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It seems to me that trailers are becoming increasingly polarised.

There are some hilarious and entertaining ones, notably Leviathan Warships and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

But then you get some real garbage like the Call of Duty: Ghosts 'teaser', and basically anything live-action.

My question is this: What are your favourite and most hated trailers?

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Bayonetta's Going in for the Kill launch trailer. And I mean, who could forget Gears' Mad World trailer?

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Resistance 3 Live Action Teaser: Set the tone of the game and got you excited for the game without really telling you anything.

LittleBigPlanet Vita Gamescom Trailer: Teased the story and showed actual gameplay.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Comic-Con Trailer: That live action intro was awesome and they should have kept that "Team ____" as their main marketing push.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Limited Edition Trailer: Got you hyped with all the awards it received during E3 and then showed a glimpse of the DLC in action.


Soul Sacrifice Launch Trailer: The live action bits drag for too long, the gameplay looks interesting without it.

Jak and Daxter HD Trailer: Music did not fit with the game in my opinion.


Uncharted 3 Launch Trailer: Way too many set pieces spoiled.

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Well, seeing as how you want me to elect merely a 'trailer', I'll elect my favourite film trailer:

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Battle: LA is unquestionably a poor film, but it is the reason that I am now familiar with Johann Johannsson. I'm grateful for that.

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The trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd that came out the other day. Although the credit for Unreal Engine gives it away, the toon style shading and purposely hand-drawn style stilting of the animation do actually make it look like a 2D game until it does the little dolly zoom and 360 spin around Ky and Sol. Deliberately making the animation less smooth and tweened than it would otherwise be is a really daring move, but I think it totally pays off. Even stuff like fluttering hair looks to be three keyframes looping really fast, just as it would be in most cases of something like that being hand drawn. And the motion blurring on sword swings and stuff is really crazy too. Oh plus it's more Guilty Gear and it looks great. So that got me super excited and I watched it a bunch. Especially with the little bit of Millia at the end! :D