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Tired of you folks who use nostalgia as an excuse for modernity. 
  Best Co-Op Experience, EVER!
   Challenging yet rewarding
  Very Good 4 Player Co-Op (nuff said)  
These games may be old, but wow they are better than ANYTHING you guys have nowadays. Play these games, and you will see what you were missing.

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Then how come the word is in the dictionary?

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Oh boy, you again?

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I remember those games, but you know what, if they came out today, I wouldn't play them because games have gotten better since then. I play old games because I remember how good they were at one time, and I want the memories I associate with them to come flooding back, that's nostalgia. It's the reason why I go back and play Smash Bros on 64, not because it's the best fighting game ever, but because I have fond memories of playing it with my friends.

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Your so full of shit, you don't deserve a name that references Queen!

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Oh boy, you again?

exactly my thoughts..

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God, just, fuck.

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And the descent into Gamefaqs cuntinues

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Go play Grand Theft Auto 3 and come back with your "there's no nostalgia" shtick.

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@underpressure: I'm nostalgic of the olden days when you weren't posting

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I would choose Deus Ex, The Witcher 2, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age: Origins over those games any day. Yes, those games were fun but I consider the games that have come out now much better.

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@underpressure: I'm nostalgic of the olden days when you weren't posting


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Gauntlet Legends - Yes, a terrific game of it's time, but when compared to games we have today, I find myself enjoying the antics we find ourselves in with those titles then running back to an old-out dated title that needs a little makeup.

Buster Busts Loose - You must have had a great experience with that one, felt mediocre to me.

Aladdin - Really? I mean, a fantastic platformer, but that's because back then you couldn't do much on the systems without causing horrible stuttering and freezing.

Hexen - Another great title, but just like Goldeneye, it was something that was amazing with 3 of your friends on the couch after a long day of school.

Bomberman 64 - What the fuck is wrong with you? Nothing about that game really gives it a role in Nostalgia classics .

Nostalgia is real because things age with time, deal with it. Just because everyone on earth doesn't agree that you enjoy old games doesn't mean they don't know what a game is. As of right now, I would play Battlefield 3, RIFT, League of Legends, and several other games over anything you listed as well as any classic I can think of.

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GB need to add block users button

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That Tiny Toon game is maybe the easiest game I ever played. That's why I played it so much, you beat it in like 45 minutes.

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Sorry but yes, there absolutely is.

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GB need to add block users button

I must admit I am surprised that they don't have a block users button. That is something every forum needs to have.

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@Cornman89: I'm glad you stepped in with that, so I didn't have to.

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Opinions yay!

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That's okay, we can call it rose-tinted glases if you want to.

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GB need to add block users button

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I hate playing old games I didn't play when I was a youngin'. With some exceptions of course....

So yes, I guess the nostalgia bit is a valid argument. I couldn't tell a 16 year old person now that he/she should go play Last Ninja because it was a fantastic Action RPG with an open-ended world (kinda). I'd get socked in the face for that.

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Man, you're definitely getting older when you look at those pictures and say to yourself; "N64.. it's not that old." I mean, I still remember Commodore 64 ads in my Donald Duck magazine where they were bragging about 16 colors. And hey, beating my buddy in the home version of pong.

Not saying I'm old, just saying my experience with the word "old" is probably always going to be less liberal. Just like I don't consider 80s movies "old" because I enjoy silent films from the 20s. Those are old.

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explain that, motherfucker

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go play those games then while I enjoy Dark Souls, BF3 and F1 2011.

i played those games back in the day and yeah they were great, but i have no interest in playing them ever again.unless they appear as a free iOS game that i can play while taking a shit