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Hi all, I've recently got a macbook as a birthday present and until I get a new xbox I guess I'm condemned to gaming on this platform. My dilema is for The Real Texas, a fresh new indie game with what appears to be a hell of a lot of charm, or the orignal Witcher as both are currently available for £5 online. I think initially The Real Texas looks as if its a world which is much more charming and orignal than the Witcher. However the production values are slim pickings compared to what some would rate as the best RPG's of this generation. What do you reckon?

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I think you should have gotten a PC.

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Can't say much about The Real Texas but I really liked the Witcher.

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I think you should have gotten a PC.

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The Witcher series has one of the best storylines of any game in recent memory. Get that.

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if you can tolerate a not very good combat system, then witcher; It's not BAD, but it's definitely not very fun. Witcher does have some great characters, story, and what not.

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I have no idea what The Real Texas is, but I loved The Witcher. So get that.

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Witcher. Straight up. And 2 if you can manage it. The last few updates really cleaned it up.

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Looks unanimous. The PC thing I mean. :P

Witcher. You''ll get a lot more bang for your "euro."

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And cue the "pc is better than mac" fanboys.

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I think 'the real Texas has a ql here. An indie title that seemed pretty rough around the edges but interesting for what it was. But I'd consider that but the Witcher if you want a sophisticated in graphics and presentation type game. And it is mature..hell maybe both are in the long run. The real Texas did have a sense of humor....very different games!

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@Sbaitso said:

I think you should have gotten a PC.

Gaming barely works on a Macbook. Can you take it back? You can get a PC, game console, a handful of games, and leftover money for the price of your macbook.

If that isn't an option, just dual-boot into windows and just use that for gaming. Apple for some reason hates gaming and won't cooperate with companies like Nvidia or ATI to open up their system for the sake of better hardware drivers.

Edit: To answer your question, buy the Witcher. Even if you feel like supporting indie developers The Witcher is as indie as RPG companies get.

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@kumquat: This should explain everything also there is a giant bomb quicklook.

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Get The Witcher. Unlike the blockbusting reputation of The Witcher 2, The Witcher still had very much of a 'made for specific fans, on a specific platform' feel about it. IMO it's a better game than TW2 as well, but not because of that - more because of the pacing and story.

Combat is a little clunky, however, and it's a disproportionately demanding game in terms of hardware. Not sure if it will like your macbook.

The Real Texas looks charming but in terms of bang for buck it looks like no contest.