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Nice, should stop ppl asking.

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I would shake your dick if given the chance. 
BTW, did I say thank you?

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 For like half of those it says its no longer available on    

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@Tactical_Kill: Which ones man I will take a look. 
They all worked last night.
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@X19: Both for Quake, and one for Starcraft. There are more too.
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@Tactical_Kill: That's really weird those two both work for me. I live in the UK and use Safari don't know if that makes any difference.
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The first hour of the Bad Company 2 TNT is all I need...

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lol wtf
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@X19 said:
" @Tactical_Kill:   

 lol wtf "
huh. Thats strange.
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@Tactical_Kill: Do the videos work on 
Try Safari instead of IE 
Other than that I have no idea why that is happening.
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@X19: I'm using Chrome. And I tried FireFox and it still does that, even for the Black Ops one. Also if I click on them here it won't link me to it.  But if I go to the site and find them myself they work.
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this makes my pants happy, and happy pants is a must for me 

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Good Work, Have Batman!

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Thanks for posting these.  I forgot how awesome the Bad Company 2 TNT was.  Makes me miss Kessler a bit (Lemon's a hell of an intern, but I always liked Kessler's energy and wackiness).
Also, I'm pissed that the "Control Point D" meme didn't take off more.

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@X19: The link and everything works fine. It seems like when its in the spoiler boxes it doesn't work. This makes no sense at all.
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Great job, I really appreciate this because I can't watch these live.

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Fantastic job man.  I, as well as everyone else, really appreciate the effort put into this.
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@X19: Huh... 
Well you might be undermining the efforts I've been making since May. And that might make me feel a little unappreciated and sad, but this will probably get more traffic. The majority of the user population is still not aware of the list (even though its the 5th highest ranking list on the site).  It all seems really buggy (I'm on chrome), but if you can somehow make it work I'm sure most people would much rather refer to this topic rather than a user list.
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@Gill: I apoligize for not seeing your list first. I will put a link to your list at the top of my page so more users will check it out. Like I said I made this for myself and just thought I would put it on the forums if people wanted to use it. 
I use Safari and don't have any problems. 
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@X19: Why are you apologizing? Honestly, if this thread works without any hitches, the list is basically redundant. I suppose it could be used as a fall-back, and you're free to use my links to find the videos (I suppose I'm trying to find excuses to keep it :P)
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@Gill: I don't think you should stop doing the list at all. If users want to know information on the TNT or have direct links to the video pages, that's something my page doesn't have which yours does. I'm going to keep your list on the front page and when you update I will update. B0nd07 is starting a banner list too which he said I could use. This page could be awesome if we all work together.
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Thumbs up to both @X19 and @Gill for their efforts. 
This should be a sticky, imo

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@TheJohn: Thanks will see I guess. 
New update just waiting on a few banners and the archive should be complete.
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@Gill said:
" It all seems really buggy (I'm on chrome), "
Btw what's buggy about it?
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I'd just like to point out the videos may not show up if you are using Adblock Plus (with Firefox at least).  Same thing for the ER blog.

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@B0nd07: Alright I have added it.  
What happens with the ER blog? 
Do they just not show up even after 40 seconds?
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@X19: They seem to work after you disable Adblock once, refresh the page, and then enable Adblock again (both here and ER).  Not sure why that is.  Probably a cache thing.
Whatever the reason, the videos do not load when you view the page with Adblock enabled until you disable it at least once.  I'm not entirely sure about the ER blog though.  It's possible they just failed to load.
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Two more banners and I will have them all.

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sticky bomb.

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Totally didn't realize there had been so many of them by now. Wow.

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@Tactical_Kill: Can you please try out these videos and tell me if you have the same problem as before. 
Here is the link
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Thanks a lot man...this is awesome

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@X19: When i click the link I get a 404 error.
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@Tactical_Kill: What is the 404 error again?
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:/ I'm still upset that they won't be adding the TNT videos to the site.

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I thought the old layout would be very cluttered in 6 months time so I decided to change it.

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@X19:  It might have been cluttered but I liked how it was sorted by date.  The new layout is niffty though.
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@HomemadeZiggurat: They're still in order of date if you look in each section. The latest is always the top left and the earliest is the bottom right.
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Why is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood listed under Shooter? You might want to rename that to Action or something. Great job though!

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@natetodamax: Sorted. 
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@X19 said:
" @natetodamax: Sorted.  "

How do you go about watching these?  I tried watching BF:BC 2 TNT and all I get is a Justin TV player with a 'Offine' and 'Sorry this broadcast is no longer available on Justin TV'.
Same case with almost all of them.
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@Daiphyer: Click the banner on the front page for information on that. 
If you still have problems let me know.
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@X19 said:
" @Daiphyer: Click the banner on the front page for information on that.  If you still have problems let me know. "
I tried disabling ABP, and refreshing page and it still gives me the same error. And when I click on the channel, it says I'm banned from Justin.TV. Which is weird cause I did not have a Justin.TV account to begin with. Hell, I haven't even been in that site for more than two three times. Only the ones from Ustream work. Are there links from Ustream for other TNTs?
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Well I just checked on my end and they're fine so thats that checked. Can you tell me if the BFBC2 video works directly off  
Here is the link 
If that does work and you really can't get the videos to work on my thread you can always use Gill's list which I mentioned in the banner info too. There have been two users who have had problems like you and I still can't work out the cause of it.
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The new layout doesnt' seem to work, when I highlight the action/shooter tab the list doesn't fit within the width limit of the post: