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Over the past month I've been hearing over and over that there's no games coming out this year, or at least not many that have been announced. It's a sentiment I've heard a lot lately, even on the Bombcast from Brad. Every time I hear it I get a little bit confused because there are a TON of games already announced. I made a list:

  • Black Tusk (Microsoft) game
  • Beyonetta 2
  • Broken Age
  • Castlevania 2
  • Dark Souls 2
  • Deep Down
  • Destiny
  • Diablo 3 expansion
  • New Donkey Kong
  • Dragon Age: Inquistion
  • Drive Club
  • Dying Light
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Evil Within
  • Fable Legends
  • Fallout
  • Fantasia
  • Final Fantasy 15
  • Fortnite
  • Garden Warfare
  • Halo 5
  • Hotline Miami 2
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Legend of Zelda Wiiu
  • Mad Max
  • Mario Cart
  • Massive Chalice
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Mirror's Edge
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect
  • The Order: 1886
  • Project Spark
  • Quantum Break
  • Smash Bros
  • Star Citizen
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Titanfall
  • Thief
  • Tom Clancy's The Division
  • UFC
  • Uncharted
  • Watch Dogs
  • Witcher 3
  • The Witness
  • Wolfenstien

I'm not saying all these games are gonna be great and some of them will definitely be pushed back into 2015, but this list has me pretty excited about games in 2014. For me there are at least 10 games on this list I can't wait for. Are there any I missed that you're looking forward to?

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i dont think ff15, black tusk, division, mirrors edge fallout??? are coming out this year.

Anyways, games i'll be getting day 1 definitely the new Halo, D4 "Dark Dreams Don't Die" and Quantum Break.

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No way is Mirrors Edge (2) coming out this year or even next year. The Order: 1886, Black Tusks game, Mad Max, The Division and Uncharted are probably 2015 games. Maybe Fall 2014 for The Order. Fallout hasn't even been announced. They haven't said whether Deep Down will come anywhere outside of Japan. I give Final Fantasy XV 2.5-3 years to come out. Dynasty Warriors: Zelda Edition. This list is poop.

Anyway, of course there's a lot coming out but this thread has made me realize that I'm "excited" for 7 games confirmed for 2014. I put excited in quotations because the only games with a confirmed release for 2014 that I know I am pumped for are inFamous: Second Son & Watch Dogs.(This is excluding indie games, I know I'll be getting a lot of indie games this year. I can already smell it.)



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Wasn't Final Fantasy Versus 13 (now 15) mentioned to be nearing the end of development, or atleast Nomura moving on to Kingdom Hearts, around that January FFv13 event of 2012. I can really see Final Fantasy 15 coming out Nov/Dec in Japan and March 2015 in the US. Man its been a long ass time since that first kick ass cg trailer in 2006.

But 2014 will be another good year of games, hell March is gonna tear up my wallet with Infamous, Titanfall, and Ground Zeros.

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When they said that there's no games coming out this year, I'm pretty sure they meant that there's not many games, coming out this year, that they are very excited about. And looking at your list, I tend to agree. There's maybe 3 games in there that I'm eager to play. The rest is... fine, I guess.

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Legend of Zelda Wii U is not even remotely announced yet, so I certainly have no expectations that it'll come out in 2014. Or if you meant the Dynasty Warriors thing, you should've been more clear, since it's going to be much more of a Dynasty Warriors game than a Zelda game.

Also, in general, you're kinda just listing "every announced or rumoured console game, and every major announced indie game", even though no dates have been attached to many of them. You acknowledge that some of them "will definitely be pushed back into 2015", but I'm willing to bet that some of the hazier, unannounced/we've-only-seen-a-teaser-trailer games on this list were never intended to be 2014 games in the first place.

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no games, we're all gonna die. :)

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I wonder how many of those will get pushed back beyond their initially announced release date. I bet you it's a lot of them.

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No way is Mirrors Edge (2) coming out this year or even next year.


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@redroach: star citezen, Black Tusk (Microsoft) game, FF15, Fallout 4, Uncharted, Mirror's Egde, The Division are games will come in 2015 even 2016 (star citizen)

Fallout 4 not even yet officialy a word but it will be reveaed in late 2014

FF15 could be in stored in 2014 but only in Japan and come over in the west in Feb/March 2015

Black Tusks game will be fall 2015 realease MS has Halo for 2014 so no need to ship this in 2014

The Division could be a 2015 because the dev is only 80 people and we don't know for how long they worked at the game

Mirror's Edge will be also a sprin 2015 because it makes no sence to realease in oct/nov a game that many people will pass for some of the bigger stuff coming in the fall of 2014

Uncharted 2015 for sure because sony has The Order 1886 as fall 2014 game i think they don't to take sales from that game by realeasing Uncharted witch will be a 3rd person action game with shoting so similar games

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I'm not sure every one of those games is coming out this year, but when ya line them all up like that I can't help but get a little excited. I'm really just hoping we can at least get a Fallout 4 announcement sometime this year.

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No way is Mirrors Edge (2) coming out this year or even next year.

Yep, because they'll still be fixing Battlefield 4 then :O

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lol jumping the gun a little.

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@redroach: Hey, you totally forgot to put The Last Guardian on that list

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Urgh, video games.

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Let's all just get really into Smash and Bayonetta 2. That's a good years worth of content there.

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We're already into January, and not a single major game has come out since 2013! Video games are dead, man. Pack it in.

I guess Giant Bomb will just become a Fast & Furious fan site or something from here on out.

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@shagge said:

We're already into January, and not a single major game has come out since 2013! Video games are dead, man. Pack it in.

I guess Giant Bomb will just become a Fast & Furious fan site or something from here on out.


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Awesome games come out every year, I think some people just forget this during the lean months. Also, in the current video game market excellent indie games come along and surprise people all the time. I think it is shortsighted to take a look at only the announced, full price retail games and say "This year will be mediocre."

Personally, I use this down time to play games on my backlog anyway. There's no need to constantly be looking forward to the next thing. I'm combing through GOTY lists and finding cheap stuff that I missed out on during 2013.

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Add Heroes of the Storm to your list and you got yourself a nice little list. I appreciate how you remembered Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. People have been forgetting it when they've been making their lists. Negligent.

Also add Persona 4 Ultimax. Hopefully that's this year in America.

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Despite how this may sound, I honestly work to avoid anticipating titles beyond a few trailers here and there. I miss being genuinely surprised and largely unbeknownst to how a game will play and what it contains. That's what I hate about the marketing in the modern industry these days.

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This definitely looks like a good year on paper (or on a computer screen, as it were). Hopefully it turns out great for everyone. Not to be a downer or anything, but I can't help but agree with what Vinny said on the podcast about 2014 feeling like a buffer between 2013 and 2015.