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And this is coming from someone who actually liked Duke Nukem Forever, another project Gearbox picked up from development hell. By the way, Gearbox, please stop ruining your own rep. You guys are triple A developers.

I played this at my friend's house on the PC, which he was super excited to play. We played through the first two levels and we both think it's stinking bad:

1. It looks bad. 'Nuff said.

2. It's glitchy. An alien on the ceiling we shot had its arm stuck on the ceiling, leaving his body dragging off it. Then there's a part when the marine got stuck at a doorway, forcing us to restart. There's one part where an alien runs out a door and I proceed to close that door. Then it comes out of no where and kills me behind my back. Here are also some funny videos showcasing how bad the scripting is:

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3. There's no atmosphere in the first two levels we played. There were laughable attempts at jumpscares (accompanied by weak audio trying to be dramatic). With the marine's fast movement speed it's just blitzing through hallways and hallways shooting whatever you see. It's so "action-packed" there's no room for actual tension to build. (Well was this brief moment when you are trapped in a room with your first Xeno and playing cat and mouse. It was pretty tense before turning into Gears of Bro Shooter.)

4. Most importantly, the "action" is pretty bad. It's hard to explain but it just doesn't feel satisfying to shoot Xenos in the face. Never been a fan of the Alien movies, so I don't really care about how the pulse rifle should sound, but I can tell you it feels weak. It feels like an SMG. To be fair, there is an assault rifle. But why would you use other guns when the pulse rifle is THE Alien gun?

If you have $60 to spend on a game that would satisfy all your "shoot aliens in a tight corridor in outer space" needs, Dead Space 3 is BY FAR the better game. If you are an Alien/Aliens fan who wants to finally get your hands on this game... well consider yourself warned.

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So I've heard.

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Looks like its the same situation as Duke Nuke Em, scrapped, picked up, moved devs, SHIT BORN

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This should really be in the Aliens: Colonial Marines forum, instead of general discussion.

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@greggd said:

This should really be in the Aliens: Colonial Marines forum, instead of general discussion.

This man is correct.

Also, what happened to your Mission Hill user pic?

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@bisonhero: I retired Andy French, as I was going through my uploads. I decided it looked cooler to have Claude in there. Also, my profile now has BAMBOO! The one thing I don't really like about the new site design is that my old Rockstar street-level collage background is useless, because after the header, it's all hidden.

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i'm assuming since this is general discussion it's implying that every single game is terrible.

don't correct me.

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Gearbox messed up bad with this one.

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General Discussion is indeed a terrible game.

It is an ok forum however.

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I feel like the only quality product that Gearbox has put out in the last few years is Borderlands.

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A licensed based game that took seven years to make, and it's bad? Shocker! Then again with the talk about it before it was even out, you're friend had fair warning about what to expect.

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I want to get it for like $5 on a steam sale to try the multiplayer.

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Is there supposed to be video embedded in the first post? Cause I just see an empty space between 2 and 3.

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I am morbidly interested in seeing what Randy Pitchford says about the reception to this game. Guy always seems like he's willing to dig himself a bigger hole.

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@themangalist: When you post something in the wrong forum, please contact the mod team, don't just create a new thread and leave the old one as it is, as this clogs up the forums for other users. Thank you.