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Anyone want to help a stranger out? I'm getting married this Sunday, and I kinda screwed over my best man!

He WAS going to go to PAX, but instead is saddled with hanging out with me!

Heres the rub: Riot Games (The guys who make League of Legends) always goes to it, and they give out cards with codes on them for an exclusive skin. This year, its one of my best man's favorite champions: Sona. The skin is amazing looking, and i'd really like to somehow get it for him. If anyone is headed to PAX and wants to do a complete stranger a wonderful favor, so he can in turn give his best man a wonderful gift, would you please pick up a code for me? If you wanted to nab two, one for me, one for him, id love you even more, but hey, i understand that's asking a lot.

Anyhow, i realize this is a rediculous request, but i figure the worst thing that could happen is... nothing i guess.

Thank-You all for your time!

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I can't help you but I like this.

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I will do my best, but I can't make any promises. If I do get it I will send ya a PM.

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Thank-You so much! This will really make his day =)

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@Tspice: Just so you know, they're supposedly putting the Sona skin in the store for purchase while PAX is going on so if all else fails you could just buy the skin for him. Edit: I just read it will be in the store even after PAX (as in it's not a limited time skin,) but I'm not sure on that.

Editagain: Yeah, just read from a Riot employee forum post stating it will be in the store permanently.

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If anyone doesn't know already Riot Games usually puts these codes in question in the swag bags everyone gets at PAX. I would get you one but I couldn't tickets to PAX this year.

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'For a friend', eh. That's what they always say.

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What the hell is wrong with you? Tell your fiance to delay the wedding so you can all go to PAX.

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@TheHumanDove said:

What the hell is wrong with you? Tell your fiance to delay the wedding so you can all go to PAX.

Or just have the wedding at PAX.
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@xobballox: You were correct! The skin is actually on sale this year, which is fantastic. I will just be buying him the skin, i guess. It's not quite as special now, but its still an amazing skin.

Thank-you all for helping or offering assistance. It was very kind of you all.

If youre still going to let your code rot, i would love one for myself! Or, you know, i could just spend the 10 dollars =)

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Also: If anyone wants to learn how to play League of Legends i would be willing to teach you what I know. Im far from top tier, but ive been playing since beta and ive taught many others how to improve. League of Legends is a game you DEFINITELY dont want to go into blind (it has one of the worst communities around... you will be yelled at by your teammates if you screw up), but it is a lot of fun once you get going.

Please, add me on League of Legends (User name: Tincture) and i would be more than happy to spend some time teaching you. If you need to download League you can either go to


Which links your account to mine, giving me bonuses



Which is the generic link to sign up, and doesnt give me bonuses. I basically put both links in here because i only posted a way to download the game so i could help you, not to annoy people with my link to get myself anything. I'm offering to help YOU, im not expecting it the other way around =)