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and coworker of mine has been playing for years and is imploring me to starting playing with him and his brother, i have an honest curiosity towards EVE i know its something i can 100% be into i just detest paying for MMO's but beyond that I'm thoroughly excited to start ill be trying very hard to continuously update this and hopefully find like-minded hope to hear from some of you soon.

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Dude NO! You are going to be raided by pirates instantly and are going to only leave you alive long enough to make you suffer true and utter defeat!!! DON'T DO IT!!!

Then when another pirate crew comes around to your dead husk of a ship they will blast it just for the sheer hilarity of it!

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I'd be really interested to hear about your experience, but the way you are writing is not going to allow that.

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This was a hard read. Hardly read it. I like EVE Online though, so keep at it.

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Good luck, I've tried a few times myself. But it never stuck.

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your name is your email

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god speed my friend.

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First thing you do: find a decent corporation.

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You cant handle EVE online, you will run away screaming when all your isk cash and space ship gets jacked and all the people you love betray you.

If you can even handle the complicated crap to get that far.

That is what happend to me now I am in rehab and I had to get a therapist and I am hooked on painkillers and bad japanese engery drinks and bad furry stuff that I should never have seen.

Get of of this now why you still have sanity if this video does not make you want to get out of this life I dont know what will this is how cold and evil people who play eve online are./

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...i just felt like posting this video for the hell of it