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I don't understand these type of "simulator" games. I didn't find Goat Simulator's disabled goat to be any good, strange, but not necessarily funny. If this game will be anything near Goat Simulator then I don't have much hope. But then again I am not the target audience for these games I guess. As long as you're having fun then that's all that matters.

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I'm good. Mew-genics from Team Meat will be the only cat simulator anyone needs.

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I think the whole joke angle is losing a bit of steam now.

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I saw somewhere a freakin' Tree Simulator.

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That means the game will be aloof, unresponsive and generally indifferent to your inputs.

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Since we're talking about "best cat simulators":

I rest my case

Also, the pictures of those polygonal cats creep me out.

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This game wishes it was CATLATERAL DAMAGE.

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paramecium simulator anyone?

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This game was pretty obviously conceived right after Goat Simulator became a thing in order to ride its coat-tails. There's no evidence that there's even a game there (there's just a poor 3D model of a cat). As a bonus, "Oculus Rift support" is one of the potential features, because inserting Oculus Rift support ironically into games that don't need it is a fad unto itself.

This won't get funded, but even if it did, I promise you that no playable product would ever be created.

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I'd like to see the Goat Simulator team make something like this instead of these guys to be honest.

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i just made a face-palm simulator and for some reason i cant stop playing it right now

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The fact that their Kickstarter has 3000 of anything at this point is mind boggling.

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What's with all the Kickstarter promotions on these forums all of a sudden? I don't have a problem with it personally but I thought it was generally frowned upon? Or am I missing something?

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@hoteldon said:

The fact that their Kickstarter has 3000 of anything at this point is mind boggling.

is it in itchy and scratchy money?

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@hoteldon said:

The fact that their Kickstarter has 3000 of anything at this point is mind boggling.

is it in itchy and scratchy money?

Well...there is enough support out there that someone made a topic about it on Giant Bomb, so I guess some people think this is worth paying money for.

This isn't even a game, and it looks like they spent about an hour putting the Kickstarter page together.

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I think the whole joke angle is losing a bit of steam now.

Haha, no kidding. The "X Simulator" thing is starting to get a bit stale.

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This has to be a joke, like the company isn't even trying to convince people to invest. The companies profile picture is something that has come out of deviantART or google image search, their video is a 17 second clip that looks like it was made from Windows Movie Maker showing absolutely nothing of what the game could offer or be with the nyan cat sound in the background and the screenshots just shows a badly rendered cat at different angles like it’s supposed to impress people or something.


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Look, guys, we get it. You like simulators. You like making simulators. You like making comedic simulators. You get rather happy that a few PC gaming journalism websites cover it. You also get happy when PewDiePie plays it and tries to be funny, which brings loads of people to your game, which makes people like Smosh Games and Markiplier and about 7000+ other YouTubers play it to try and get a slice of the pie, which brings even more people to it, which gets it tons of coverage.

Now, for the love of God, will you please, fuck off.

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comedic simulator is a strange term. A simulator should be realistic. Like Flight Simulator. Otherwise it is per definition not a simulator.

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They have a model of a cat and 2 textures and want 20,000 American Dollars? Their only previous work is a shitty website for memes. The worst part is it will get funded because people are idiots.

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Since when did the genre "simulator" get turned into the most unrealistic one ever? I'm not going to say we should police names, but I don't want "Goat Simulator" to start some kind of bandwagon that causes the "simulation" genre to lose it's meaning.

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Goat Simulator was a funny, little one-off joke that I gladly paid too much money for, but that's enough people. The joke is done.