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Just sayin'. The guys here fixed the footer almost immediately to include their new office buds, but no love's been shown in the other direction. It's possibly just an innocuous oversight (or the slipped start of a diabolical scheme) but I figured it was worth mentioning for any sham rage it will probably engender.

Yes, I know this should probably be posted on Gamespot, but I haven't set up my account over there yet and, in a record-setting fit of laziness, opted to come back here to complain about it instead of fixing that. Maybe next week.

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Do you really want them coming over here?

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Quite frankly, I don't think I want Gamespotters over here. :(

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@SirPsychoSexy said:

Quite frankly, I don't think I want Gamespotters over here. :(

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Aw man, GameSpot doesn't link to here?


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I don't really get why you are upset about this.

Gaint Bomb is like a cool indie movie and gamespot a blockbuster summer movie. They want most of the traffic on gamespot given the choice. It's far more of a "go to" website.

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We don't have enough mods to deal with those hoodlums!

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Holy shit, it's almost been a whole week and these websites aren't completely interconnected!?  What the shit!
But really, do not give a fuck.

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@AssInAss said:

We don't have enough mods to deal with those hoodlums!

The last thing you want is gamespot moderators. Made me wonder if the Nazi's actually won.

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And thank god for that.

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We can swear!!!

Ha Ha Ha!!!!

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The only reason the Giant Bomb footer changed is because Whiskey Media no longer exists so they needed to get rid of the old footer. So they just bunged the GameSpot, GiantBomb and ComicVine logos down there until they have time to focus on something better. All the stuff in GameSpot's footer is still relevant, so there is no need to make hasty changes to it until everything has been thought through properly. I mean, the Giant Bomb footer currently has a link to Giant Bomb in it... That's completely pointless. But it's there, because it's a hastily made footer so they could get rid of the old one.

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Looks like GameSpot made room in their header for a link but it's not there yet. Notice the blank spot next to "Fuse".

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I don't want Gamespotters infecting Giantbombers with their diseases.


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GameSpot should focus on fixing their website first... It's still broken as shit

I revisited the site a few days ago and stumbled across a page that was still in the old format. From years ago.

It's also even a hassle to just post a comment. HTML errors everywhere

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Giant Bomb doesn't need it.

@Rerejo28 said:

@SirPsychoSexy said:

Quite frankly, I don't think I want Gamespotters over here. :(

Remember, we were all Gamespotters once...

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Yeah , I noticed that too . Whatevs ...

@TheHBK: LOVE your avatar !

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FWIW: I am currently working on the footer. The one there right now was made in like 10 minutes and like said its was mostly done to remove the whiskey media stuff. New footer will most likely have then new legal links you see on CBS sites but I think it will be pretty unobtrusive. I still like the cross site linking so I can know what is going on on the other sites so I am leaning to something more like this. http://cl.ly/FH75

This is still a work in progress... Also disregard the look of that game right hand module. That is from an old PSD.

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@alexisg: That is a gorgeous looking footer. I approve!

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