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Todd dies at the end!

Holy fuck!

He does?

Really, the World Ends With You is a troll game. I mean fucking how many times did I think I beat that game.

I thought I beat it three times as the post suggests. Although, there was so much more to that. Joshua, you were good? I thought you were.

You need to play this game! Also, please look a the red line and READ SPOILERS ON THE BLOG AND AVOID THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO PLAY IT.

The final boss fight I want to say was epic. It was so much more because it reminded me of an old school boss fight where you are heavily overwhelmed. Never did I expect to fight another fucking dragon.

It seem the Japanese developers are obsessed with dragons. I love a good dragon a la Shining Force. Possibly one of my favorite RPG's of all time.

Let's get back to it...Todd dies at the end! [footnote..please read the book and make me read it as well. I saw the movie midway through and almost shat myself from the craziness and pervasiveness]

Story:Shiki has a cat bag. Lol! She loves fashion.

And the poor bastard known as the main character is Neku. I felt sorry for him throughout the game as everyone around him was dying. I feel this is happening to me on a very small scale. Neku is relatable because he has so much going for him. There is an underlying mystery of how he was even put in the UG. I mean that was so compelling and such a brilliantly written story that other games should take note. Joshua is a mysterious character in the game, with his crazy-ass blonde hair and full boyish charm. He portrays this innocent feel to him. Beat and Rhyme were awesome. I had no idea Rhyme and Beat are related.

Gameplay: Very intuitive fighting mechanics with the stylus and the d-pad. Fuck! I got frustrated when my stylus didn't read the DS or vice versa.

I will not say this again. This game is a troll. I thought when I met the composer the game was over. Wow, was I in for a shock at least twice more. What would I know about any of this. I understand a boss having two forms but my god!

The World Ends With You trolls you throughout the game. It just mocks you until you beat it.

It was not just a great game but dare I say a masterpiece. Even with the troll qualities it just seems to me the characters are incredible, the game play is indelibly associated with pure magnificence and the story line with all its dialogue is masterful. I can see why many claim this game as a masterpiece on the DS.

It took me a long time to beat the game but am highly and super-gratified about doing so. You need to play this game! Also, please look a the red line and READ SPOILERS ON THE BLOG AND AVOID THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO PLAY IT.

That is all.