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So, after almost a 1/4 way through the year, how many 2012 games have you played? And do you have a favourite yet? (Or hey, perhaps you haven't even played any yet..!)

Personally; I'm only part way through Stacking (PC), which is the only game from this year I've played...and technically it isn't even really a 2012 release D:

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Honestly I would have to say Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Like don't get my wrong I LOVED ME3 for about 30 hours then after I beat it I lost all want to play the game, not even because the end just because it wasn't really good enough for me to consider a second play-through.

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Either Mass Effect 3 or Final Fantasy 13-2.

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Probably Journey.

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Mass Effect 3. It's also the only game I've played thus far, but I still think it's great, despite the ending.

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I've played Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Silent Hill: Downpour, The Darkness II and SSX. I'd say Mass Effect 3 for now.

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Only bought three games, SSX, Journey and Mass Effect 3, so far Journey is my absolute favorite, an amazing gaming experience, but Mass Effect and SSX is not far behind. I've had a handful of games sent to me for reviewing purposes, but none of those games deserve to be mentioned, they all pretty much sucked..

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Cry of Fear.

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According to my list, I've gone through 15 games so far (only some 2012 games)...

Favorite... probably a toss-up between Mass Effect 3 (despite stuff) and Syndicate. Though Journey, The Darkness 2 and Asura's Wrath were good too.

Pineapple Smash Crew probably has my favorite soundtrack so far - though ME3 has great music as well.

[edit: someone brought up Rhythm Heaven Fever. While I've not played it myself (no Wii)... I've been listening to the soundtrack obsessively. I guess that's my favorite soundtrack so far!]

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Mass Effect 3.

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Street Fighter x Tekken and FFXIII-2 ive enjoyed so far.

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Fall Of The Samurai.

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Binary Domain.

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Masse Effecku San. is my 2012 Q1 GOTQ.

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Journey, easily. I started Syndicate and it's cool, but I haven't made it very far yet. ME3 was pretty good but left me pretty empty (liked the multiplayer best, of all things).

So yeah, Journey. And Double Fine Happy Action Theater.

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I have only played Kingdoms of Amalur, which I like but it isn't amazing. I think the Syndicate is ok, not worth the 5 stars it got though.

Conclusion..Jeff was paid off.

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Warriors Orochi 3

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My top three so far are Journey, Mass Effect 3 and The Darkness II (in that order).

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Nobody's said Katawa Shoujo? Assholes.

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@Video_Game_King:I'll say Katawa! Because that is the only new game I played all year. Unless 1/3 of Syndicate counts. Though I would still rate KS higher.

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Devil Survivor 2

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I get to cheat (somewhat, no pun intended) by being European where we get some delayed releases pushing into 2012.

Game of the (3 month initial window into the) Year, for me, was Catherine.

It's a conflicted best for me, I liked it, a lot; but also didn't like some of it and thought other areas there were clear way it could have been done better. But it was a game I dedicated some time to thinking about after it was finished. The puzzles (I played on easy as I was warned by all the coverage that this wasn't a bad idea) seemed to combine enough play with difficulty (but not too much frustration) that I didn't find them lacking fun and I enjoyed the metaphor to the actual story. That made them kind of integral, but I wouldn't say you couldn't make the game but with a different 'gaming' element in their place so maybe I'm rather neutral on them. That's the thing, I also found the limited rails the story was on problematic to fully enjoying that part of the game but the journey and whatever (illusion of) choice I got drew me in to the point where I consider it GotY contender material. I'm conflicted, and not just because it was a good game with some faults or 'bugs' that I'd want to rebuild in a remake. And I think that conflict elevates my view of the game, as weird as that may sound.

Obviously a lot of this was all talked out 9 months ago when the game was released in the US, so I tried to keep that short.

Edit: added "no pun intended".

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ME3. All the other games I've bought thus far, Amalur, Operation Raccoon City and Yakuza Dead Souls, have been pretty bleh. Still waiting on Silent Hill Downpour, though, and I do plan on catching up with Journey over April.

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This has brought home to me that it's been a really slow start to the year for games I'm interested in. I guess its a toss up between the darkness 2 and uncharted: golden abyss given that I'm only about a 1/4 of the way through ME3.

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Definitely Journey. So much more than I expected.

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ME3 easily. It is fairly obvious what the average answer is going to be at this point in the year. Why not hold this off until later when more "big games" hit the shelves?

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Tales of Graces F.

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Mine would have to be Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

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Journey for sure.

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I would go with Journey or Qube, absolutely loved every minute with those games.

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ME3, since its the only major 2012 game I played at this point.

Aside: For games that I played IN 2012...I'm seriously impressed by Gears 3. I hate to admit it, but a certain pivotal cutscene actually left me slightly verklempt. Not bad for a story about walking balls of bro-muscle.

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Haven't played any games from this year really, I think.

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I'd say Journey.

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I've only been able to play 3 games that have been released this year: Soul Calibur 5, UFC Undisputed 3, and Journey. I've got to go with UFC. I should have enough money to buy Xenoblade Chronicles next month and I think that will easily take over as my favorite 2012 release.

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Mass Effect 3 and that´s probably not going to change anymore this year.

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Easy: Mass Effect 3

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I haven't played any.

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Mass Effect 3 was okay even with the shite ending, but my favourite thus far is The Darkness II.

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Devil Survivor 2.

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Mass Effect 3. Even Halo 4 won't touch it. Bitch about the ending all you like, but it was the ending of the best trilogy ever regardless.

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Katawa Shoujo, motherfuckers.

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So I have only bought a handful of games this year and most of those are for my vita. But I have had the most fun with SSX with Touch My Katamari coming in second. SSX is just wildly fun and once you get it good run going it get intense. Touch my Katamari is my fist Katamari game so I did not go into it with the "it's another one of those games" sentiment that a lot of people did when it got announced. The charm of that game won me over instantly and I just wanted more when I finished it. I know that this game is one of Namco's "lets try to DLC the fuck of this" titles, but so far it has not been to gross, with the new levels being unlockable by getting special items in the game. I have not picked up Mass Effect 3 yet but that might take the crown from SSX, well because it's Mass Effect 3.

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Mass Effect 3

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@ShaggE said:

ME3, since its the only major 2012 game I played at this point.

Aside: For games that I played IN 2012...I'm seriously impressed by Gears 3. I hate to admit it, but a certain pivotal cutscene actually left me slightly verklempt. Not bad for a story about walking balls of bro-muscle.

Oh yeah, I played Gears 3 this year too and I agree entirely. Especially regarding 'that' scene =(

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I have to say Syndicate. Most fun I had in co-op in a while. Other than that I haven't played many 2012 titles.

Edit: I have played ME3 but I don't care much for it. Multiplayer is kind of cool though.

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Mass Effect 3 by default.

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Mass Effect 3, which for me isn't saying much. Eh, it was all right, it could have been a million times better.

EDIT: I should note that I have not played Kingdoms of Amalur, Journey, or Syndicate, all three of which I would like to get around to at some point. I especially suspect that I'd like Syndicate a lot more than most simply because I seem to have a soft spot for big dumb six-hour shooters.

EDIT 2: Also Qube. I played the demo, and now I really want to play the full game.

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I have yet to play any 2012 game but I just bought Kid Icarus: Uprising, and I hope that'll be cool. I'm also thinking about getting Journey perhaps to play this weekend.

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I haven't bought anyone so I guess SWTOR?

I am trying to stop pirating games, so far I am doing quite well.