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This is a thread to discuss what you think of today's CURRENT people in the gaming industry.  I'm not talking about people from reviews, journalism, and the press but people from the companies themsevles like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

What are your thoughts on the following people:  (their public speaking, charisma, personailty, etc.)

Jack Tretton
Don Mattrick
Reggie Fils-Aime
Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson)

Feel free to talk about more then the ones I just mentioned.

My opinions:
Don Mattrick is alright with public speaking, but didn't have the charisma that Peter Moore did.
Jack Tretton is the most boring public speaker ever and has a bland personality, but he did deliver the info.
Major Nelson is great with the community and has some charisma.

And since E3 just passed you probably have fresh in your mind about these industry peeps.

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never really cared much for the MS guys, they dont have that charisma that can keep your attention like peter moore did

he was awesome at the EA conference

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I wouldn't mind if I never saw another Cliff Bleszinski says news story ever again.  I swear much of it is just a bunch of gaming news media folk trying to get into Bleszinski's birthday party or something.

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Peter Moore did do a great job at the EA conference.  I missed at MS this year.

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I don't know the names of the people, but all I know is that I wanted to punch the ladies face in from the Nintendo conference at E3.

I also watched the Microsoft conference, and they all seemed like typical business folk. No one really showed personality while they were speaking.

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Needs more J. Allard.

Hell, everything needs more J. Allard.

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J Allard is my hero.

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I tend to ignore anyone in the gaming industry who don't actually create games. In the same way as I don't know who is doing things at an executive level in the film industry at Universal or Warner Bros.

I think the gaming community (& media) waste too much time on the idiots who run marketing at companies.

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After watchin the E3 press conferences, the Sony guy seemed alright. Less businessman than I expected.

Reggie still scares me =(

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Cliff Blezynski is definately a cool customer.

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I_smell said:
"Cliff Blezynski is definately a cool customer.
Young Clifford is the shiz.