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Once again mainstream media gets it wrong with news regarding the gaming industry.

(CNN) -- Will Nintendo's forthcoming Wii U controller breathe new life into its aging Wii console?
Hard to say at this point, but the Wii U is a solid accessory that will bring a fresh element to Nintendo gaming.

See for the full article.

As Jeff posted via twitter "Pretty crazy that, even after a full year, some mainstream dudes still think the Wii U is a Wii accessory".

Is this just laziness on the part of the CNN journalist or has Nintendo not done enough to convey that this is a whole new console and not just an accessory? I know when they initially introduced the Wii U the whole focus was on the touch screen controller and barely even showed the console itself. I can see how this might have created some initial confusion but that was almost a year ago I still think CNN should have done their homework to understand the product before writing an article on it.

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That journalist should have done more research.

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I think this a journalist whose boss said "Son. I need a news article on this Wii U thingamajig stat, it's bringing in traffic elsewhere and we need it on our front page."

I don't know anything about the journalist but I'd bet that he barely knew anything about games in general, much less the new Nintendo console. This doesn't excuse his poorly-informed article; rather, it paints him less as an idiot and more as an annoyed worker who has no clue what he's really doing.

Don't tell me you've never half-assed anything. Granted, you've probably never half-assed an article that thousands of people will read and take for info, but still.

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lol breaking news

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Somebody beat you to the punch on the EXCLUSIVE BREAKING CNN NEWS right over here, so for the sake of condensing discussion, redirect your amusement accordingly. Thanks!