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I just saw the title for the new Assassin's Creed and noticed that it will presumably be called Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and wondered why it was necessary. I'm not a particular fan of the AC franchise but I also noticed this subtitling when they announced Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. I guess it makes more sense to subtitle lesser known series but with a big well known franchise like AC why did they even bother. That series has set itself on changing protagonists and settings so why subtitle a non character specific sequel (like they did with the Ezio ones which actually made sense.) Sorry if I'm rambling very tired.

Any way what do you guys think. Why do these marketing people subtitle big sequels when previously they did not? Does it make the game more accessible or something??

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I think they should be consistent with the naming and numbering convention within the same franchise because otherwise it drives me nuts! It looks bad on a shelf.

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Should just be Dragon Age: Inquisition, shouldn't need a number considering it is basically a reboot

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Should just be Dragon Age: Inquisition, shouldn't need a number considering it is basically a reboot

Reboot means reinventing a franchise and ignoring it's continuity from it's predecessors right?

Because you either don't understand the use of the word, or you don't know anything about DA3.

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@nightriff: It is? I thought it was just another move in setting and main character like what they did in DA2 with Hawke and Kirkwall. Now we will have a new person in Orlais. Or maybe I heard wrong.

@pr1mus: Yeah if (probably when) I get DA3 it will go Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins- Awakening (I bought the disc version), Dragon Age 2 (no subtitle GRR), and Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. Blech how awful they will look in order.

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I like it.

Halo 4 sounds stupid.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sounds like a good time.

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i dont care about titles honestly. if its a good game you can call your epic 3rd person shooter RPG open world strategy game "Spunk quest" and i'd be all over it.

i think subtitles are handy in a title of a long standing franchise, because it gives you a better idea of what that game is about and helps it stand alone amongst its predecessors. like just calling it "assassins creed 4" would be kinda boring. giving it the "black flag" subtitle kinda lets you know its about pirates years from now people will be like AC3? which one was that? but when you go "AC4:black flag" people will go "oh right, the pirate one"

my favorite long standing series titles is the elder scrolls games. because the subtitles becomes the title in functional talk about the game. no one says "the elder scrolls 5: skyrim" they say "skyrim" no one says " the elder scrolls 4: oblivion" they say oblivion. same with morrowind and daggerfall and arena. so it has its own title, but it still has that title the elderscrolls and its number that no one really ever brings up. granted i dont think many other franchises could pull this off.

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I don't mind it when they stick with a format. The Uncharted series is a good example.

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If it's going to be a series with a lot of entries, I prefer numbers to be in there somewhere.

Look at the Castlevania series of a good example of how subtitles can go wrong. I've played a few of the portable entries but I couldn't tell one name from the next.

So I hope they use numbers on AC going forward.

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Evidently, the presence of a subtitle has some marketing signification. Simply putting a number after the franchise name seems rather innocuous, whereas a phrase such as "Black Flag" adds a degree of mystery to it. What is the deal with that black flag? When there is a subtitle, if only subconsciously, one likely feels as if he is getting more in the box, as if this episode adds a new wrinkle to the series, irreducible to simple enumeration.

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I prefer a number and no subtitle.