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Anyone know if they're doing a TNT tonight?

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A what?

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It's honestly probably for the best that they've stopped. Some of my favorite GB videos are TNTs, but they're pretty inconsistent entertainment wise.

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You must mean this http://www.tntdrama.com/, yeah they have shows on tonight. Journey to the Center of the Earth is on at 9pm, hope this helps.

I think you should watch The heroes. It stars Dwayne "vinny" Johnson.

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Right after this week's I Love Mondays.

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Oh well, I don't care if they do one or not. I'm behind on GB content as is right at the moment. Anyone know if any of the recent quick looks are worth watching?

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@somberowl: The Digital Combat Simulator one has The Flight Club in full effect.

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Usually dont watch TNT but I mostly just hope it's gonna be Rise of the Triad.

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@somberowl: The Cloudberry Kingdom one is good if you haven't seen it.

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Yep marathoning Charmed again.

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Right after this week's I Love Mondays.

Their Love for Monday died the day Ryan did.

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We know Drama?

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For the time being, it seems TNT has been replaced by Daily (read: Weekly) DOTA.

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Shame, since the new ROTT would be puh-huh-herfect for TNT.

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@bocam said:

@alexandersheen said:

Right after this week's I Love Mondays.

Their Love for Monday died the day Ryan did.

Ouch. My heart...

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Hopefully it'll be back someday...

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I stopped watching TNT after they axed Southland. Motherfuckers.

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It's going to be replaced by Friday Night French Fries instead.

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I'm fine with no TNTs...they stopped making sense a loooooooong time ago. Also, Friday Night Fuckups are almost always much better.

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You missed it. Vinny played Dota 2 and it was glorious.

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I still like TNT but there's not really a whole lot of big multiplayer releases right now, is there? And on top of that, Ryan's passing certainly isn't going to help things. I expect they'll come back when there's something to play, but if not, there's still plenty of great content going up on the site.

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It's going to be replaced by Friday Night French Fries instead.

I'm in. Where do I sign up?

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I tried to watch DOTA, even with Vinny in the mix i could not stand it.

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It's Jeff's birthday. Idk if that matters?

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@confirm4crit said:

It's Jeff's birthday. Idk if that matters?

NO, HE MUST Entertain us.

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@benpicko: Not sure of the exact time, but he came in for the second match and stayed until the end.

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Is there going to be unprofessionalism this friday? Due to the time difference a little heads up would be appreciated :).

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I saw an e-mail notification saying GiantBomb went live on Twitch. I got pretty excited thinking there was a TNT yesterday and imagine how awful it felt to find out it was for Brad's Endurance Run..

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Yeah, better question would be, Is there is any unprof friday madness tonight ?

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I feel the need...the need to watch dudes play videogames and drink beers.

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I'm sure once more relevant multiplayer games start to come out we'll see it resurface. Maybe?