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What program do you use? I'm thinking about doing some endurance run-thingy and I need software that will allow me to record the game with sound and my own voice from a separate microphone as well. I've been perusing some of what's available and I just can't seem to find something that allows me to do what I want. I know several people here have done it, so I know it's possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Didn't you make this before? Or was it someone else? Anyways what systems?

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Well, if I did I have no memory of it. I intend to record from a PS3 playing a PS2 game with an EasyCAP device. I know, it's not the best thing around, but it does what I want it to. Oh, and I'm using Windows 7.

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Did you already check out XSplit that Jeff was trying?

My capture setup is either FRAPS for Win/PC games or HDPVRCapture on OSX/Console games. I use a Hauppage HDPVR.

It is literally impossible for me to stream with the garbage upstream offered with our cable modem service around here, so I just narrate separately and combine tracks in post.

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I also use a Hauppauge HDPVR, The software it comes with is Total Media Extreme 2 (for capturing). I then purchased a Blue Snowball USB mic, and downloaded Audacity (which is free). I haven't done much with it other than some gameplay captures, since I quickly realized that I need a new PC to do what I want to eventually do. But if your PC is good enough, I'm sure you could capture and then record audio at the same time, if you don't plan on cutting up your capture, and then just import it later to to your video editing software. I tried Sony Vegas Pro, but my computer doesn't run it well. On the free side, you can also use Windows Live Movie Maker, but they took out the timeline, which is lame. Here's a test I did with the capture and some test edits.

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Most decent capture cards come with their own software for capturing footage from a console. For example I use a BlackMagic Intensity Pro and it has a recording program called Media Express bundled with it. If you are capturing pc gameplay just buy a Fraps license, there really is no better app for it and none of the free ones are good quality.

If you want to capture live audio on a console you either need to run a separate program to record your voice while you film. Or do it the "pro way" and invest in a decent sound card with a audio mixer so you can route your mic audio and game audio on the same input to the capture device. This lets you capture commentary on the same recording as the actual gameplay.

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I use Camtasia 2 for screencapping footage from NASCAR Racing Season 2003 off of my iMac. It not only allows you to record the gaming video you record in formats up to 1080p HD, but it allows for you to edit your video and publish it to YouTube with ease.