears to be a hell of a lot of charm, or the orignal Witcher as both are currently available for £5 online. I think initially The Real Texas looks as if its a world which is much more charming and orignal than the Witcher. However the production values are slim pickings compared to what some would rate as the best RPG's of this generation. What do you reckon?

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The Real Texas is more goofy then game. I would say go with the Witcher if you want a better gameplay experience.

Also, I see you double posted this.

I'm not sure if a MacBook has enough power to run The Witcher. What are the specs on it?

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I say Witcher 1. 
Its a beast of a game and will entertain you for a long while.

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Something to keep in mind is the complexity of The Witcher. I've not played it myself, but all accounts seem to be that the game's mechanics are much deeper and more intricate that anticipated.

That being said, I'd still go with The Witcher. It'll be an awesome ride if you can rein in the game's systems.

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The Witcher was up for like £2 so I got it. My initial impressions of the game are quite disappointing to be honest, mainly because my mac can't handle it (on high settings anyway). Coming from a console gamers perspective the animations are very jarring with an unsteady run and indications of damage taking place even though my dude hasn't performed his hit animation.

The graphics don't exactly hold much either, although not bad, the game constantly attempts to do extreme close ups which don't look too great especially on minor characters with not so much detail on their textures. Not to mention the gawd awful lip syncing.

Although only playing for an hour the complexity isn't really more intense than that something Bioware would produce or something; albiet with a more cluttered interface which may make you think its more complex. But the main disappointment with the actual game has to come from the story, which although more dark than any other RPG I've ever played, hit well over a handful of obvious cliches and melodramatic dialog that smacked me right out of any immersion.

I think I'm gonna have to invest in The Real Texas since even though the combat gameplay looks like its worthy of being placed as one of miniclips flash games and graphics are minimal it probably won't have all these gripes I have with The Witcher and commercial games.

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@mattysen: I had the same reaction to it when I first played it (disappointed, hated the jankyness, etc..), but once you get past the first couple of hours, it really does pick up and you find yourself looking past its shortcomings and enjoying it a whole lot more. Personally, it's one of my favorite games.

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@mattysen: The intro is crap, beyond that it turned into one of my favorites.
I've seen this before though, some people can't get into the game even though some of them held the genre and style as favorites.
Strange, but to each their own, lets hope you enjoy Texas then!
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@TaliciaDragonsong: @SlasherMan: Haha I could of had a bit of warning before I went into it that it would be one of those kinda games where you would have to find your swing first. I've bought Texas too as it really does look like a game I'd like regardless of how good or bad The Witcher is, I guess it's not gonna go anywhere I'll probably end up coming back to it then getting really stuck into it again like I did with Fallout at a later date.

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Try to stick to The Witcher, I thought it was pretty bad when I first started it as well. Turned out to be one of my favorite games.

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I always thought the witcher was fun. I never tried playing it on anything but max though, and it ran smooth. Can't say I recall any texture issues though. I guess that was a few years ago so I don't know.

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Yeah, The Real Texas definitely looked unique and I'd love to give it a shot. The Witcher is already in my backlog, though, as well as its sequel. I should probably get on top of that, myself.