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I had a sudden urge to go back and play the original Simcity. Why? I wanted to relive the days when anything with Sim attached to it was huge. All of the releases after Simcity 4 feel very flat. There should be a Simcity 5. Is it in the works?

P.S. Anyone remember Simtower? I hate to admit it, but I played the heck out of that game. It was very addictive.

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I don't hate to admit that I too played a ton of SimTower. Would never hate to admit playing a game a lot, I'm not ashamed of playing games!  
But yeah, I could really use another SimCity game, those were good times.

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Wait, there was one game I HATED. Never liked this one.

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I liked Simtower. I was way more into Simcopter though. 
I bought Simcity 2000 only to wreck everything.  I actually tried in Simcity 4 though. I actually played that one again recently and it is a lot of fun. 
Edit: Aww yeah 

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No, it doesn't, because that would be a world where I'd make too many awful "we built this Simcity on Simrock and Simroll" jokes.

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@Ben_H: LOL I forgot about that game! Just look at that draw distance! It must be really foggy. Also, ROCK AND ROLL COPTER!

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@Video_Game_King: I actually think that is exactly why we should have another one. Plus that would be a great tagline for the game.

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I'd buy SimTower/SimCopter remakes. Spent a lot of time messing with those.

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Simtower was great and I could always go for a new flagship Simcity game. :D

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I always like the Sim City series, the CitiesXL franchise seems like a worthy successor to me. I played Sim Copter and liked it a lot, although it is less of a strategy game and more of an action/simulation game. I actually bought Sim Tower when it came out and never got into it to be honest. I did like Sim Earth back in the day and the Sims 2 !

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I would say that even Sim City 4 felt flat. I'd really like to see a solid Sim City make a return, though. CitiesXL was a poor imitation and I regret that I ever bought it. Not interested in any other Sim[blank] games, though. They were all pretty terrible.