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I am a HUGE fan of Galactic Civ franchise...but I KNEW when this early access bullshit started it was going to go this route...more and more "larger" companies are getting into it.

$99 to playtest your game for you??? Are you SERIOUS??

No promise of a complete game. No guarantee of quality or money-back if you don't like it.

People that support these Early Access games are completely clueless...I thought Wasteland and Might and Magic X were bad enough...This friggin game takes the cake.

And the people that have bought into it...See a Psych.

I'm sure this will get locked/deleted but I don't give a shit. The more people that speak out about this abortion that is plagueing the gaming industry the better...

Can't wait for EA's early access for Madden..or Battlefield....$299 Super Founder Dumbfuck edition. Or how about the Uncharted 5 $600 YouAreOurBitch edition...

Fucking unreal. The shit has to stop.

If you think Early Access is a good thing..You are part of the problem. FACT.

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There's a totally valid point to be made in there somewhere, however it's unfortunately being drowned in all of your ridiculous antagonism and whining.

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I'm sorry, but can we replace that with "puppies?"

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The point of high prices to test games that are still in development is to only get people who are very interested and are willing to put the time in to play the game properly and give feedback.

Nobody is forcing you to get early access to a game. If you don't want to pay for it, then don't. Just wait for the game to come out and read reviews etc. like you would with every other game that doesn't have early access.

You have this huge problem with this concept but there is no need to have a problem with it. It's there for people who want it. Don't want it? Just don't take part in it. Fuckin' simple man.

And why are you calling people who buy early access games clueless? They obviously know exactly what they're getting into. That they aren't getting a complete and/or quality game. That's the point. It's not done yet.

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@norusdog: I think you should go to the galactic Civ page or even on steam it says^^

This was 99$ for a while and they can not just reduce the price of an existing pledge:

However what you get for these 99$ is:

As an Elite Founder and get special perks!

  • A lifetime subscription to all GalCiv III DLC and expansion packs
  • Create your legacy* – Suggest a star name and get special thanks credit
  • Founders' Vault* – Access exclusive art, music and more from the development team
  • Forum badge* – Display with your account on the official Stardock forums

And of course the game as well^^

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@yummylee said:

There's a totally valid point to be made in there somewhere, however it's unfortunately being drowned in all of your ridiculous antagonism and whining.

This but in a condescending English accent.

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If buying early access was a prerequisite to playing the game on release then yes, it would be out of hand, but it isn't so it's a non issue. No one is making you pre-order the game.

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"Dumbfuck Edition". Make it happen Lang.

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I'm going to go ahead and lock this because it is a bit of an aimless rant and lacks any context at all on the thing that seems to have provoked it (Gal Civ 3's $99 early access price). It's a legit discussion and the OP's point of view is totally valid, but it just needs to be made in a way driven more by rationale and less by full-on rage.

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