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How do you duders feel about necroing a game-specific thread, when it might be appropriate?

I'm finally playing through Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Absolutely fantastic game, and I want to write and comment in some threads about it. The problem is, of course, that most of those threads are from three years ago.

I could just start a new thread about something in that game, because it's a bit odd continuing a dead conversation had by users that also may have stopped posting three years ago, but then we end up with multiple threads about the same thing in a game's forum, which is also weird.

What to do?!

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either way works tbh

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either way works tbh

So... maybe this isn't the hot-button issue that would provoke heated debate like I thought. ;)

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I just saw like 4-5 two months old thread get necro TODAY. So, go nuts I guess.

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So what's the actual logic behind creating a whole new thread?

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If you want to post something thats not expansive enough for its own thread, then do it in the appropriate thread. I would just say don't reply or address your comments to another post if its over ~2 months old? I guess its personal judgement on whether to make a new thread or to necro an old one, but if you want your post to actually be read (since most people only read the OP then post themselves) you should make a new thread.

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I don't think its a big deal, honestly.

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I'll let you know how I feel about it a year from now.

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I've never seen anyone get particularly upset about it, even the mods. It's usually like a couple of people go "damn this thread old" and then people continue posting in it until it's abandoned again. Hell, I have a thread I necro on a yearly basis, but it's sort of a joke.

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I was tricked into thinking this was a Dota 2 thread.

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@prismatic: In two months you could turn it into a DotA 2 thread.

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If there is an existing topic about a game, please don't create a duplicate. One of the big benefits to each game having it's own forum is so that topics can easily be found, even years later. Creating a new thread just because you think the existing one is too old is a little counterproductive.