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I am really curious why is it that with THQ nearly gone their "Games on Demand" still cost €60 (Irish price) such as UFC 3, who does the money go to now? What is it that keeps the price so high if the publisher isn't around to dictate the price anymore? What benefits do Microsoft get from keeping games on their services from publishers who don't exist anymore?

i already know answers such as they get all the profits and that some of the money goes to UFC because of royalties. But does Microsoft keep the rest. Where does the rest of the money go. I am also curious about the playstation network. I think it is an interesting side to publishers and studios closing

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The money made off them will most likely either go to the people who now own the IP, or to THQ's creditors. Microsoft (or any platform holder for that matter) benefits having the games stay up because it's an extra piece of content that they can charge for, and sell to consumers that want to buy that content.