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What were trailers that got you super excited for the game, even if it really didn't have much to do with it.

For me the trailer that got me the most excited was probably that CG Halo 3 trailer.

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Duke Nukem Forever. In the end I've found disappointment.

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Yeah, the Halo 3 trailer for me too, i don't think i'll be as excited for a game again.

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I think that I watched this trailer dozens of times. I really liked how gritty it looked. In the end, I much prefer the Wind Waker style.

This is a great trailer. At the time, I would attend weekly Melee tournaments, and was just really into Smash. This was just one awesome reveal after another. Each new character that entered the screen made me just a touch more giddy with excitement. Then, Snake... they could not have introduced him in a better way. What a shock that was! I was extra excited as a big Metal Gear fan.

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Halo 3 for me too. The Skyrim trailer was SO good too though.

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I had never been more excited for a game than after watching this trailer for the first time. I ended up not liking it as much as the older ones, but oh well.

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I consider this one of the best trailers of all time.

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Dead Island

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Duke Nukem Forever at E3 2001 and Half-Life 2 at E3 2003.

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I usually don't watch trailers, I don't want to be spoiled or my expectations set too high. The only game trailers I watched so far were RE 6 because I *love* Leon, and AC III because a colleague at work bugged me about watching it.

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The new JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Trailer.

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The Guild Wars 2 announcement trailer was probably my favourite thing ever.

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The game itself was kind of disappointing, but this trailer was great:

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Final Fantasy VIII

Epic in the day.

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@Droop said:

Dead Island

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Yeah, pretty much this - was all excited for it, only to find out from reviews that it... doesn't quite live up to the hype :(.

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The very first teaser trailer for Mirror's Edge. It looked so different, had great music and I just knew I had to play it after the first time I saw it. Still have that trailer on both my PS3 and my 360

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I was going to say Dead Island.

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The Mirror's Edge trailer(s).

The Halo: Reach multiplayer reveal video thing they had. I ended up not much caring for the multiplayer :/

All Mass Effect 2 trailers.

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Assassin's Creed Revelations, Ubisoft needs to drop the game making thing and just make sick ass trailers for a living. It never measured up to Brotherhood but the trailer made everyone want this.

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i loved this trailer so much. it got me so excited.

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The trailer for Lords of Shadow 2 is, in my opinion, one of the greatest trailers ever made. It does such a good job at getting me completely stoked for the game.

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Every trailer that's come out for Darksiders 2 so far has gotten me really, really pumped for it. Mainly because I'm so glad the original (which I was really excited for the moment it was announced) spawned a sequel that looks even better.

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Interesting, I thought that was kind of the weakest Halo 3 trailer. My answer would easily be the Halo 3 Announcement Trailer. Sad they didn't go with that Chief design, but that trailer was awesome and got me super excited.

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The Street Fighter X Tekken trailers are some of the best I've ever seen. A shame that the game didn't even come close to living up to them.

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@CL60 said:

I consider this one of the best trailers of all time.

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I was hoping someone had posted this so I didn't have to go find it. SUCH A GOOD TRAILER!!!!

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The trailer that got me the most hyped was for Eight Days. It's a shame that game was canceled so that they could work on EyePet and PSMove development.

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@SortedeVaras said:

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Assassin's Creed Revelations, Ubisoft needs to drop the game making thing and just make sick ass trailers for a living. It never measured up to Brotherhood but the trailer made everyone want this.

I agree! Ubisoft is definitely the best at making cinematic trailers. They also pick the best music; Unkle's "Lonely Soul" was perfect for the first Assassin's Creed trailer, too!

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the trailer for star wars 1313 exploded my brain place~

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I would say the trailer that got me hyped the most was the launch trailer for Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars. Holy Da Kasier, beforehand when I was an active member of the mod predecessor of the DLC/Expansion and could not fathom the glee I seemed to generate from the prospect of doing linebattles in this fresh package in those 2-3 months ago:

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Early 19th century violence and a fast Baroque piece playing, it was a lovely peek into the grand battles that would take place.

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The Vanquish teaser trailer instantly springs to mind with this, as does all of the Halo real time adverts.

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The Halo 4 announcement trailer and the E3 2012 trailer. And the launch trailer for GTA IV.

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Always liked the Gears of War Trailers, Cracking use of music and imagery.

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The final scene of supposed hopelessness always sticks in my head.

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After thinking about this for a bit I also thought of the Dawn of War trailers, those were great.

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Sold me on the entire game.

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Although trailers don't make as much of an impact [on me] anymore, I'd still say that the Assassin's Creed franchise has some damn attractive advertising. Mass Effect 3's official trailer and Dead Island's original trailer were incredibly fine recent ones as well, although, as previously mentioned, the latter didn't nearly live up to its marketed counterpart.

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Even after beating the game and knowing how flawed it is the trailer manages to hype me up so much. Whoever did the cut is a real genius as some of those scenes aren't nearly as exciting in the game as they are here so hats off - great song choice also.

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@big_jon said:

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I remember seeing that for the first time and thought it looked amazing at the time. Man games have come so far in a relatively short amount of time.

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Some pretty popular choices here, I expected more unknowns however.
I'll have a try.
3) Star Wars the Old Republic
Ok this is kinda popular, but that trailer got me hyped as fuck, I knew the game wasn't gonna turn out like this BUT COME ON, that trailer is geek heaven.
Not to mention the others they released, BLUR knows their stuff.

2) Red Alert 3
Hellmarch! Besides CGI rocks and the units looked mental, just what I like in my RTS'
1) The Witcher 1
I've seen this trailer multiple times before I even got ahold of the game, but I can safely say Geralt is a freaking bad ass and the way he was depicted (calm, potions, magic, combat abilities) made me very anxious to play the game itself.
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Most of my choices have already been posted. The debut trailer for Assassin's Creed, debut of Mirror's Edge, AC:Rev E3 trailer. Only other one that is coming to mind right now is...

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I still haven't played Nuts & Bolts :( the disappointment of it not playing in the way of the classic Banjo games hit me pretty hard, I still do intend to play it sometime though. Just need to grab it off my shelf.

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Cinematic trailers usually get me hyped. The Darkness II one comes to mind.

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The Guild Wars 2 trailer is amazing. Its a bit old now but the CG for Onimusha 3 blew my mind at the time. Enjoy.

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Also, the original WoW trailer and the SC2 trailer were great.

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