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Alot of us have listened to the best-of Giant Bombcast episodes featured on thisyearcollection.org. I take no credit for this but I am sure people would like to listen to two hours of some of the best Ryan Davis moments from the past few years. Its still a work in progress as the Summer Jams are going to be added in as buffers between segments...

Ryan Davis Memorial: TYC Podcast

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Hadn't been to this website in ages. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank You.

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Awesome compilation. You got a whiskey media seal of approval of sorts too btw. You got mentioned on the GB Squad's twitter.

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That's awesome

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Listened last night with a big smile on my face the whole time.

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I downloaded this. This is how I prefer to remember Ryan Davis. The outpouring of grief by friends and colleagues is just too sad for me; too depressing. I understand it and respect it, but I want to always remember Ryan at his best and that was at the helm of the Giant Bombcast. Thanks for this tribute.

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This is so great. Glad This Year put it together.

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Awesome, love this site

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Can't wait for the expanded version with jams and even more content. Ryan's legacy will be spread to future generations.

I was apprehensive about starting with a Suburban All-Stars song but you convinced me it was a good idea.