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With my ps3 being a 40 gb, it lacks b/c leaving me unable to play some key ps2 games, i know i have missed out on tons of JRPGS such as devil summoner and persona 4, also games like yakuza and god hand have me interested, is it worth picking up a playstation 2 again?

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its only 100 bones. If you really want those games, go for it. especially P4 and yakuza. they are well worth the money.

p.s. Freakazoid rocks

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Absolutely.  There are so many games out for the ps2 you just need to have one to be able to access so many great games.

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Right now is the perfect time. Lots of insta-classics. Not too expensive to build a collection. Most games are plentiful (except for a few Japanese games that received short print runs).

Rule of thumb, if shopping online, the more specific a product description the better; and skip gamestop if you care about the quality (thus playability) of the disk.

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Does anyone know if Shadow of the Colossus will be released on the Playstation Store? It’s the one PS2 game I really wanted to play but can’t justify buying a PS2 just for one game.

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I totally wouldn't suggest getting Yakuza. There are actually many great games on the PS2, and that sure as heck isn't one of them. I must say I think it's absolutely horrendous that Sony has cut backwards compatibility in their PS3s. That really gets me down, even though I still have my PS2 and everything. Anyway, what it all comes down to is this: the Playstation 2 is one of the most awesome gaming consoles to ever come out. The games for the most part look pretty hideous today, to the point where it can be almost difficult to go back to them, but if you're not opposed to playing much older games, I say go for it.

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Get it.

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yeah, and there are games yet to come.  I don't know how many will actually be good, but that new Jak & Dax game is coming, so yeah.  viva la ps2!

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Yeah, lots of really good cheap games out for the system.  Get one and enjoy what the system has to offer.

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The PS2 is probably one of the best consoles of all time.  The thought of NOT having a Playstation 2 boggles me.

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Absolutely not, Sony is still selling em; while there aren't many new releases coming for it there are plenty of old ones and if you are not a person focused on graphics and are willing to read in RPGs then I see nothing wrong with it.

And ya if you use eBay, Amazon or Half.com to buy used games make sure the person gives details on the condition, has good feedback and isn't some store that just dumps all their games in one category for the most part.

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Totally go for it.  The PS2 has a tonne of great games you can get cheaply. It's totally worth it.

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Dude get one.

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It's definitely worth picking up a PS2. It has a huge back catalogue of amazing games so you'll always have something to play.

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Can someone start making a list of some of the must have JRPG's or RPG's for that matter

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PS2 is the SNES of the newer generations.  Go for it.

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It is way cheap and the library for games is incredible. I don't think there is a wrong time at all. If there IS a time, it for sure is now.

If you really have an interest in playing some PS2 games then it is totally worth it. Hell if you get Persona 4, that can pretty much pay for the whole system with the time investment.

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Try tales of Symphonia. Playing it with a friend is great. I wish there were more action co-op RPGs out there.

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It's definitely worth it. There's so many awesome games out for the PS2. It'll keep you entertained for hours and hours on end.
God of War, God of War II, Tales of  Symphonia, Persona 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Psychonauts, Gran Turismo 4, Guitar Hero, Devil May Cry, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy etc.

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It depends on if you're the type of person who can play older games today.  I know I can play some older games and enjoy them, but I'd almost always rather play a modern game than an old one.  It's just how I work.  I'd think hard on whether I'm that type of person or not, because some people don't really realize they are or try not to admit they are.  It'd be a really stupid purchase if you end up just playing your PS3 instead.