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@ViciousReiven: I didn't think how much you are zoomed in on your browser would effect this but there we go. You could just zoom out and that would fix it but i'm sure a lot of users zoom in for browsing so I might have to have a rethink :S
Here is mine  

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I'm not zoomed in at all, dunno what could be the problem... 
Zooming out one level (83%) does work though but makes everything too small...

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@ViciousReiven: I'm going to write a problem page for this thread. 
Could you take a picture of the GB tab bar with the forum tab open and also include some of my thread like this. 

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Here's 2, one at normal zoom, one at 83%, my main problem is if I set it to 83% it fixes the forums but makes the main page(and other websites) look bad :\ 

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  • Is your resolution on your computer screen the highest it can go?  
  • What browser are you using? 
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@X19 said:
" @ViciousReiven:  
  • Is your resolution on your computer screen the highest it can go?  
  • What browser are you using? 
No, doing so makes things waaaay too small, just moving my mouse around the screen becomes a chore at that point.  
Google Chrome
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Thats aweosme, I missed some of these. 
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  • Is there a resolution which is fine to view and also lets you view websites and the main page fine? 
  • XD Everyone who has had a problem with my threads is using chrome. Could you try another browser to see if that fixes it (stay at your usual screen resolution) I recommend Safari.
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Does the same thing in Firefox :\  
And no, there's nothing else suitible, maybe if I had a widescreen it'd work.

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@ViciousReiven: Damn. 
Most screens are wide screen now so maybe the site is better suited to that. My laptop screen is wide and the resolution is something crazy like 1366x768. One last thing I can think of is if you try the blog version of this thread. Here is the link
I guess the options other than that are
  • Change zoom on forums 
  • Use  Gill's list
  • I could send you the old version of the thread but it wouldn't be updated.
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I'll just use the other list for now, sorry dude , I love the work you put into it though fits the site really well.

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Badass idea, is badass!

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@ViciousReiven: Seriously does the blog version not work? 
If I really zoom in on the blog the banner never moves and the tabs are still visible.
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@X19 said:
" @ViciousReiven: Seriously does the blog version not work?  If I really zoom in on the blog the banner never moves and the tabs are still visible. "
oops overlooked that, yeah the blog version is perfect ;) *bookmarked*
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I just watched the BFBC2 TNT and have decided to call the information tab for this thread Point D. 
All the people who help me every week to keep this thread going are listed there along with other TNT related links. If you have any problems or questions about the thread leave a comment there.

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I used IE and they showed up. Weird. But thanks for the help.

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What was this week TNT?
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@JoeRiccadonna: Not just WipeoutHD but I needed a picture and that's the first game they play. If you click on it and open the spoiler the times that each game starts is inside.
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All-Star blowout is the most recent one, correct?
#71 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -
@JoeRiccadonna: Yes.
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Thread bookmark'd! 
Thanks for this to X19!

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Like the idea, but why do you have it archived in such an in effective way? Why not just have a bullet point list of them in the order they did them?

#74 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -
@crusader8463: This way they are easier to find.
#75 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -
@CptChiken: Not really, but each their own I guess.
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@X19:  Much better! Thank you.
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Oh awesome, been waiting for someone to do something like this. I missed a few tnt's being an aussie n all. Thanks!

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This is awesome, great work.

#80 Posted by Zereta (1473 posts) -

Oh geez, amazing work with the sorting.

#81 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -

New layout for the latest TNTs take a look  TNT Archive Page 6
If you would like to see the older pages in that layout let me know.

#82 Posted by warxsnake (2720 posts) -

This is the kind of feature you expect to have from the get go, archived on the site somewhere, since you know, we're paying for this stuff. 
On Gamespot you can still access all the Button Mashing videos, which were recorded in 2004-2007, and Tournament TV, 2006-2008, for free.

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In this week TNT (Which is going on right now), what's the name on the song Vinny started playing while the rest was playing the game Flower? It bugs me that i cant remember the name on that song. The chat dont work so i can't use that.

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For those users who have problems streaming the TNTs Devildoll is going to start adding download links to eventually all the TNTs in the archive.  
If a download is available it will say "Download" underneath the video and if it's not available it will say "Download (Not Active)". 

#85 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -

All the TNTs are now in the new guide format.

#86 Posted by Robin_Gr (139 posts) -

Is it just me or is the Vietnam TNT really slow to buffer?

#87 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -
@Robin_Gr: It worked great yesterday but I just tried it now and it's really slow. I recommend trying later or downloading the episodes.
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@X19: Thanks mate, this is awesome.
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Devildoll has added download links to all the TNTs in the thread.  
Just click on "Download" below any video to download it.

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@X19: I just wanted to come here and say thank you, this is amazing.
Stuff like this is what keeps the GiantBomb community at the top of the internet food chain.
Thank you, good sir!

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  • The Action/Shooter genre has been split in to Action-Adventure and FPS.
  • Guide Page section is new and gives a quick view of what is on each page and also a link to that page.
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question: is there a list somewhere with all TNT-s in chronological order? i used to check wikipedia for that, but someone removed it :| 
i found some sort of list when i clicked skate 3 but i'm sure it wasn't chronological

#95 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -
  1. You can use my "Guide Pages" tab at the top of this page which has the TNTs in  chronological order. The only thing is they're split in to 5 TNT per page so your browser doesn't slow down. 
  2. You can use Gill's list of TNTs which links directly to Justin.tv
#96 Posted by Atta (152 posts) -
@X19: oh. thanks. saw that yesterday, but because of the exclamation mark and red font I thought the links are broken or smt :3
#97 Edited by X19 (2370 posts) -
@Atta: It all works. I think the reason it looks funny is because those tabs weren't meant for anything other than text to be in them. 
#98 Posted by Atta (152 posts) -
@X19: all right. thank you for your answers and most of all thanks for the great topics you make :P 
i have another question though, if i may: according to the tnt archive there is some third installment of a starcraft 2 tnt + some magicka in the mix. love both games, but the videos are nowhere to be found (not even on the justin.tv page, although I may be a bit confused seeing how almost every video there has the same name -.-). the links in the archive don't work. what's up with that? is that some happy hour stuff?
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When I watch the "I love Mondays" video Ryan usually says what the TNT is that week. I usually add all the code to the archive on monday too. The Starcraft 3 and Magicka TNT doesn't happen till this Thursday and now i'm not sure if Brad is doing those games this week. 
I realise now that it is confusing to put the code in so early in the week so I will leave it till thursday from now on.  
What links are you talking about? links on the main page linking to the guides, download links, justin.tv videos etc.
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@X19: the actual links in the guides. the ones for every tnt episode + download links. they didn't work for starcraft and magicka and now I know why so nvm. thanks :P